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Princess Principal


Princess Principal, Ep 8 (Dub), is live at HIDIVE


This is why I’d wish Sentai would do Limited Editions with just the books and none of the fluff. 90% of the time the books / soundtracks series background stuff is all I want. The tchotchkes are neat but they usually end up staying in the box set and not used. /endrant


Princess Principal, Ep 9 (Dub), is live at HIDIVE


Princess Principal, Ep 10 (Dub), is live at HIDIVE


Princess Principal, Ep 11 (Dub), is live at HIDIVE


Princess Principal, Ep 12 (Dub) :end: , is live at HIDIVE



Due to an unexpected error with our replicator, this Box Set which should have contained 4 metal coasters, only contained 1 of the coasters per set. We are providing our fulfillment team with the remaining coasters so that they may include the correct number of coasters inside and have it resealed. As the process to correct the issue will result in the delayed shipment of your order, the street date for this item has been updated to Friday, December 21, 2018. We apologize for the inconvenience, rest assured, we are working on getting the highest quality box sets out as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. For additional questions, please feel free to contact us.


I was wondering why it went in-stock then out of stock at Rightstuf .


Unboxing Princess Principal


I’ll pick it up eventually . Might be next year though .


Same. After the beating my wallet took from Black Friday, I don’t know when I’ll have enough saved up for it…


I have it on preorder just waiting on it.


Just got my ship notice from Right Stuf for the PBS


Just watched episode 5 dubbed release, and wanted to post a thought.

Sentai decided to keep the Japanese VA’s for Jubei and his “gang”, as well as a few of the guards. It’s a nice subtle touch, where only the characters who are in releations with Europe (and Chise of course) bother learning English, while Jubei had no need as he was only there to kill Horikawa.

Good job Sentai

Another note, Rachael Messers Japanese sounded really good. Is she fluent in it or was that the work of Carolyn Johnson as well? :thinking:




Thanks for the Clarification Series5! :grin: