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Resident Evil

Resident Evil: Degeneration


Genres: action, horror, science fiction
Themes: gore, virus, zombies
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: 7 years has passed since the outbreak and destruction of Racoon City occurred. Umbrella, a pharmacustical company, is dead. Leon S. Kennedy, a U.S government agent, and Claire Reidfield, a rescuer of a NGO Terrasave, are now caught in what is about to be a repeat in history. With the T-virus spreading in the Harvardille Airport and a new G-virus monster on the horizon, Leon and Claire race against time to stop this before history repeats itself.
Running time: 97 minutes
Vintage: 2008-10-17

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Resident Evil: Damnation


Genres: action, horror, science fiction
Themes: conspiracy, gore, zombies
Objectionable content: Intense
Plot Summary: Having been sent to a fictional former Soviet Union country, Leon S. Kennedy decides to investigate on his own the rumored use of new type Bio-Organic Weapons by the rebels of the Eastern Slav country.
Running time: 100 minutes
Vintage: 2012-09-24

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Resident Evil: Vendetta

Vintage: 2017

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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness


Vintage: 2021-07-08

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Feature-Length Resident Evil/Biohazard CG Anime Film Green-Lit

posted on 2015-10-15 01:25 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Film featuring characters from survival horror game series opens worldwide in 2017

Resident Evil CG Film Titled Resident Evil: Vendetta

posted on 2016-03-25 04:30 EDT by Jabulani Blyden

Resident Evil: Vendetta CG Anime Film Opens in Spring 2017

posted on 2016-09-15 05:48 EDT

Resident Evil: Vendetta CG Film Teased in Promotional Video

posted on 2016-09-18 14:10 EDT
Opens in Japanese theaters next spring

Resident Evil: Vendetta CG Film’s New Visual, Story, May 27 Opening Unveiled

posted on 2016-12-15 02:00 EST
Film will feature appearances by characters from various games in horror series

Resident Evil: Vendetta CG Film Shows Antagonist

posted on 2016-12-22 12:26 EST
Film opens in Japanese theaters on May 27

Resident Evil: Vendetta CG Film Opens in U.S. Theaters This Summer

posted on 2017-02-11 00:00 EST
Film featuring Chris Redfield, Rebecca Chambers, Leon Kennedy opens in Japan on May 27

Resident Evil: Vendetta CG Film Opens in U.S., Canadian Theaters on June 19

posted on 2017-03-20 15:20 EDT
Film to premiere in Japan on May 27

Resident Evil: Vendetta CG Film’s Ad Shows Chris, Leon

posted on 2017-04-05 02:51 EDT
Film to premiere in Japan on May 27

Resident Evil: Vendetta CG Film’s Stills Show New BSAA Members

posted on 2017-04-10 18:30 EDT
Images introduce D.C., Nadia, Damian for upcoming film

Resident Evil: Vendetta CG Film’s Stills Show Antagonists

posted on 2017-04-14 13:30 EDT
Images introduce Glenn Arias, Maria, Diego for May film

Fathom Events Announces “Resident Evil: Vendetta” US Screening with Killer New Trailer

April 25, 2017 1:55pm CDT
Tickets are now on sale for the one-night-only special event.

Resident Evil: Vendetta CG Animated Film Debuts for Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on July 18

May 1st 2017

Chris, Leon, and Rebecca Fight Back in “Resident Evil: Vendetta” PV

May 07, 2017 3:57pm CDT
3DCG theatrical anime film based on Capcom’s acclaimed survival-horror series hits theaters in Japan on May 27, 2017

Resident Evil: Vendetta CG Film’s Promo Videos Show Heroes, Antagonist

posted on 2017-05-31 16:45 EDT
Film opened May 27 in Japan, slated for June 19 in U.S., Canada

Talking Dead: Interviewing the Team Behind “Resident Evil: Vendetta”

June 16, 2017 9:25am CDT
We go to E3 (by phone) to chat with Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Matt Mercer, and Erin Cahill about the latest installment in the zombie film franchise.

An Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Clip from “Resident Evil: Vendetta”!

July 17, 2017 8:20pm CDT
Film available tomorrow on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Amazon Prime.

The Mike Toole Show: The Resident Evil That Men Do

by Mike Toole, Jan 7th 2018

Deadline Site: Netflix Develops Resident Evil Series

posted on 2019-01-24 22:35 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Project to “deepen existing mythology” of games, explore Umbrella Corporation’s inner workings


Netflix Briefly Lists Resident Evil Series Description

posted on 2020-02-09 11:11 EST by Jennifer Sherman
Constantin Film reported in January 2019 as producing series

Netflix Confirms Resident Evil Live-Action Series From Constantin Film

posted on 2020-08-27 08:51 EDT by Jennifer Sherman
The Walking Dead’s Bronwen Hughes directs series with scripts by Supernatural’s Andrew Dabb