Samurai Flamenco / Samumenco

Episode 11 –


With the big reveal that Masayoshi is indeed Samurai Flamenco, I had to enjoy Ishihara’s reaction the most. LOL But Kaname, as Red Axe, steals Masayoshi’s thunder. A giant object has appeared in Tokyo Bay! Something rises from the water and hovers over it. Kaname takes Masayoshi away in a strange helicopter and Goto is left holding Samurai Flamenco’s broken helmet.

As they head towards the object, Masayoshi wonders if this is something that King Torture left behind. Kaname comes out in a fancy uniform and tells him that it’s Japan’s true enemy – “from beyond”. Okay, so we started with petty crimes, then cyborgs, and now aliens? LOL Masayoshi is really climbing up the ladder in the superhero world. Whatever that thing is, it hijacks communications and shows a film of how a creature landed on the planet, grew, and evolved. And no one noticed? The film ends with “From Beyond”.

Kaname tells Masayoshi that this is where King Torture got his help from. Well, I guess that would explain all the weird creatures King Torture managed to create, including his own enhancements. Kaname receives a call from the Prime Minister – he can speak! LOL He tells Kaname to have the “Flamengers” take care of the alien. Wait – what?

Kaname explains to Masayoshi that the Samurai Squad Flamengers is a special unit he created to face From Beyond. Well, that explains the capital F on Kaname’s uniform. I was thinking it stood for something else. Watching what happens next, I had an incredible urge to yell out “Thunderbirds Are Go!” LOL But I didn’t. They end up at the secret “Samurai Base” where there are more cool toys. It’s the home of the “Counter-Secret Organization Agency”. Kaname explains a little more and tells Masayoshi that he was chosen to be “Flamen Red”. Are the Power Rangers going to pop out now? LOL

Masayoshi says that he’ll do it and Kaname says that he will introduce him to the rest of the Flamengers team. Well, the door opens and the other four elite members are all dead. What looks like a giant atomizer gets up from a nearby desk and his kiss spreads toxins. I know this is supposed to be serious, but can I please stop laughing now? How did this thing from From Beyond even get inside this super secret facility without being noticed?

A base wide emergency is announced and the monster’s name is said to be Ugly Toxic Poison. Well, if the shoe fits……… LOL I just realized that the monster has a tail and it’s an octopus tentacle. I wonder what he does with that. I really need to stop laughing! It hurts! It gets worse when Kaname calls in the backup team – Flamengers Super Team! Okay, these guys are cute and I like the way they change. I’ll take them, but they are all Flamen Reds and their superhero poses need improvement. LOL

Kaname sends them on their merry way, but first they need to question why they are all Flamen Red. Meanwhile, Goto is trying to reach Masayoshi. Yes! I need a dose of Goto! Thank you! But it didn’t last long as Kaname tries to explain his color choice. Apparently, they are all leaders, and one of them says that they are just “a bunch of Red Rangers”. And one of them is Kaname’s girlfriend. They ask Kaname who the true leader is and Kaname tells them to decide it for themselves. So, I am going back to the thought that the F on Kaname’s uniform means something other than Flamengers! LOL

When they are alone, Kaname tells Masayoshi that he wants him to be the leader of the Flamengers, but he won’t tell the others – chicken – and wants Masayoshi to just “take control”. But when Masayoshi returns to the others, they have already chosen the day’s leader and it isn’t him. Masayoshi gets to be Blue for the day. LOL So, if he has the Red Rangers, um, I mean Samurai Squad Flamengers, why does Red Axe go after Ugly Toxic Poison himself?

Meanwhile the Flamen Reds are still arguing over who should be the leader. A console turns on and they get to see Red Axe fighting with Ugly Toxic Poison. Red Axe says wonderful things about justice and pretty much tells the others that Masayoshi is meant to be their leader. Then Red Axe dies and Masayoshi, with tears running down his face, praises him for the man he was. And just like that, Masayoshi becomes the leader.

So, now the Power Rangers, no, I mean the Samurai Squad Flamengers face Ugly Toxic Poison in their proper colors. They fight the monster with their special powers, strange ones of course, and I do like their theme song. Ugly Toxic Poison is almost defeated, but he transforms to a huge version of himself. He really is a monster now. The Flamengers get into their vehicles and fuse into Flamen Robo. With Flamen Blade, they slice Ugly Toxic Poison and destroy him. That was easy.

Kaname appears on the screen to congratulate them and they’re amazed to see that he’s alive. I am too. I was actually starting to feel bad when he died. From Beyond takes over the communication again and another monster tells them that “Ugly Toxic Poison was the weakest of the Four Kings”. Heatnoid, MMM34, and Killing Joke have yet to be faced. The object that was floating in the sky takes off into the sky. Masayoshi vows that From Beyond will be defeated by the Flamengers. So, was this real, in terms of the show, or was it a Red Axe / Samurai Flamenco movie? LOL In either case, I am still enjoying this and I can’t wait for more!

Episode 12 –


Well, I guess it wasn’t a movie and Masayoshi really is fighting aliens now. But it looks like he’s still having a few problems with his fellow Flamengers listening to him. Well, the end result is that they do defeat all Four Kings. I can only imagine what they will be fighting next. LOL In any case, the Flamengers get the Prime Minister’s thanks and support. Masayoshi praises the members of his team to Kaname.

But no one wants to hang out with Masayoshi once work is done, especially not to eat curry. Around the city, Masayoshi is a real celebrity now, and makes TV appearances as the man behind Flamen Red. I guess he gave up his modeling career. But it seems that Ishihara is still his manager, which is nice. It looks like Masayoshi finally gets a chance to visit Goto too and finds out that he’s back on patrol duty. Goto also gives him his beat up helmet from his final Samurai Flamenco fight against King Torture.

They talk about Masayoshi’s new hero job, but Masayoshi seems a little sad. He must miss being Samurai Flamenco, even if only a little bit. Harazuka is out of the hospital and working again, but the government took all his fun weapon inventions away. Mineral Miracle Muse is on top of the charts, but the group is currently on a break. Masayoshi asks where Mari is, but Goto says that no one knows. She hasn’t even been in touch with the other girls. Masayoshi tells Goto that they need a Yellow Ranger – shouldn’t that be a Flamen Yellow? – but Goto says he isn’t interested. Perhaps Mari will eventually end up in that position, but then again, she doesn’t like being a sidekick.

Mari seems to be living in Goto’s closet! LOL I wonder what his girlfriend thinks. They talk about Masayoshi, but Goto tries to get Mari to go home, telling her that people are worried about her. I see that Mari still has her Goto fetish too. LOL It’s a bit nostalgic when Masayoshi tells a man that he’s smoking in a no smoking zone and gets recognized as a Flamenger. Instead of making a fuss, the man immediately puts out his cigarette. Not like the old days!

Japan is dealing with a sudden ice age, courtesy of From Beyond. But the Flamengers take care of MMM34 and Killing Joke. The Flamengers are interviewed at their secret base, but I guess it isn’t much of a secret anymore. They tell the story of how they took care of MMM34, which actually turned out to be an entire unit and not just one individual – “just like that something 48 group.” LOL Masayoshi pulls his team together, literally, and they do well for a while, but when the bad guys get big, Flamen Robo comes out!

And the robot has a few new parts. I couldn’t stop laughing at “Deluxe Mode”! I’m still enjoying their theme song playing in the background as they fight too. Afterwards, the whole team, including Blue, finally acknowledges Masayoshi as their leader, which is a win! And then they actually end up at Masayoshi’s place for curry! Bigger win! But while they are eating, From Beyond appears on the TV. The Four Kings were nothing – now they get to face the Sixty-four War Gods! A Nintendo 64 reference? Well, the enemy sure looks like it. Hysterical!

Episode 13 –


From Beyond has all but disappeared and the team is ready to congratulate themselves for a job well done. However, there may be another reason. After the Sixty-four War Gods, they also found out about the 256 Generals. From Beyond may be a larger organization than they once thought. Could they possibly be amassing their numbers for an all out attack? The Flamengers would never be able to fight against such massive numbers all at once! But the team prepares as best they can, just in case.

And during a meet and greet with Masayoshi, it happens. An attack by Domestic Violence No. 1 injures and kills many of Masayoshi’s fans. It was sad to see the shy little boy that Masayoshi had just been talking to buried under a pile of rubble. Thankfully, it was just a nightmare. I just hope it wasn’t one of those premonition ones. Masayoshi wakes up, screaming, in a limo with Ishihara. He’s surprised when she’s nice to him. LOL When Masayoshi arrives at his destination, his teammates meet him with the news that From Beyond is planning an all out attack. They even have a date of February seventh.

However, the Prime Minster is against ordering an evacuation at the moment. Using the excuse of politics and timing, Okuzaki says he needs time to make the correct preparations. When Kaname protests, Okuzaki repeatedly slaps him across the face. I didn’t like that at all. This man is more interested in his image than the safety of his people. Okuzaki asks the team to keep the information secret, at least for now. They have no choice but to comply. But they aren’t happy about it either. I really thought Masayoshi was going to spill the beans at the award ceremony, but looking miserable, he held his tongue.

Afterwards, Kaname brings the team the news that the Prime Minster will make a public announcement. However, there is a condition. The country’s leaders and their families will be taken to shelters before any announcement is made. I can understand it; if the worst does happen, the leaders will be needed, but I still don’t think it’s right. The Flamengers are expected to evacuate as well and can choose five people to bring with them. Of course the heroes aren’t happy with this either. I know Masayoshi is going to have trouble choosing just five people. He will want to save everyone.

With a dead phone, Masayoshi makes an unexpected visit to Goto and discovers that Mari is there. After speaking with Goto, Masayoshi changes his mind about telling him. His list is up to seven people and more now. He wonders if they really have the right to pick who to save and who to leave behind. Kaname tries to encourage him, but Kaname has chosen to go a different way. He tells Masayoshi to rest and then they will come up with a plan. However, Masayoshi is awoken to the news that Kaname is gone. He left Masayoshi a note, telling him that it’s all up to him now. Did he really run away after that nice speech about being a superhero? Or is he going to sacrifice himself again?

With Kaname’s disappearance, the Prime Minster seems to be more worried about Kaname giving out information to the public. Okuzaki tells them that they have to continue to keep the information secret as they evacuate the leaders. Everyone is looking to Masayoshi to lead them now and that is just more responsibility on his shoulders. He also has to worry that there may be From Beyond spies among them. Physically ill with everything he has to deal with, Masayoshi makes a TV appearance on a variety show. I hope he follows his heart and lets everyone know what’s going on. Yes! He does! But will he be believed? And will it cause mass panic?

Episode 14 –


Masayoshi is on TV, telling everyone to escape and that From Beyond will be attacking soon. The Prime Minister is angry and orders the entire station “taken out”. Suddenly, everyone’s phone rings at the same time. It’s From Beyond and they announce their attack the following day. Well, that makes it too late to escape now.

Masayoshi is called before the Prime Minster. It was very convenient that From Beyond called just as Masayoshi made his announcement. Okuzaki is under the impression that Masayoshi is working with From Beyond, otherwise, he wants and explanation. Masayoshi has no idea how it happened. But From Beyond has taken over communications before. Why are they so surprised? Surprising too that only influential people received the calls. Of course the public is in a panic and Masayoshi is also reprimanded for creating that situation.

Now that most of the VIP’s have been taken to safety, the Prime Minister is finally ready to declare a National Emergency. But Masayoshi asks him about a public announcement and evacuation. As I suspected, that was never Okuzaki’s intent as he tells Masayoshi that defense is more important. Masayoshi begs to make an announcement himself in order to calm the frightened masses, but Okuzaki just slaps Masayoshi’s face before leaving the room.

A dejected Masayoshi leaves the building and is picked up by Ishihara. And Konno is driving! He told Ishihara about the VIP shelter. They go back to Masayoshi’s apartment and he fills them in on what the Prime Minister is doing. Masayoshi advises Ishihara to leave Japan immediately, but Konno says that roads are already being closed. How can Masayoshi save everyone now?

Masayoshi takes it upon himself to make a public announcement. He takes the blame for panicking the public and talks about how he was inspired to become a superhero. But now that he is one, it isn’t quite what he expected. He knows that in bad situations, people join together. He says that From Beyond will be attacking the next day and assures the people that the Flamengers will fight. He asks that people take shelter as best they can, and not to panic. He hopes everyone will stay strong and protect those dear to them.

Masayoshi joins the rest of the Flamengers at the base and hears that the public has calmed down and is taking shelter in an orderly fashion, without incident. Goto is going to report for work and leaves Mari in the care of Moe and Mizuki, telling them all to get to shelter as soon as they can. Goto really wants to call Masayoshi and the same is true of Masayoshi, but both of them decide against it. What can they possibly say to one another that they don’t already know?

Masayoshi comes up with a strategy for the Flamengers, but they don’t really agree with him. As leader, Masayoshi’s word is final and they go off to prepare. Goto takes up his position with his comrades and is ready, but hopes From Beyond doesn’t show up. Then it happens – the invasion begins as the base is attacked! How will they ever defeat over sixty thousand enemies?

The invaders are in the city as well. Guns and tanks have no effect. The Flamengers watch as the enemy ships combine into one big bomb that lands in Mt. Fuji. If Mt. Fuji erupts, Japan will be destroyed! And that seems to be just what From Beyond is going to do. The Flamengers try to attack the bomb, but more ships combine to stop them. The police are attacked and Goto ends up facing the enemy alone and without his gun. From Beyond has infiltrated the base and is making short work of everyone inside.

The Flamengers decide to combine, but the giant enemy has grabbed Pink. A flying axe cuts off the monster’s arm and Red Axe finally arrives on the scene. And he’s brought help! Harakiri Sunshine saves Goto from Miami Ballerina. Stealth Man and Masked Biker have also come with Red Axe. Hatter 5, the Transforming Borgserker, Delinquent Moon, Blazer Moon, and Ensemble, are all there to lend a hand as well. But even for all these superheroes, there are still a lot of enemies. Kaname manages to get the public involved and suddenly, everyone is a hero! Perhaps they have a chance now.

The Flamengers finally combine and Flamen Robo takes out the giant monster. And now for the drilling bomb. But first, a phone call. The Flamengers answer and the call is from the last, unaccounted for, From Beyond member. He wants to speak with Flamen Red alone and in private. Masayoshi goes outside to meet him. And the enemy turns out to be – Masayoshi? He has a twin? LOL He identifies himself as “Beyond Flamenco” and calls Masayoshi “brother”. What the? When did Masayoshi get an evil twin – or maybe it’s a clone? This show always manages to surprise me!

Episode 15 –


The world watches as Beyond Flamenco greets his “brother”. But Masayoshi doesn’t have a brother and demands to know who this imposter is. They aren’t really brothers which is a relief. He isn’t the leader, but Beyond Flamenco represents the voice of From Beyond and is pure evil. There is no way the good guys can win and there really isn’t any reason to, so Beyond Flamenco just wants Masayoshi to give up. This guy doesn’t know Masayoshi very well at all. Of course he isn’t going to give up!

Beyond Flamenco forces Masayoshi to shoot him and the members of From Beyond begin to disappear. But it hasn’t stopped the bomb in Mt. Fuji. It has almost drilled down to the core! The Flamengers make a group decision to go after it. Flamen Robo lands on top of it, but they can’t stop it. Out of energy and with only one attack left, the team puts their all into the last strike, knowing they may not survive. The Flamengers stop the device, but Mt. Fuji caves in on top of them. However, the team manages to escape! Yay!

The city celebrates with another hero award and everything that goes with it. But I’m sure something else will come along to rain on their parade. From Beyond gave up a little too easily. Having served its purpose, the base is shut down and the team members go their separate ways. That’s it? I don’t think so!

Masayoshi goes to visit his grandfather’s grave, but he can’t get Beyond Flamenco out of his mind. He runs into Mr. Justice from America, who tells Masayoshi that he’s been tricked. He reminds Masayoshi of Kaname, but before they can shake hands, the police are surrounding them, demanding Masayoshi’s surrender!

Masayoshi is ready to surrender, but Mr. Justice makes him run away instead. He explains that these guys are from the “Bureau of Peace”. They are shooting, and Mr. Justice plans to break through them and wants Masayoshi to go with him. Masayoshi doesn’t have much choice at this point and agrees to escape. Mr. Justice takes care of the cops and they make a run for it.

But what is going on? Mr. Justice promises to explain once they are safe. But the truck is a bit obvious. LOL And then Mr. Justice starts humming! It isn’t helping and Masayoshi tries calling his teammates. But none of them can be reached. They are having their own problems with the Bureau of Peace officers. Three are captured, but at least Blue is still free. He confronts the Prime Minister and demands to know what is going on, but Blue is defeated as well. I get the feeling the Prime Minister may not be the Prime Minister he’s supposed to be.

Mr. Justice has taken Masayoshi to an abandoned amusement park and Masayoshi discovers the fate of the other Flamengers. Not only have they all been apprehended, but the Flamengers are accused of plotting to overthrow the government! Kaname has been arrested as well, and the Flamengers are suspected of being behind the From Beyond attacks. How the heck did this happen?

Mr. Justice enlightens Masayoshi. The Japanese Government was actually behind From Beyond! And all for politics! The government was also using the Flamengers to gain popularity. Mr. Justice explains how the same thing happened in his country. Poor Mr. Justice was a victim of Hollywood fabrications. In this case the Flamengers became too popular and began to overshadow the government’s popularity.

Unfortunately, there is no time for anything else as the Bureau of Peace breaks in to take both of them into custody. Mr. Justice will fight them in order to give Masayoshi the time he needs to escape. Mr. Justice takes on the entire force but is finally brought down by a tranquilizer gun.

With Okuzaki controlling the media with his lies, Masayoshi has nowhere to go. Goto knows his friend is in trouble, but how can he help him? All of the superheroes are being rounded up as the government places a ban on vigilante activity. Masayoshi is now on the most wanted list. Once again, Masayoshi has the public chasing after him. I wonder what he’s going to be able to do by himself to make things right.

Episode 16 –


Masayoshi is a wanted man. Hiding in the shadows, he has nowhere to go. Ishihara is questioned by the police as to his whereabouts. At least she doesn’t believe all the lies. Konno picks her up once she’s released and he wonders why the government would frame Masayoshi. Konno also notices that they are being followed. Harazuka is also questioned, but he hasn’t seen Masayoshi either. They confiscate Samurai Flamenco’s old stationery weapons.

It was funny to see Kaname wrapped up like Hannibal, but I wonder why they did that to him. His wife tells him how the others are doing. Support for Okuzaki is now at eighty-one percent. It pleases him, but it isn’t enough. He really needs to capture Masayoshi to further increase that number. Masayoshi reads in a paper that Red Axe is to be executed, but I’m sure it’s just a ploy to smoke Masayoshi out. He considers asking Goto for help, but decides against it.

Mari’s friends have come for her, but she rejects them, fighting with them and telling them to just leave her alone. She blames Moe for making her look bad during the King Torture incident. Mari ends up going back to the scene of the crime and relives the nightmare of being tortured. The things that King Torture had said to her then make her ill, and she ends up in tears as. That is how Mizuki and Moe find her. It was sad to see Moe with a bag over her face only because Mari said she never wanted to see it again. They talk and the girls finally make up. A happy event, but it was kind of gross as well. LOL

Masayoshi is starving, but can’t even buy food. He is just too well known and he has no money anyway. He sees a news report on TV of Okuzaki denouncing the superheroes and their plot to overthrow the government. Okuzaki is still on the hunt for Masayoshi and sends out a message for him to turn himself in. Masayoshi is tempted to steal a bun, but is too honest to commit even that small crime. He later wonders why he became a superhero. Perhaps it was a mistake. What good did it even do in the long run?

Masayoshi is taken in by a homeless man and given something to eat. He finds out that the man is almost completely blind, which is probably a good thing. The man tells Masayoshi his story and it turns out that he was someone that Samurai Flamenco once saved. The man praises Samurai Flamenco for changing him and since then, he’s been trying to help others. When he helped others, they began to help him as well and the world became a better place. Masayoshi begins to feel a little better, but the moment is ruined when the police show up. The man urges Masayoshi to seek help from his friend and helps him to escape.

Thinking of Goto’s friendship with every passing minute, Masayoshi runs to Goto’s apartment. Taking a deep breath, Masayoshi knocks on Goto’s door. But wait a minute. Wouldn’t Goto be one of the ones being watched? Didn’t Masayoshi consider this? In any case, Masayoshi wakes Goto up and is greeted with a “Took you long enough, stupid.” Masayoshi gives Goto a great big smile in response. Yay! Maybe now Masayoshi can get his feet back under him and come up with a plan to turn things around.

Episode 17 –


So, Goto was being watched! The police raid the apartment, but Goto and Masayoshi get away with the help of Harazuka and his office supply weapons. The police try to follow, but Harazuka is too smart for them. Once the friends can talk, Masayoshi finds out that a lot has been going on while he was out of touch. They know that the Prime Minister is no good too.

Masayoshi meets Konno at the new secret base and finds out that Ishihara is hidden in a safe place. No one really knows what the Prime Minister’s goal is, but things will only get worse with him in charge. They all agree they have to stop him and Mr. Justice arrives to join them. He will help as well. Meanwhile, Okuzaki is still not pleased that his support rating is only at ninety percent. He makes another speech and presents a bill to be voted on. The would be heroes arrive at the Diet Building, and the results of the vote are announced.

Just before the bill is officially passed, Samurai Flamenco bursts into the room. And he’s joined by “Samurai Policeman”. LOL That’s Goto, of course and he gets called a “cosplay freak”. Too funny! But I did like his entrance. The guys are called terrorists and attacked, but those handy office supplies come into play again. The Prime Minister is urged to escape, but he refuses. Apparently, he has a secret to share with the public and is about to reveal “that”. I’m sure it’s that power he’s used before.

The room is evacuated and only Okuzaki, Samurai Flamenco, and Goto are left. Samurai Flamenco urges the Prime Minister to tell the truth about the apprehended heroes. Okuzaki says that his support needs to be at 100% and removes his jacket. But Samurai Flamenco insists that he’s only there to talk. Although the feed is live, there is no sound, so the public can’t hear what’s being said. This was at Okuzaki’s order of course so that he can twist the situation to suit him.

The building begins to shake and Samurai Flamenco thinks it’s an earthquake, but Okuzaki tells him that the building is angry. A creature appears behind Okuzaki and Okuzaki presents himself as “Okuzaki Flamenco Shintaro”. Huh? I am just as confused as Masayoshi at this point. Okuzaki says that he was not chosen by the people, but by a higher being. Those creepy portraits in the conference room have glowing eyes again and the creature behind Okuzaki attaches itself to him and becomes body armor. Okuzaki says that this is the country’s secret weapon.

Okuzaki’s support is now at 96% and rising. He thinks that this is all he needs to beat Samurai Flamenco. This nut really thinks he’s a hero for justice! So that’s why he needs public support. The armor gets stronger with the more support Okuzaki has. Even so, Samurai Flamenco is not doing well against this jerk, and is taking quite a beating. But the Flamenco Girls arrive to help! Yay! The girls take care of the arriving reinforcements. Mari’s kick certainly has improved! LOL

Goto goes back to help Masayoshi out, but doesn’t last long against Okuzaki. One more strike and both Samurai Flamenco and Goto are defeated. With his support now at 100%, Okuzaki is pleased with his power. He’s a rotten politician and cares nothing for his people, only the power he can achieve. I really wish the public could hear the things he’s saying. However, Samurai Flamenco will still continue to stand against him! He makes one more attack and hits Okuzaki’s armor in a vital spot. That’s true justice for you!

Okuzaki suddenly notices that his support is at fifty two percent and falling. All right! Konno was in the room and streamed everything that was said and done to the net! Good! Okuzaki tries to say that it was all a joke, but Konno tells him that the public isn’t that stupid. Okuzaki tries to attack again, but is defeated by the Samurai Flamenco – Samurai Policeman team. His armor explodes, taking Okuzaki with it. The girls join the guys and there are congratulations all around.

However, Konno suddenly loses his internet connection. Now what? The weakened Okuzaki tells the group that “it’s begun”. Okuzaki intended to “defeat him”, but now he says that Japan is lost. Before they can find out more, Mr. Justice comes through the ceiling. But Okuzaki tells them that it isn’t really Mr. Justice. Mr. Justice agrees and removes his mask. The robotic being tells them that he is “Alien Flamenco”! This is just too much!

Okuzaki explains that all of the world’s leaders have been replaced and it was going to be up to him to defeat Alien Flamenco. That was the plan anyway. Now, it’s all shot to hell. The reason for arresting the superheroes is revealed and now there is only Samurai Flamenco left. Since his support is now rising, he’s become the target of Alien Flamenco. Masayoshi refuses to cooperate with the alien and Alien Flamenco disappears.

Masayoshi goes to the Okuzaki and demands to know why there are so many Flamencos. It seems that everything has a “Flamenco” attached to it now. What is the secret of Flamenco? Okuzaki is about to say something, but screams from outside interrupt them. The heroes rush outside to find a darkened city. The cause is the giant spaceship hovering over them! Well, I guess it’s time to fight the aliens now. I was waiting for them to show up. With all the weird enemies in this show, I figured that aliens had to be behind it. LOL It’s just another challenge for Samurai Flamenco and company!

Episode 18 –


Samurai Flamenco wants to know why Alien Flamenco is invading Earth and get invited to a chat. But is it a trap? Goto thinks he should go, telling Masayoshi that he’s never given up. He’s right of course and Samurai decides to go. As he steps through the door, he’s teleported to the alien ship.

Apparently Alien Flamenco was behind everything. I don’t quite like his explanation for achieving peace either. He wants Samurai Flamenco to lead the people of Japan while he evolves. He will then be assimilated with the aliens. Alien Flamenco holds out a device to Samurai Flamenco and urges him to take it.

The rest of the superheroes have been released from jail. Goto and Mari talk about Masayoshi and Goto knows that Masayoshi is doing the best that he can – wherever he is at the moment. Masayoshi has taken the device from Alien Flamenco and tosses it away, telling the alien that he’s wrong in his idea of universal peace. Well, if he can’t get Samurai Flamenco on his side, Alien Flamenco will just have to eliminate him!

Alien Flamenco grows to a giant height and tries to crush Samurai Flamenco. Masayoshi knows it’s all an illusion, but his life really is in danger. Coming across the discarded device, he uses it to gain power against the alien. It ends up being a fist fight on the moon with the alien winning. However, Masayoshi is now able to tell the alien why he’s wrong, but it only angers the alien that claims he doesn’t know rage.

With a few new moves, Samurai Flamenco defeats Alien Flamenco. People on Earth see that the spaceship over them is beginning to move away. But where is Masayoshi? His signal is lost and no one knows that he’s on the moon. Masayoshi suddenly wake up in his old home, but is this also an illusion?

Harakiri Sunshine is there as well, but it isn’t really Harakiri Sunshine. It’s the “universe’s will” and he tells Masayoshi that he’s won the battle with Alien Flamenco. He also tells Masayoshi that everything happened as he wished for it to happen. But now Masayoshi is stuck – he has not made any wishes beyond battling aliens. This entity tells Masayoshi that he can provide his next enemy, one from the fourth dimension this time.

Masayoshi’s other choice is to stop now and return to his old life. His recent adventures will be “packaged” and given to other worlds for entertainment purposes. Okay, so we have gone from aliens to a god-like entity. What next? LOL The entity tells Masayoshi to choose. Masayoshi chooses to return home. However, he will not stop being a hero. He won’t fight enemies, but he will do what’s right. It’s just who he is.

The entity will send him home, but first Masayoshi gets to speak with his grandfather. He questions Masayoshi, but he tells his grandfather that he has no regrets. Now, Masayoshi just has one last question for the entity – why is everything called “Flamenco”? It’s explained that it’s not “Flamenco”, but “Flamwenco” – a word that has a small chance of making a wish come true. Masayoshi really isn’t satisfied with that answer, but the entity is already sending him home.

It seems that Goto had been waiting for him all this time and when Masayoshi finally shows up again, Goto asks about Alien Flamenco. He tells Goto that he sent him home and also tells him that he was on the moon. Of course, Goto thinks he’s fibbing. But there will be plenty of evidence there for the next moon travelers to find. So, I wonder what will happen next in Masayoshi’s world. Or is this all a dream?

Episode 19 –


It’s six months later and it looks like Masayoshi is running for World Government President. And here I thought his life was going back to normal! Masayoshi wants Goto as vice president too, but Goto wants no part of it. Actually, neither does Masayoshi. Evil has left the world and life is pretty boring. But has evil really disappeared? Something just isn’t sitting right with Masayoshi.

Goto is finally going to see his girlfriend. It’s been a year! He’s excited and can’t wait. Masayoshi has returned to work and is with Ishihara again. He wonders if she’s dating Konno. Konno is having a hard time finding interesting stories. Nothing spectacular ever happens anymore. Everyone else is leading a normal life as well. Mari was upset when Masayoshi told her that Goto was going on a date with his girlfriend. I laughed at the wedding announcement Ishihara received. Toyoda’s new name will be Honda! LOL

More laughter as Mari and Masayoshi “stalk” Goto during his date. That version of the Pink Panther music was a nice touch too. They lose Goto and end up at his home, but he isn’t there. However, Mari and Masayoshi do get the story of Goto’s girlfriend. She disappeared and was never found. So, who is sending him messages? I am beginning to wonder if Goto’s girlfriend is behind everything now. LOL I am so paranoid! Mari and Masayoshi run to check out the bus stop that the girl disappeared from.

Sure enough, Goto is there, texting his girlfriend. Mari grabs his phone and runs away through a field. She stops to check his phone, and sees that he was sending himself the messages. How sad! Goto catches up to Mari and demands his phone. She tries to talk to him, but he just goes back to texting his girlfriend. Mari runs away and Goto returns to the bus stop. Masayoshi isn’t sure how to help his friend.

Mari consoles herself at an inn with her friends, but can’t tell Moe and Mizuki what’s wrong. Masayoshi goes home, disappointed in himself. Goto was always there for him, and he never even knew what Goto was going through. As he’s about to enter his building, someone calls Masayoshi’s name and a boy asks to shake his hand. Masayoshi takes his hand and the boy says some very strange things. An explosion goes off in the building and the boy tells Samurai Flamenco that they meet again! The boy introduces himself as Sawada Haiji. There goes a quiet and peaceful life! Well, you had to know it wouldn’t last. LOL

Episode 20 –


So, just who is Sawada Haiji? He admits to planting bombs in Masayoshi’s apartment as more explosions go off. The boy won’t let go of Masayoshi’s hand either. He finally lets go, causing Masayoshi to fall, and takes his leave. In the aftermath, it seems that Masayoshi has lost all his possessions, as well as his prized superhero collection. Masayoshi is questioned and tells the police about Sawada Haiji. If he isn’t an alien and he isn’t a terrorist, then who is he?

Goto has been trying to reach Masayoshi, to make sure he’s all right, but Masayoshi hesitates in calling him and just sends him a message instead. Ishihara takes him to a hotel where he will be under police guard, in case Sawada Haiji returns. Masayoshi and the explosion are plastered all over the news, but no mention is made of the boy responsible. Just as he’s about to enjoy his curry, the room phone rings – and it’s Sawada Haiji!

As Masayoshi tries to figure out how the boy knew where he was, Haiji tells him that he is his “last enemy in this world”, and has been working hard on his behalf. With a little help, Masayoshi suddenly remembers who Haiji is. Haiji became obsessed with Samurai Flamenco, and not in a good way. Good cannot exist without evil and in order to “connect” with him, Haiji decided to become the evil to Masayoshi’s good. Haiji is now Samurai Flamenco’s personal nemesis and wants to do bad things to him.

Haiji warns Masayoshi about eating the curry dinner that was just delivered, before he hangs up. The next day, the police tell Masayoshi that there was nothing wrong with the curry, nor were there any explosive devices found in his apartment. Do they all think that Masayoshi is just doing this for attention? The explosion may have been a gas leak, and as for Sawada Haiji – well, he died a year ago, from an illness. What? A ghost is Masayoshi’s enemy now?

Masayoshi can’t believe this! He spoke to Haiji and even shook hands with him! However, the policeman doesn’t seem to care. He made his report to Masayoshi and he leaves. Haiji contacts Masayoshi again, on his cell phone this time, but refuses to meet him. Haiji first needs to do more things that Masayoshi won’t like. Masayoshi warns his fellow Flamengers, but he’s too late. Will Masayoshi be blamed for all of these incidents? Is anyone going to believe that a ghost is doing these things?

Bad things happen to other allies as well. Harazuka is pushed down the stairs, and Kaname is hit by a truck. When Masayoshi visits Harazuka at the hospital, the man had a feeling that something like this would happen. Harazuka isn’t doing too badly, but Kaname’s condition is far worse. Of course, Sawada Haiji is responsible, but there are no witnesses and no evidence to prove it. Harazuka suggest talking to Haiji’s friends, but the police are already doing that. I wonder if Haiji faked his death. Then again, a ghost is about the only thing that hasn’t gone after Samurai Flamenco yet.

Harazuka suggests that Haiji may be an illusion, that perhaps the creatures from the fourth dimension are only using the dead boy’s body to confuse Masayoshi. But the world is supposed to be at peace now, so how can that be? Haiji calls Masayoshi again and taunts him, wanting Samurai Flamenco to come after him, and stop him. Haiji admits to all the recent incidents, and tells Masayoshi that he should also warn Ishihara and the MMM girls. Masayoshi gets angry, and Haiji isn’t having fun anymore. He thinks that King Torture might have had the right idea after all, and Haiji wonders if he should start killing people – starting with Goto!

Masayoshi threatens to kill Haiji, which is just what Haiji wanted to hear and hangs up. Masayoshi frantically calls Goto, and is very relieved when he answers the phone. Goto is back home and Masayoshi rushes to his apartment, where he tells Goto everything. His best friend doesn’t even believe him and thinks that Masayoshi is just tired. Goto can’t see a middle school kid doing all these things, and believes it to be impossible. No matter what Masayoshi says, Goto won’t believe him, and comes up with other explanations.

Thinking of Goto’s “girlfriend”, Masayoshi asks Goto if he’s really talking about himself. Goto takes offense, attacking Masayoshi, and tells Masayoshi that his girlfriend is still alive somewhere. Masayoshi should at least consider that the girl lives on in Goto’s heart. He tosses Masayoshi across the room. Masayoshi says that it isn’t right for him to believe in Goto’s girlfriend when Goto won’t believe him either. The police didn’t believe Masayoshi, but he thought that Goto at least would, and he attacks Goto. Goto orders him out and says that he never wants to see Masayoshi again. Upset, Masayoshi screams out an apology as he runs out of the apartment.

Masayoshi runs through the city, until he finally calms down. He ends up at the river and watches everyone enjoy the sunset. He decides to wait there for a phone call and sure enough, Haiji calls. He seems to know that Masayoshi had a fight with Goto. Masayoshi demands that Haiji show himself. Instead, Haiji likens himself to Goto’s girlfriend. Is Haiji real? Masayoshi can see him. He’s right there in front of him, standing on an island in the middle of river. Masayoshi throws down the phone and jumps into the river. The people on the riverbank watch as Masayoshi makes his way over to the empty island.

Is Masayoshi’s final enemy his mind? He begins to think that he unconsciously created Haiji, as an enemy to a peaceful world. If that’s the case then the real evil that Samurai Flamenco needs to defeat is himself. But how does he account for all the incidents? Did he “will” them to happen? Does Masayoshi really have that kind of power?

Episode 21 –


Masayoshi warns Mari about Haiji, and they also talk about Goto, but things are left unresolved. It’s time for Mari and the girls to give their concert. But once on the stage, it seems that Haiji has already struck as Moe and Mizuki collapse. It had to be something in their drinks, since Mari didn’t have time to drink hers and she’s fine. Masayoshi sees the new report on TV and tries to call Mari. However, he only gets voice mail. It’s also confirmed that the girls were poisoned by something in their drinks.

Could Masayoshi be thinking of suicide? He thinks that his friends will stop being targets “once he’s gone”. And I don’t like the way he’s looking out the window either. Thankfully the phone rings and it’s Ishihara. Masayoshi is taken to the hospital and it’s good news. Kaname is awake and can receive visitors. He’s asked to see Masayoshi alone.

Kaname knows exactly how he was injured and he actually saw Haiji. So Masayoshi isn’t seeing things. Good! Masayoshi tells Kaname about Haiji and how it’s driving him crazy. He asks Kaname for advice, but Kaname isn’t very helpful and tells Masayoshi that a hero can’t ask for help and must accept his fate. Kaname can only tell Masayoshi that he must learn to love, but Masayoshi doesn’t understand how it can make someone stronger. Kaname tells him that love isn’t something that can be taught and Masayoshi must discover it for himself.

It’s nice how Goto’s “girlfriend” is concerned over Goto never wanting to see Masayoshi again. It’s funny, but it’s also sad. The mind can be a very powerful thing. Meanwhile, Masayoshi is trying to deal with his dilemma. He always had superheroes in his life and never took the time to discover love. Ishihara wants to help him, but he’s rather rude to her. Masayoshi needs to realize that he’s all ready surrounded by all different kinds of love - the love of friends. Ishihara gets mad at Masayoshi. Perhaps she can talk some sense into him.

Ishihara takes Masayoshi back to the office and shows him his history as a model. She tells him that she’s known him a long time and knows everything about him. She even knew that he was Samurai Flamenco back when he was trying to hide it from her. Ishihara makes a point that she is part of his life and he can talk to her if he needs to. Masayoshi ends up telling her about Haiji and what Kaname said. She calls Konno for a favor and asks him to investigate Haiji. Once that is taken care of, Ishihara asks Masayoshi about love.

Masayoshi explains that training to be a hero did not allow any time to fall in love with a girl. Now he asks Ishihara what love is and she tries to explain. When you think about it, it really is hard to explain love. Ishihara tells him that his parents and his grandfather loved him. The fans that support him are also a form of love. Even Masayoshi’s passion for superheroes is a form of love. However, Ishihara warns him that love can turn into something else. Even the way Haiji feels about him now most likely came from love. She tells Masayoshi that love can become obsessive or possessive, which can lead to anger and hatred. Even Ishihara’s own desire to look after Masayoshi can be considered another form of love. Masayoshi jumps at that! LOL No, Masayoshi, not that kind of love! Ishihara tries to explain that love can be beautiful as well as terrifying. Masayoshi insists that he’d done just fine without love. Ishihara says that’s only because he doesn’t recognize it.

It looks like Haiji might have chosen Goto as his next target. Goto’s phone is gone, but another one has appeared that isn’t his. It rings and there is a message from his girlfriend asking how he is and saying that she’s dead. The message also says to give up on her because it’s annoying. She says that she won’t be able to rest in peace until he lets her go. She accuses him of acting like a psycho. There is an attachment on the message which turns out to be a picture of Goto’s phone. He’s supplied with a location and told to come and pick up his phone.

Masayoshi is back in his room and still struggling with the concept of love. Konno calls him with a report on Haiji. The records do show that he died a year ago from an illness. However, after the funeral, his parents went missing. The way Konno talks about Haiji sounds like he could say the same things about Masayoshi. That is all Konno could discover, but he’ll keep looking, and Masayoshi thanks him. What Konno said makes Masayoshi think more about love.

The phone rings again and it’s a call from Goto, but Haiji is the one that is calling. Goto is his prisoner, and Haiji has Goto’s gun. He mentions King Torture and tells Masayoshi that they are in his destroyed apartment. Haiji tells Masayoshi to hurry or Goto will be in “trouble”. Afterwards, Goto wakes up and Haiji tells him that he’s been reading his text messages. He tells Goto that he’s impressed by the passion Goto has for someone that doesn’t exist. He supposes that “there’s something wrong with everyone”.

Haiji tells Goto a little about himself. He never even felt alive until Samurai Flamenco came along. He really wants Samurai Flamenco to return. He even wants a new improved model! In order to make that happen, Haiji will become the ultimate villain. Goto calls Haiji a freak, but Haiji tells him that he’s been working very hard at being evil. Then he points the gun he’s been holding at Goto. Goto asks Haiji if he’s going to kill him and Haiji isn’t sure. He tells Goto that he will see him tomorrow and starts to squeeze the trigger. Goto braces himself as the screen goes dark and a shot is heard. I really hope Goto is okay!

Episode 22 –


Goto recalls how his girlfriend disappeared without a trace. Her last message to him was “see you tomorrow” and Goto wonders when that tomorrow will come. That is how he started the texting. I suppose it was the only way he could deal with her loss. But he got obsessive about it to the point where the girl’s father tells him to please stop. But he hasn’t given up on his girlfriend coming back yet. Neither has her father, but the messages are only a reminder that his daughter is gone. He ends up giving Goto his daughter’s phone.

Goto keeps sending messages to the phone, and begins to answer himself. He’s very lonely without his girlfriend and eventually becomes just as obsessive using both phones. It may be the only way he can hang on to his sanity, but it’s still very sad. Goto’s mom isn’t sure how to help her son, so she burns the girlfriend’s phone. Goto comes home too soon and his mother barely prevented him from plunging his hands into the fire to retrieve the phone. She begs her son to forget the girl. He refuses and ends up going after the phone anyway, screaming as his hand burned.

Afterwards, with a bandaged hand, he continued to send text messages, but the burned phone could no longer receive them. Living in despair and going without food, he began texting himself on his phone. His “girlfriend” asks him what he will do after school and suggests that he should join the police force. He finally leaves his room to tell his mom that he will become a cop and that “she” thinks it’s a good idea. His mother can only turn away to hide her pain, but tells him to work hard.

Goto does become a cop and begins to investigate his girlfriend’s disappearance. The case was never closed, but listed as “search ongoing”. Goto just looks very sad. One evening, he sees the girl’s father at a train station, handing out flyers and seeking information regarding his daughter. Goto stops and offers to help him, taking a handful of the flyers and passing them out.

Spring arrives and Goto tells his girlfriend that he’s moving. He promises that he’ll still see her and she tells him that they will always be together. He goes back to the last text from her that says “see you tomorrow”. The shot brings Goto back from the past. Haiji has fired the gun, but into the wall behind Goto, saying that he isn’t going to kill him, and that he’s too easy to scare. Haiji knows that if he does kill Goto, Masayoshi may never recover, and that isn’t what he wants. The one thing that Haiji knows would scar Masayoshi for life is if Goto killed Haiji.

In order to guarantee that Goto will get angry enough to kill him, Haiji deletes each and every message from Goto’s girlfriend from his phone. Including that precious last one of seeing him tomorrow, as Goto struggles against his handcuffs, crying and begging Haiji not to delete it. If Haiji takes that last message, she really will be gone, and Haiji tells Goto that the girl is long dead anyway. Haiji does delete that final message and Goto goes wildly insane, promising to kill Haiji, which is just what Haiji wanted.

Haiji could not be more pleased with the results and hopes that Masayoshi arrives soon. Konno has some interesting news for Masayoshi. Haiji had his parents fake his death! The kid is definitely not a ghost nor is he a figment of Masayoshi’s imagination. Haiji’s parents confessed everything to Konno and promised to turn themselves into the police. Masayoshi is much relieved as his stands in front of his apartment building and prepares to meet Haiji. He then gets a call from Ishihara but ignores it. And who is following Masayoshi?

Masayoshi enters his destroyed apartment to find a struggling Goto yelling out a promise to kill Haiji. Goto demands that Masayoshi set him free so he can kill Haiji, and Haiji welcomes Masayoshi, pointing the gun at him. Ishihara is still trying to call Masayoshi, but can’t get through. I wonder what is so important. Haiji explains to Masayoshi what will happen to him if he’s caught, and he doesn’t want that. It would be so much better to be killed by Goto instead. Haiji also wants to see Masayoshi become a dark hero, and Haiji thinks his death will help with that goal. He even calls Masayoshi “Samurai Flamenco Darkness”.

Masayoshi tells Haiji that he’s insane and asks why he would throw away his life for something like that. Haiji tells him and also takes the credit for making Samurai Flamenco a hero in the first place. He says that “each of them shaped the other” and Haiji now wants to become Masayoshi’s “traumatic past”, and continue to shape him that way. Goto is still yelling that he will kill Haiji. Haiji tosses Masayoshi the Samurai Flamenco costume that he took before the explosion, and tells him that it’s time for the climax. Haiji points the gun at Masayoshi again and tells him to change.

As Goto screams out the word “dead” over and over again, Masayoshi begins to undress, and Haiji tells Goto to shut up. He promises Goto that he can still kill him, but not just yet. Masayoshi wonders how he can fight Haiji, or stop him, or save him. Masayoshi first thought if he died, then Haiji would no long have a reason to be evil. Masayoshi says that would not have really solved anything as he continues to undress. Love is the answer, but Masayoshi admits that he knows nothing of love. Standing there in his briefs, Masayoshi is told to put on the costume, but he refuses.

Masayoshi says that since Samurai Flamenco is his enemy, he cannot save Haiji as Samurai Flamenco. He can only face him as Masayoshi, an ordinary man. With that said, he pulls off his underwear, and tosses the briefs away. Standing before Haiji stark naked, Masayoshi tells Haiji that he may not understand love, but he trusts Kaname and Ishihara. If he and Haiji need love, then they can find love together. As serious as this is, I can’t help laughing. A naked man telling another that they can find love together! LOL Yes, my mind just went into the gutter again!

Anyway, Haiji still has the gun pointed at Masayoshi as he advances towards Haiji with determination and a “let’s do this”. A frightened Haiji can only back up as he tells Masayoshi to stay away. Haiji shoots and the bullet hits the wall behind Masayoshi. Masayoshi grabs Haiji and tells him that it’s all he can do for him as Goto continues to struggle with his handcuffs. Holding Haiji by the shoulders, Masayoshi tells him that he accepts Haiji for what he is. Haiji struggles against Masayoshi – this isn’t what he wanted. But in the struggle, Haiji’s pocket rips and the key for the handcuffs conveniently falls near Goto. I laughed again when Haiji tells the “pervert” to release him and Masayoshi refuses, telling Haiji that he’s the only one that cares about him.

Haiji remembers the first time he saw Samurai Flamenco and the gun falls to the floor. Not good! It slides on the floor and hits Goto’s foot. Free now, he bends over and picks it up. He aims the gun at Haiji and Haiji smiles, thinking that he’ll get what he wants after all. However, the naked Masayoshi jumps in front of Haiji to protect him. Goto tells him to move and Masayoshi refuses. Haiji says that this is going to ruin his plans. Masayoshi tells Goto that he doesn’t need to do this and to put the gun down. Goto tells Masayoshi why Haiji has to die. He says that Haiji took the only thing he had left and he’s all alone now.

Masayoshi tells Goto that he isn’t alone, but Goto doesn’t want to hear that. Masayoshi struggles to find something to say and blurts out that he and Goto should get married! LOL I am dying! Nice little threesome we have going on here. Goto’s jaw drops and Masayoshi promises to do everything that Goto’s girlfriend would have done. I can’t stop laughing now! Goto just gets angrier and wants to know if Masayoshi is insane now. But Masayoshi swears that he’s serious and that he will protect Goto. Illumination! This is love! Masayoshi gets it now! Goto tells him “the hell it is”! Goto tells Masayoshi that he knows more about love anyway and calls Masayoshi a virgin.

The naked virgin is shocked to think that Goto isn’t a virgin and blushes prettily. But no matter what Masayoshi says, Goto has no intention of stopping what he’s doing. Goto is going to kill Haiji. Masayoshi and Goto really get into a major argument now and it looks like Haiji is all but forgotten, although Goto still has the gun aimed at him. As Masayoshi keeps calling Goto a moron, he begins to cry. Goto half smiles and calling Masayoshi a freak, he lowers the gun. Masayoshi walks over to Goto, saying his name.

Haiji is confused, but Diamond Flamenco shows up and tells him that love won’t work on her. Her friends have suffered at his hands, and Diamond smiles that evil smile of hers. She punches Haiji and he goes flying. Masayoshi runs to stop her, but she warns him that she’ll “smash them” as her baton grows spikes. Masayoshi can only freeze and protect “them” as her tells her to control herself. Goto falls to the floor and Masayoshi rushes back to him to ask if he’s okay.

In answer, Goto tosses a phone to Masayoshi and he opens it to find a message from Goto’s girlfriend, thanking Masayoshi for stopping Goto. The rest of the message is for Goto and tells him that she’s going on a journey and to take care. Goto tells Masayoshi that she’s really gone now and tears roll down his cheeks. Masayoshi kneels in front of him and Diamond watches them. She tells Haiji that he was an idiot for trying to get between them. As a final prize, Haiji wins Diamond’s finishing crotch crush move!

Six months later, Kaname is fully recovered from his injuries and is the director of a superhero museum. I see the wife and the girlfriend are still fighting over him. It looks to be the grand opening of the museum and everyone is there. But no one has seen Masayoshi. Ishihara thanks Konno for helping Masayoshi. She’s actually being nice to him and he’s in shock. He tells her that being nice won’t do and that it’s just creepy. That brings back the rude Ishihara and Konno seems to prefer her that way. Ishihara gets a call form Masayoshi and moves away from him.

Masayoshi is visiting Haiji as Goto waits outside, smoking. Haiji thinks that Masayoshi is there to see him suffer, but that isn’t the reason at all. Masayoshi wants to see Haiji change, but Haiji says that he never will. He promises to come after Masayoshi again someday, and Masayoshi says that he’s fine with that – if that is what Haiji really wants. And as long as it’s Masayoshi and no one else. Haiji just calls him an idiot and Masayoshi promises to visit him again. He goes to meet Goto, who still hasn’t forgiven Haiji, but Masayoshi knows that.

Goto urges Masayoshi to go to the museum, but Masayoshi doesn’t really seem to care. Goto isn’t going either. His suspension is over and he needs to return to work. Sadly, crime is rising again. But that makes some people happy. MMM is giving a concert again, but afterwards, the Flamenco Girls will be out on patrol. I think I feel sorry for the bad guys with Mari around. LOL As Masayoshi and Goto walk along, Masayoshi tells Goto that he can only do the same thing he’s always done. They are interrupted by Goto’s phone. It’s a message from “her” and she’s in Nicaragua. I take it the girlfriend went on the wrong kind of journey. LOL

Masayoshi tells Goto that he thought his girlfriend went on a journey. Goto says that she did, but is still sending messages while she’s gone. I guess things truly are back to normal! Goto tells Masayoshi that it’s none of his business anyway, but Masayoshi protests, and another argument erupts. The driver of a passing car tosses an empty can out of the window and Masayoshi opens his jacket to reveal Samurai Flamenco! Looks like he’s back in action. But the one question burning in my mind is whether or not Goto and Masayoshi got married. I’m kidding of course. Or am I? LOL Another good anime has finished. It started out good, but got a little weird in the middle. However, it ended on a really good note – and nothing in the Samurai Flamenco universe will ever beat this final episode!

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