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Samurai Flamenco


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Genres: adventure, comedy, drama, tournament
Themes: fighting for justice, martial arts, superhero
Objectionable content: Mild
Number of episodes: 22
Vintage: 2013-10-10
Opening Theme: “Just one life” by SPYAIR
Ending Theme: “Dating TIME” by Mineral Miracle Muse

Plot Summary: Male model Masayoshi Hazama decides to become a superhero, despite having no superpowers or the technology to create a high-powered suit. He becomes the hero, Samurai Flamenco and begins to fight crime in the name of justice. Police officer Hidenori Goto finds out about Samurai Flamenco and his real identity by a twist of fate, which leads to him getting involved into lots of trouble. Nonetheless, these two young men will come face to face with hardships of being crime-fighters while discovering what it truly means to be a hero of justice.

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Episode 1 –


How can you possibly believe a naked man that you happen meet in a dark alley one night when he tells you that he’s a superhero? LOL An off duty cop meets a superhero just this way and ends up setting his costume on fire. And the superhero ends up being a famous model that fancies himself a defender of justice. He got the idea from watching action hero shows. But as Masayoshi explains it to Goto, it all makes perfect sense.

Goto lets him off the hook this time, but I have a feeling these two guys are going to end up teaming up. Or at the very least, they will become good friends. Of course, when Masayoshi gets into a bad situation, the first person he calls is Goto. It seems that Masayoshi has no intention of ever giving up his superhero dream. This is going to be fun!

The title of this reminds me of the current iPhone commercials…

So Kick-Ass and Batman combined, with a flamboyant name? My question is: Is it better than the last superhero shows we were given, GM:C & Tiger 'n Bunny?

Ep 1 was better than I expected. It essentially is Kick Ass: The Anime, only less ridiculous (so far).

Hazama’s words echo the sentiment of a great philosopher of our time, William Murderface: “Women…are soul murderers!” His impassioned speech about how guys gave up dreams of being a hero because girls diverted them from that noble path reminds me of Samurai Champloo and the truth about Bushido & Japan.

And here I thought it was going to be a samurai show where the fight moves were based on dance styles.:smiley:

So far this continues to be the best show that I’ve seen of the season.

It has none of the flaws that I found in Tiger 'n Bunny, at least not as of ep 2. It’s got a lot of Outbreak Company in it, without the blatant pandering found in that show.

They told Samurai Flamenco that he was supposed to dance in this ep. They didn’t show t on screen. Also, he claims that he can’t dance. Who names himself “samurai flamenco” when he can neither fight nor dance? :wink:

Episode 2 –


Samurai Flamenco is making quite a name for himself – as a weirdo! LOL Actually I think his manager has a better attitude to be a superhero. Ishihara can be quite, um, “persuasive” to put it nicely.

Goto warns Masayoshi to stop being a superhero for a while, but I doubt that’s going to happen, even as Goto explains why. That dinner conversation was very funny with each man defending his point of view. And to Masayoshi, the root of all evil is - umbrellas! LOL

In trying to make Masayoshi see reason, Goto ends up getting drunk. To make things worse, someone has taken Goto’s girlfriend’s umbrella. But now he understands what Masayoshi has been saying. Samurai Flamenco – while obeying all the rules of the road - manages to recover the stolen umbrella, giving a lecture to the thief, and then offering to help the man find his own stolen umbrella.

The incident was filmed and ends up on-line. It was funny that Ishihara was asked if it sounded like Masayoshi and she said it didn’t. And Masayoshi ends up on a game show and, seeing the same video, he buzzes in with the correct answer of “Samurai Flamenco” – but isn’t that cheating? LOL I also have a feeling that one of the girls from that singing group is either going to end up being Masayoshi’s soul mate or his rival.

Well, episode 4 just killed this series.

Remember the movie Kick-Ass and how it could have been salvageable until it went completely off the deep end and started using jet packs and other craziness? Well, episode 4 was this series’ jet pack, the point where it went from “this could be plausible, and thus good” to “to hell with it, let’s just drown the show in cheap otaku pandering…the modern kind, because apparently super sentai homage isn’t cutting it.”

It’s a shame that flamenco girl had to be such an unbelievable, completely over-the-top, soul-murdering, sadistic & crazy b*tch because the last new character, the mentor who was stuck in the 1970s, was cool.

Episode 3 –


Ishihara confronts Masayoshi and asks if he’s Samurai Flamenco. I liked his reaction, but he denies that he is. However, Ishihara keeps asking him, and Masayoshi keeps denying it. But when she tells him that she’ll kill him if he’s lying, he begins to shake. LOL That is one serious woman! She decides to believe him for now, although the evidence suggests otherwise.

It was funny that Masayoshi and Goto are watching a live “Monkey Rangers” show! That name just works! LOL Masayoshi thinks he may need a weapon for his future activities and asks Goto for a gun. That made me laugh! Giving Samurai Flamenco a gun would definitely be putting one in the wrong hands! Thankfully, Goto is a lot smarter than that.

Masayoshi has to deny his alter ego once again, when some fans ask him. It turns out that there is a reward being offered for Samurai Flamenco’s identity. That is probably going to make Masayoshi’s life a lot harder now. A poll had been taken and Masayoshi was in the top five people likely to be Samurai Flamenco. Even Ishihara asks Masayoshi again, before a TV interview.

Unfortunately, Konno is on the same show. And the entire show will be about Samurai Flamenco! Konno is questioned about the reward and the true identity of the new superhero. Then an announcement is made that the show knows who Samurai Flamenco is. Masayoshi looks really worried! The lights suddenly go out and enemies appear on the stage. They grab Masayoshi and Samurai Flamenco appears to save him. What? It’s all fabricated!

The “enemies” run away, but Samurai Flamenco keeps hitting people. When he finally calms down and takes his mask off, it’s Masayoshi’s hero – Red Axe! Or at least the man that plays him – Kaname Joji. Masayoshi is probably more than thrilled to see his hero in person. But Kaname has stolen the Samurai Flamenco persona and is claiming to be the real one! I can’t believe this guy is taking all the credit for creating him. Masayoshi doesn’t look too happy either, but what can he do?

Kaname gets the reward as well, but says he intends to donate it. Why don’t I believe him? Konno also notes that something is wrong with Masayoshi. But Kaname gives Masayoshi a big hug for being such a fan of the new superhero. Ishihara is just seething! Much later, Goto has to deal with the despondent Masayoshi. They try to figure out why Kaname did what he did, while they watch Red Axe.

So, what will Masayoshi do? Will he just let Kaname take over? Or will he fight it? Goto says that whatever he decides, he shouldn’t have any regrets. Meanwhile, Kaname is basking in the glow of a new career. Until he receives a challenge from the real Samurai Flamenco! He meets Masayoshi on the Monkey Ranger’s stage and immediately accuses him of being the fake. Nerve! Masayoshi asks Kaname to stop lying and using the Samurai Flamenco name, but Kaname refuses. Kaname is a bit full of himself when he tells Masayoshi that the world is better off with him as Samurai Flamenco.

Kaname accuses Masayoshi of being a coward and tells him to remove his mask. Masayoshi complies over Goto’s protest. It takes a while for Kaname to remember who Masayoshi is. When he does, he asks Masayoshi to let him have the Samurai Flamenco name, but Masayoshi refuses. Kaname is a bit of a nut and now sees Masayoshi as “evil”. The only way to settle this will have to be a fight and I know Masayoshi would lose. Masayoshi tries to talk him out of it, but Kaname is beginning to see himself as the real Samurai Flamenco.

Masayoshi decides to fight, but he’s down within seconds. Kaname now says that Masayoshi is too weak to be Samurai Flamenco. But Masayoshi gets up again to continue the fight. He wants Kaname to be Red Axe. Kaname surprises Masayoshi by crying and running to hug him. Kaname claims now that he was teaching Masayoshi a lesson, but it’s such an obvious lie. I think this guy got hit on the head one too many times performing his own stunts. Kaname dubs Masayoshi as the second Samurai Flamenco. LOL

Kaname even goes so far as to appear on TV and deny that he’s Samurai Flamenco. He says that he’s Red Axe and that Samurai Flamenco is his student! He points to where Samurai Flamenco is standing on the roof of a nearby building, but it has to be Goto, since Masayoshi is meeting with Ishihara. Talk about killing two birds! LOL Perhaps now she will stop questioning Masayoshi about Samurai Flamenco. Goto admits to feeling pretty good, but at least one person knows he isn’t the real Samurai Flamenco!

I laughed at the end to see Goto and Masayoshi back to eating curry – with Kaname! Kaname has taken Masayoshi under his wing and is teaching him to fight. Not sure yet if that is a lost cause – especially when Kaname refers to Masayoshi as “junior”. LOL

…and then there was the Mahou Shojou Penguin.

It was all set to be what Tiger and Bunny wasn’t: actually good. Then the darn otaku had to go and screw it up. Thanks for nothing; I shall henceforth regard all of them as being like the recluse from Eden of the East. :stuck_out_tongue:

Episode 4 –


Samurai Flamenco saves a woman from being mugged and I can see that his lessons are paying off. Masayoshi proudly shows Goto the article in the paper regarding the incident. Kaname takes the credit for his training and gives Masayoshi another “lesson”. LOL

Samurai Flamenco patrols the dangerous Numasaki area next. Walking down the street, he draws a crowd. Some are fans that want to shake his hand or have their picture taken with him. But things get out of hand and Samurai Flamenco has to make a run for it. Ducking into a parking garage, he comes across a crime in progress. Two men are trying to steal a car and Samurai Flamenco confronts them.

However, there is a third man that comes up behind the superhero and Samurai Flamenco is quickly taken out of commission. The men hope to collect the reward for Samurai Flamenco’s identity and have taken him to their hideout. Just as they are about to unmask Masayoshi, the men hear music and a jeep crashes into the hideout. LOL I had to laugh to see a cute magical girl, sprouting love, get out of this tough looking jeep – even if it is pink. And her name is “Flamenco Girl”!

Flamenco Girl fights the bad guys and knocks them all out. That is some baton she has – I want one! LOL While Masayoshi frees himself, the bad guys are tied up and Flamenco Girls punishes them further by repeatedly kicking them in a very sensitive area. LOL She takes the camera and tells Samurai Flamenco to get into the car, saying that she’s already called the cops.

Funny thing is that she knows that Masayoshi is sitting next to her, but when he asks who she is, Flamenco girl takes off her glasses to reveal herself as Mari from Mineral Miracle Muse. That’s the group Masayoshi worked with on the commercial. Oh geez! Mari takes Masayoshi back to her apartment. From her collection, he sees that she is just like him. Wrong! She tells him that he is just like her!

She had been secretly preparing to make her own debut as a superhero, but now Masayoshi has stolen her thunder. If she appears now, Mari feels that she will be called a copycat. Well, it wasn’t’ her fault she failed the written driver’s test seven times or she would have appeared to the public before Masayoshi! LOL Her solution to this problem now is to team up. But she wants Masayoshi to keep doing what he just did – get captured by the bad guys and let Flamenco Girl save him. However, he refuses on the grounds that it will make him look like an idiot.

Mari resorts to blackmail, threatening to reveal his identity if he doesn’t cooperate with her. He agrees to team up and offers to shake Mari’s hand. She smacks it away and tells him that he’s supposed to thank his new leader. And the show begins! Poor Samurai Flamenco does look like an idiot with Flamenco Girl constantly having to save him. She becomes the new hero and her signature move seems to be kicking the bad guys in the crotch. LOL I think she has some issues with men.

Flamenco Girl calls Masayoshi “Samumenco” and according to the internet, it seems to have caught on. There is a 100 million reward offered for both of their identities now and Flamenco Girl is very popular. Mari seems much happier in her regular everyday life as an idol too. However, Ishihara notices that Masayoshi seems down and that he lacks energy. Not good for a model.

Goto finds out that the police force now has an interest in the superheroes as well and officers are asked to keep an eye on them. Canceling a date with his girlfriend, Goto tracks the superhero sightings. Goto witnesses the “show” and sees how aggressive Flamenco Girl is, while Masayoshi plays the wimp. Samurai Flamenco runs when he sees Goto and Flamenco Girl chases them both after using her signature move on the bad guy.

Catching up, Mari is introduced to Goto who warns them and tells them it’s time to stop playing superheroes. Mari insists they’re serious and aren’t playing at anything. Goto is surprised, and I don’t know why he should be, when Masayoshi sides with Mari. That makes Goto angry, but they have been spotted and the superheroes need to escape. However, not before Mari uses her baton to shock Goto. What a rotten girl – there was no need to do that! Masayoshi apologizes to the downed Goto and they dash away. I guess I should be happy that Mari didn’t use her signature move on Goto! LOL

The next day, Masayoshi drags a protesting Mari to Goto to make her apologize to him. When Goto sees Masayoshi, he takes a swing at him, but Masayoshi blocks it. Masayoshi apologizes to his friend, and wants them to find a way to work together. He knows that Mari has taken things to an extreme, but she’s also helped to prevent crime. There has to be a way for the three of them to work together, but Goto says that if there is even one complaint against them, he will have to arrest them.

Something suddenly seems odd about Mari. She has been staring at Goto. She apologizes to Goto and runs off, saying that she is sorry about the uniform. Apparently she likes the way he looks in it! LOL It turns out that Mari has a uniform fetish! I just hope she calms down as Flamenco Girl. She is very annoying! And I want to see Masayoshi be the true hero, not some pop idol.

I agree. If they don’t undo the protagonist-shift that they brought about in ep 4 then this show won’t have a place in my collection.

This show would make the perfect AMV to Thugnificent’s “Stomp 'em in the Nuts” (fake rap song from The Boondocks). I didn’t realize that there was crossover in Japan between those who like super sentai and those who like tamakeri. Guess I learned something; does that make this show edutainment?

I’m disappointed in Goto, I thought that he would be able to acquit himself better in a physical altercation. Despite his smoking (which didn’t hurt GTO) he is reasonably in shape and I would have expected the Japanese police to have undergone at least some training in fighting. Looks like Goto should have been training with the 1970s master after all because from what I’ve seen those middle school gangsters could have beaten him senseless.

BTW, how can someone drive an H2 in a Japanese city?!

Episode 5 –


LOL Great! Now we have the “Brass Rangers”. Too funny! At least they aren’t monkeys anymore. Acting in a hero show during the day and being a hero at night. Masayoshi is the best! But Flamenco Girl is still a little too extreme for a hero. And now she wants more excitement. Poor Masayoshi! He’s really getting disgusted with her and with his own role as a wimp. He doesn’t feel like a superhero anymore and with Flamenco Girl, the name of Samurai Flamenco just doesn’t mean anything. But as Goto says, it’s Masayoshi’s own fault. I think it’s time to fix this!

Kaname asks Masayoshi why he’s Samurai Flamenco and Masayoshi brings up his grandfather again. He gets Kaname to agree to help him, but of course he’s no help yet again. I guess Masayoshi has to take care of his problem on his own. But for now he has a job and will be taking a vacation from Samurai Flamenco. Mari is not pleased. I suppose Masayoshi should be putting her before his career. She threatens to expose his identity again and he hangs up on her. Good!

Mari decides to go solo as Flamenco Girl and she gets even more extreme. She is really going to end up seriously hurting someone. Goto is just getting a headache from her latest antics. And now he’s in “Vigilante Counseling” and gets to hear complaints all day! LOL But his new duties are just a cover-up and nothing will come of it. How frustrating for him. Just something else he can thank Flamenco Girl for.

Masayoshi is having some frustrations of his own. He loves being on the TV show, but he can’t contribute to the story and they don’t want him doing his own stunts. They just want him to act. Masayoshi is still enthusiastic, but the director isn’t. He just does his job, which is to get the show done on time. He doesn’t really care about anything else or what Masayoshi has to say.

Actually, Masayoshi is starting to get a little disillusioned. In fact, Goto and Mari seem to be in that same boat as well. And to top things off, it looks like Goto is losing his girlfriend too. When Masayoshi gets home, there is a box from his grandfather’s friend waiting for him. Inside is a letter from Masayoshi’s grandfather. The box contains the materials of a secret legacy – the Samurai Flamenco Project! What a great birthday present for Masayoshi! The letter explains everything and I think it’s really going to give Masayoshi the boost he needs.

Meanwhile Goto has an idea and begins working on his own project, entitled: “Proposal for a partnership between the Vigilante Counseling Unit and Samurai Flamenco”. This sounds like it will be a good thing. Meanwhile, with the encouragement of his grandfather’s words, Masayoshi has found his resolve and will fulfill his grandfather’s dream. He will become the true Samurai Flamenco!

When Flamenco Girl gets in a bind, Samurai Flamenco is suddenly there to uphold justice. As a team, the two of them are much stronger. I only hope Mari sees it that way afterwards. But once again, Flamenco Girl goes to extremes. In the aftermath, Goto shows up to handle things in his official capacity. The watching Samurai Flamenco tells Flamenco Girl that he will no longer be her lackey. YAY! Echoing his grandfather’s words, he tells her that she may assist him, but before he can even finish his sentence, Flamenco Girl says that they should split up.

Flamenco Girl hates to lose her slave, but she thinks that if they keep working together, they will soon become enemies. They just see justice differently. She bids him farewell and leaves. I’m not sure if Samurai Flamenco is happy or disappointed at her departure. But I am very happy! I still think if Mari mellows out a bit, she’d be a good sidekick for Masayoshi. But we’ll see. However, after the credits there are more superheroes! Oh no, it’s the Flamenco Girls – Flamenco Sapphire, Flamenco Ruby, and the original, now calling herself Flamenco Diamond. I think Goto feels another headache coming on! LOL

Episode 6 –


Yay! Samurai Flamenco finally got the better of someone all by himself! Granted, the guy was drunk, but still a nice job. I was a little concerned when the guy pulled a knife, but it was fine. However, Samurai Flamenco did get a death threat from one of the bystanders. What?

Samurai Flamenco and the man talk privately, which might have been a dumb thing if he just issued a death threat, and the man introduces himself as Harazuka from Monsters Stationary. Harazuka basically tells him that his attacks methods aren’t all that good and if he keeps being forced to defend himself the way he has been, he will be killed. Harazuka tells him that his passion isn’t enough, and that he needs weapons. Harazuka presents Samurai Flamenco with a case and tells him to consider it a gift from a sympathizer.

Meanwhile, Mari has Mizuki and Moe working on their superhero lines and she wants plenty of “pizzazz”. LOL For Mari, a major part of fighting evil is just show business. But Mari is soon chasing the girls out of her apartment and they wonder if they’re being used. LOL I would say yes. Anyway, Mari is meeting with Goto to do some research on a new song about a policeman. How transparent! LOL And she wants him to wear a uniform of course. She pesters him until he agrees, and she gets all excited when he comes back dressed in the uniform.

Mari tells him that she’s been “naughty” and that he “should conduct a thorough investigation”. I figured that’s what she wanted all along! LOL But the naive Goto still thinks she’s researching a song. He’s not very bright for a cop, is he? But when Mari tries to get closer to him, he warns her not to. Finally realizing what she’s doing, he flicks her on the forehead and tells her that her “feminine wiles won’t work on a cop”. Goto tells her that he’s already taken and Mari immediately thinks of Masayoshi, which made me chuckle.

Telling Mari that he actually has a girlfriend, he checks his phone, and shows it to Mari. I was hoping to see a picture of his girlfriend, but he shows Mari a message instead and tells her that she’s the best woman he could hope for. I like how Mari tried to insist that she was better. Goto leaves, still wearing the uniform, and wishing Mari luck with her song. I can see that she was very disappointed. LOL So much for Mari “picking her target”! I suppose she’ll take it out on the next criminal she meets – with her special move! LOL

Masayoshi is still getting inspiration from his grandfather’s notes, and is ready for another night as Samurai Flamenco. Breaking up a small fight, Samurai Flamenco is suddenly surrounded by a large group, and I wonder if this was staged. I wonder if Harazuka had a hand in this. They try to come at him all at once, but Samurai Flamenco recognizes it as a scene from “Harakiri Sunshine” and knows just what to do. He barges through the crowd and runs. He’s followed and ends up hiding in an alley. But he meets another group that is out to get him and he has to run again.

What is going on? There is a big crowd chasing him down when he receives a call from Goto. Goto has him look at an article from “HIGH ROLLERS HI!” and it explains everything. That night is the last chance to reveal Samurai Flamenco’s true identity and get a huge reward. No wonder everyone in town is chasing him! Konno seems to be desperate, but he’s still nuts! Samurai Flamenco finds a temporary hiding spot and catches his breath, wondering how to get back to the place where he hid his clothes. Maybe he should have checked the web before he went out. LOL

Still being chased, Samurai Flamenco finds a moment of respite in a park, and sees an injured man. He goes to help the man and of course it’s a trap. The man grabs him, saying that the reward will be his. Samurai Flamenco knew it was a trap, but tells the man that there was a possibility that he was really injured, so he will always offer his help. Samurai Flamenco tells the man that tricking people isn’t nice and gets away. But now he has to face some real criminals.

Samurai Flamenco tells the group that he has new abilities, and pulls out his “Samurai Ink Eraser” and his “Samurai Retractable Pen”. Of course the tough guys laugh at him – who wouldn’t? But when Samurai Flamenco puts the two together and shoots one of the guys with “Flamen Shoot”, the guys aren’t laughing anymore. The eraser acts like a rubber bullet and takes one of the bad guys down. The rest of the group make a move towards Samurai Flamenco, but then he pulls out his “Samurai Stapler” which turns into nunchucks!

With a cry of “No need to fear office supplies!”, the guys attack Samurai Flamenco and get stapled together. One was hit with the stapler, but found that it didn’t hurt. That was odd. With the criminals out of commission, Samurai Flamenco runs off again. Now we get to see what was in that case that Harazuka gave him. I like how everything had the Samurai Flamenco logo on it. But why do I get the feeling that Harazuka just got Samurai Flamenco to promote his company’s office supplies for free? Anyway, Harazuka tells him that because the weapons are office supplies, they are not considered illegal. He also would like Samurai Flamenco to collect data as he uses them. Since he will be testing the items, Samurai Flamenco accepts the gift.

Samurai Flamenco is pleased that the weapons work, but how he’s trapped on a rooftop and is backed to the edge by the crowd ready to unmask him. He pulls out his “Samurai Tape Measure” and telling the kids not to try this at home, he does a “Flamen Jump” to the street, getting away once again. Back where he dealt with the bad guys, the criminals are not happy and talk about their ultimate weapon. One of them calls Gouriki-san, but Flamenco Diamond answers the phone instead. The Flamenco Girls got to him first!

I could not stop laughing as Diamond demonstrates the signature move. She stomps on the guy’s crotch and tells the other two girls to then “use a grinding motion, like a whirlpool”. Sapphire takes over and she’s even more vicious than Diamond. And after that timid little first kick too! They are taking the meaning of “Flamenco Girls” to a whole other level. LOL The other bad guys hear Gouriki-san’s screams over the phone before Diamond stomps on that as well. I don’t think she likes having all the attention focused on Samurai Flamenco tonight.

Once again, Samurai Flamenco is cornered and it’s by the same guy from the park. Talk about determined! His tape measure needs to recharge, so he uses “Samurai Gloves” and climbs up the wall. The gloves look like mittens. How is that an office supply? But the man uses the drainpipe to climb up after him. Of course it breaks and Samurai Flamenco goes into action and saves the man. Thankfully, the man is okay, but Samurai Flamenco is injured.

The grateful man says that Samurai Flamenco can’t get away in the shape he’s in and misdirects the rest of the crowd chasing him. The man leaves Samurai Flamenco in the alley, saying that he supposes “heroes really do exist” after all. Hurt, and looking for a place to hide, Samurai Flamenco must now face two more bad guys, and one has a baseball bat. Still, he takes his stance, and the guys can see that he’s in no shape to fight. Suddenly, one goes flying. It’s Goto to the rescue! I guess even heroes need saving once in a while. Samurai Flamenco is confused as to why Goto is there, but Goto used GPS to find him when Samurai Flamenco told him that he needed help.

Goto also notices the new weapons. But now, the Flamenco Girls show up too, disappointed that the bad guys are already taken care of. I loved it when Goto said the “troublemakers” arrived. And seeing the position that Goto and Samurai Flamenco are in, Diamond says she knew that Goto was in love with him all along. LOL Goto really takes offense at that and yells at her. Samurai Flamenco doesn’t know what to think. Too funny! And after the credits, it seems that Harazuka has been keeping an eye on Samurai Flamenco and is ecstatic that his weapons work so well. Konno is disappointed that Samurai Flamenco got away, but he did get plenty of free publicity for his magazine, so it kind of worked out for him. He wonders who to take out to dinner, and sitting in her own empty office, Ishihara feels a shiver run down her spine!

Episode 7 –


Miss Diamond Flamenco is bored. And she blames Samurai Flamenco, telling him that “there aren’t any villains left”. But wasn’t that the point? Masayoshi does note that “evil” is disappearing from his city. Even the police aren’t all that busy now, and the Vigilante Counseling Unit is getting more thank yous than complaints these days.

Masayoshi’s career is on a roll, and it might because he’s been actually getting some sleep every night. Ishihara is thrilled that Masayoshi is taking things seriously. Still, Masayoshi feels a bit lost and asks Kaname what he should do next. Kaname tells him to figure it out for himself and Goto says that he hasn’t been much help from the start. Harazuka has even joined the strange little group now. He hopes that Samurai Flamenco continues on, since he needs more data on the stationery weapons.

Konno tells Ishihara that he’s giving up on Samurai Flamenco. There just isn’t any excitement anymore. The city is safe and Samurai Flamenco is considered a beloved hero. It’s kind of boring actually, and holds no entertainment value anymore. Konno apologizes for all the trouble he’s caused Ishihara and promises never to call her again. Never say never! But why is Ishihara mad? LOL

Masayoshi continues to read his grandfather’s notes. He remembers that his grandmother was a flamenco dancer. He receives a call from his grandfather’s friend, Hirai, and they visit the cemetery together. Hirai asks if he’s looked in the box yet, and Masayoshi says that he has, but hasn’t finished going through everything yet. Hirai tells him that he should.

Diamond Flamenco’s boredom has flowed over into Mari’s career. It’s been noted that she’s been acting weird. Mizuki and Moe have been telling people that it’s stress. I liked when Moe said the “the world is supposed to revolve around her”. All too true! LOL Mari thinks that if they went on tour, they might find some bad guys. But that doesn’t seem to thrill her either.

Masayoshi picks up his grandfather’s notes again. And he finds out a shocking secret! He was told that his parents had died of an illness, but the truth is that they were killed during a robbery. The criminal was never found. There is even a newspaper clipping inserted with the notes to prove it. At the time, his grandfather felt he was too young to be told. His grandfather had searched for the murderer, but since it happened overseas, the case was eventually dropped. His grandfather’s notes end with this. I think Masayoshi has just found himself a cause. Was this why Samurai Flamenco was created in the first place?

Masayoshi is distracted at work. Goto is told that the department wants to make Samurai Flamenco “Chief for a Day” for a PR event. Goto gives Masayoshi the news, but Masayoshi needs to talk to him. They meet and Masayoshi shows him the clipping about the death of his parents. They talk a bit and Masayoshi says that he should be filled with rage. He should be trying to find the murderer, but the truth is that he doesn’t even remember his parents, and he has no desire for revenge. How can he call himself a hero when he considers himself to be so cold-hearted?

Goto encourages him and tells Masayoshi that he’s only human. Yes, he’s done a lot of good for the city, but Goto still considers him a freak, not a hero. Goto would rather trust a freak than a hero any day. Masayoshi’s questions are natural for a human, but he will have to discover an answer that he can accept on his own. He hands the clipping back to Masayoshi. Goto has been smoking this whole time and Masayoshi now quietly mentions that they are in a smoke-free zone.

A nearby commotion draws their attention. A man is being beaten and it’s time for Samurai Flamenco to make an appearance. He quickly subdues the criminal with his “Samurai Tape”. Not bad for a guy that’s beginning to doubt himself. Samurai Flamenco does do the “Chief for a Day” event and Goto is there to keep an eye on him. It’s a drug bust and everything goes according to plan – nice and smooth. Although I think the bad guys should have noticed all those police hanging around their building. LOL

One criminal makes a run for it and has to be chased down. The man was trying to get to his pills, but the police grab him and he has a seizure. With a sudden incredible strength, the man breaks free of the police holding him down. Then he turns into a monster! He looks something like a gorilla crossed with a Frankenstein monster with a guillotine for a stomach. Looks like there is a new kind of evil in town.

The police shoot at him and the monster screams. His scream blows out the glass windows and the cops have to cover their ears. Another officer attacks him and the monster grabs him and beheads him with his guillotine. More cops are tossed out of the window. This simple PR event has gone terribly wrong. Goto faces the creature next and asks what he is. Surprisingly the thing can speak and he tells Goto that he is “Guillotine Gorilla”. He grabs Goto and Samurai Flamenco needs to do something before his friend is killed.

Samurai Flamenco repeatedly punches the monster, but has no effect. However, it drops Goto and turns its attention to Samurai Flamenco. Before he can say his lines, the monster attacks him. Grabbing him, the monster is about to behead him! Goto makes a final move and saves him at the last moment, by blinding the creature. They work together to push the monster out of the window. It lands on a car below, but of course it isn’t dead, or even unconscious. Guillotine Gorilla gets up, yells out “Viva Torture” and explodes!

A voice calls out to Samurai Flamenco and a ghostly figure in a cape appears, floating in front of the broken window, asking if Samurai Flamenco is finally ready to challenge them. The figure says that he is the source of all evil and is called “King Torture”. What the heck just happened to this show???

Episode 8 –


Samurai Flamenco is fighting Hanging Kite and the Torture Boys, and he doesn’t seem to be doing too well. But it looks like Goto is fighting with Samurai Flamenco now, as well as the Flamenco Girls. Nice team! LOL Hanging Kite is defeated and explodes. But I wonder what happened to the Torture Boys.

This all started three weeks ago with the appearance of Kind Torture, demanding the surrender of Japan and the enslavement of its citizens. He declares the beginning of the apocalypse before disappearing. He reappears again, to demand an answer, and sends a message to Samurai Flamenco. Of course this upsets Mari, but only because she is being ignored by this new evil. But she’s happy to have a villain to fight now.

A public memorial service is held for the policemen that bravely died in the first attack with Guillotine Gorilla. A plea is made for the police and country to come together. A proposition is made to mobilize the JSDF. But the decision is made to let the police handle it. Goto talks with Masayoshi and would like him to stay out of this police matter, but know he won’t. Of course, Kaname is running off to another overseas trip and won’t be available to help either. Surprise, surprise. Goto gets a message that a bus has been hijacked and they go into action.

Boiling Rhino has the bus and the Torture Boys are with him. The bus is on the move and being followed by police cars. Ishihara happens to be on the bus, and Boiling Rhino tells the passengers that they will be made slaves. Ishihara is targeted as Boiling Rhino asks her if she likes rhinos. Yuk! Of course, she says no and that seems to excite the monster. Suddenly, Samurai Flamenco is on the bus and it stops. He happens to notice Ishihara, and he tosses the bad guys off the bus.

The Flamenco Girls join Samurai Flamenco and get to deal with the Torture Boys. Samurai Flamenco faces Boiling Rhino and his boiling water attack. When the Torture Boys are defeated, and Samurai Flamenco is pushed back, Diamond takes on Boiling Rhino herself. She incapacitates him, and then both she and Samurai Flamenco deliver a finishing blow together. The police arrive, but with a cry of “Viva Torture”, Boiling Rhino explodes.

The Flamenco Girls strike a pose and Samurai Flamenco joins them. But then he sees Ishihara watching and trying to take a picture, so he covers his face. Over a curry dinner, Harazuka tells Masayoshi that he will make some modifications to his weapons for these new monsters. But something is bothering Masayoshi and he needs to talk to Goto. He’s concerned about these monsters blowing themselves up. It doesn’t bother Goto, though he says that something like that would worry Masayoshi. Goto tells Masayoshi not to let it get to him.

Mari is back to being her bubbly self and the group’s popularity is on the rise again. The Prime Minister allows the police department to continue handling the situation. Meanwhile, King Torture is till plotting against Samurai Flamenco and summons Hanging Kite to face him next. And we already know how that ended up. Delta Horse, the “resident gentleman” of Torture, intends to poison the city’s water supply with a substance that makes people gossip. But Samurai Flamenco and the Flamenco Girls are already there to stop him.

Delta Horse is without Torture Boys, but he does have incredible speed and he’s strong too. He targets Sapphire and offers her a “ride”, but Samurai Flamenco has a new weapon. He uses double sided tape to deal with Delta Horse’s speed and then the Samurai Stapler to defeat him. The fight ends with another explosion. These monsters will never surrender!

The emergency alert on the city is lifted and life seems to go back to normal. Masayoshi is still getting plenty of work, but notices that Ishihara is being a lot nicer to him. He questions it and she says that she hadn’t understood his “responsibilities” up until now. Does she finally know that Masayoshi is Samurai Flamenco? I know she’s has her suspicions in the past. She takes a good look at him now, noting to herself that he kind of looks like Samurai Flamenco, and it makes Masayoshi uncomfortable. Thankfully, his phone rings and it’s Harazuka telling him that his new gear is ready.

Samurai Flamenco faces Wheel Orochi next. He has a whole new outfit! Nice! His new gear is great too and the monster, quickly defeated, explodes. The Flamenco Girls got to deal with the Torture Boys again, but Diamond is getting bored again. There are less people attending the special council sessions now and they decide to cut the meetings back to every other week. Does the Prime Minister ever have anything to say? LOL

Mineral Miracle Muse is still on top of the charts and doing well. Konno bumps into Ishihara one day and he says that both Masayoshi and Samurai Flamenco seem to be doing well. Ishihara takes offense that he mentioned them together and mentions how he said he’d never bother them again. But he retracts that now, much to Ishihara’s annoyance.

Masayoshi visits Goto and notices how clean his room is now. Goto says that he sees Masayoshi everywhere these days and must be making it big. Masayoshi says that he is enjoying himself lately. However, Goto thinks he may be overdoing it. A star by day and a hero by night doesn’t leave much time for Masayoshi to rest, but he says he’s fine. Yes, it’s been a little difficult, but Masayoshi is having fun! He’s finally become one of the heroes he so admired while he was growing up. As he talks, perhaps Goto has cause to be concerned. Masayoshi is changing. Even while watching Masayoshi on TV, Goto gets a message from his girlfriend that Masayoshi seems different. She says that the look in his eyes “scares” hers. I wonder if Masayoshi is going off the deep end.

Episode 9 –


Life goes on and people are no longer concerned with King Torture. However, the Torture Boys are distributing packs of poison tissues on the street, and Samurai Flamenco is facing another of his monsters, Branding Piranha. But people take it in stride and it hardly gets more than a mention on the news. And of course the monster is defeated by Samurai Flamenco.

Masayoshi is still training with Kaname and Kaname can see he’s getting stronger. However, when Masayoshi says that he will save the world, Kaname throws him against a wall and tells him that he doesn’t know what might happen to him in the “final episode”, which was funny. Over dinner, Goto tells Masayoshi that people are losing interest in Samurai Flamenco, but that’s okay with Masayoshi, for superheroes don’t need any.

Masayoshi tells Goto that he’s been “slacking” and not showing up at a crime scene when he’s supposed to. The Flamenco Girls have also lost interest in fighting. Masayoshi and Goto begin to bicker. Even when Goto makes his report to his superiors, they yawn. Masayoshi talks to Mari about fighting, but she says that there’s no excitement in it for her anymore. She tells Masayoshi that he can take care of things by himself.

Masayoshi gets cast in another show and his personal career is still going well. Mari is looking for some excitement and resents that Masayoshi dared to raise his voice to her. Flamenco Diamond consents to an interview, handled by none other than Konno. She basically complains about being bored. She needs something new and makes the announcement that she will go after King Torture himself.

Konno is pleased with Diamond’s outburst, but when Goto hears about it, he calls her an idiot. It’s funny to see that he’s still cosplaying for Mari, even if he doesn’t realize it. He tells her to stay out of things as he changes back into his own clothes. Goto also tells Mizuki to keep an eye on Mari. But all this has made Goto late for one of Samurai Flamenco’s fights again. He’s really upset and they argue again. Goto has had it, saying that heroes are “self-centered whiners”. He doesn’t even want to support these heroes anymore.

Masayoshi and Harazuka later discuss why the monsters explode, rather than give up or escape. Harazuka is really puzzled by this, and it’s giving Masayoshi something to think about. Ishihara gets a call from Konno, asking her to marry him. She rants at him before hanging up. But on his end, it looks like Konno is a prisoner of King Torture, and has been tortured. King Torture wants Konno to bring him Diamond. He refuses and King Torture gets him where it hurts the most – Konno’s career and his need for thrilling stories. It looks like Konno is going to give in too.

Goto still isn’t speaking to Masayoshi. In fact he’s going to ask for a transfer and if it gets refused, he’ll quit. At least that makes his girlfriend happy because she’ll be able to see him again. Masayoshi gets a call from Harazuka, who has been researching the monsters. This is funny. The theory is that King Torture might be an alien. LOL At least the technology he’s using is nothing known to Earth. Masayoshi is thinking of calling Goto, but his phone rings first and it’s Mari. Annoyed, he opens the message and it’s a picture of Diamond all tied up. She’s hurt and looks unconscious.

The phone rings again and it’s a call this time. Masayoshi answers and it’s King Torture. The sidekick doesn’t satisfy him, he wants a final showdown with Samurai Flamenco! Of course Samurai Flamenco won’t say no and races – on his bike – to the appointed place. However, it looks like he’ll have to deal with the Torture Boys first as they stand in his way. Harazuka shows up, since he monitored Masayoshi’s phone call – why? He takes care of the Torture Boys and gives Masayoshi a new weapon. Harazuka says that he’ll deal with the Torture Boys while he goes on ahead. Samurai Flamenco goes on to meet his destiny.

Episode 10 –


King Torture tells Diamond that she is the bait to lure Samurai Flamenco to him. He cruelly tells her that she’s “a side character that can easily be replaced”. King Torture tortures Sapphire as well, and gives her a choice to replace Diamond or be released. She chooses to replace Diamond, but King Torture is touched by her sacrifice and releases her, promising not to hurt her anymore. An alarm goes off, indicating the arrival of Samurai Flamenco.

King Torture goes to meet him. But first, he cuts off his hand. All this time, King Torture has been talking to Samurai Flamenco over a loudspeaker and tells him now that “justice became extinct long ago”. He tells Samurai Flamenco that the way to world peace is to make everyone evil, as he attaches a chainsaw to his arm. Again, this guy just doesn’t look human. He says it’s time for them to face one another and the wall behind Samurai Flamenco explodes, revealing King Torture. He immediately attacks Samurai Flamenco.

Mari and Moe have not returned in time for their rehearsal. Thankfully, Mizuki is worried enough to get in touch with Goto. King Torture is a lot stronger than Samurai Flamenco, and Samurai gets tossed through a door and into a room very much like the one he has at home, full of figurines. King Torture joins him there and tells him that they are the same, they grew up watching the same superhero shows, but King Torture was drawn to the evil characters as his collection shows.

Samurai Flamenco gets distracted when one of the figurines makes a noise and King Torture hits him with the chainsaw. Fortunately, Samurai Flamenco moves in time and only loses part of his helmet. Meanwhile, Harazuka has been fighting the Torture Boys and is finally defeated. One Torture Boy remains and is about to deliver the killing blow when help shows up, but what kind of help? Was that Kaname?

King Torture has pretty much cornered Samurai Flamenco and says that he’d like to turn him into a cyborg, and have him join the side of evil. Otherwise it will be the end of Samurai Flamenco as he aims the chainsaw at him. Samurai Flamenco tells King Torture that he will always fight for good, even if the rest of the world becomes evil. He manages to get out of the sticky situation, cutting off King Torture’s chainsaw hand in the process. King Torture grabs a spear gun and shoots at Samurai Flamenco, but the Flamenco Girls’ jeep comes crashing through the wall, saving him. Goto comes flying out, shooting at King Torture, and, with a good kick, Samurai Flamenco finishes him off, killing King Torture.

Goto and Samurai Flamenco are both okay, the girls have been rescued, and backup is on the way. But Goto and Samurai Flamenco both scream when King Torture sits up. It’s not over yet as King Torture stands up and announces his final plan. All the bad guys that Samurai Flamenco had fought had spread “Torturemin Cells” throughout the city. The cells will eventually form a giant monster called “Great King Torture”. King Torture activates a rocket that will bond his cells with the Torturemin Cells to create this monster.

Samurai Flamenco tells Goto to take care of the rocket while he finishes things with King Torture. Their fight continues while Goto races to the rocket, ordering an evacuation of the city. The Flamenco Girls make it outside to the waiting backup, but Mari wants to be taken to the concert. Samurai Flamenco wants to know what happened to turn King Torture so evil, but he just tells him that he will understand soon enough.

Goto makes it to the rocket, but has no idea how to stop it. Funny that his girlfriend sends him a message, asking if he’s free the following week, and I laughed when he tossed the phone aside and said that he may not even be alive next week. Goto shoots the rocket with his gun, but of course it does nothing to stop it. The countdown begins as Goto wonders what he can do. Meanwhile, the Torturemin Cells have begun to activate in the city and the residents are scared.

Samurai Flamenco is still facing off against King Torture and tells him that he’s wrong about heroes. They are not alone, not as long as they have allies, and those allies might be the true heroes. The countdown continues as Goto backs the jeep up and accelerates towards the rocket. He manages to jump out just in time, as the jeep flies into the rocket, knocking it over. Samurai Flamenco chooses that moment to attack King Torture, putting his hand inside the hole in his chest, and pulling out what looks like his core. King Torture screams.

Mari appears onstage at her concert and the audience is shocked to see the condition she’s in. Still in her torn up Diamond costume, she begins to sing. King Torture falls over dead for good this time and the rocket explodes. The monsters that were beginning to form from the Torturemin Cells fall apart. Samurai Flamenco tosses the core away as he and Goto make a run for it. Mari is in obvious pain as she stands on the stage alone and continues to sing without music. Konno is still alive and watches the outcome on a TV at the airport, saying that he was entertained.

It seems that Goto and Masayoshi have made up as they get back outside. They are bombarded by reporters and questions. Goto tells Masayoshi not to say a word while he gets them a patrol car. But Masayoshi steps forward and addresses them. Pulling off what remains of his helmet, he tells them that he is Samurai Flamenco. I just loved Goto’s reaction!

FLOW to Perform Samurai Flamenco Anime’s New Opening

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Mineral Miracle Muse also returns for 2nd half of Manglobe’s superhero anime

New Year’s Broadcast Schedule Changes

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