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Updated as of the January 2016 release schedule.

Updated as of the February 2016 release Schedule

A couple of things about next month (March 2016)

IS2 should be released on BD as it passes the 15 month wait period (The only thing that could delay it’s release, is if Sentai gets the World Purge Hen OVA, then we’ll have to wait for the BD complete collection like they did with Kampfer)

If Nozaki-Kun releases next month, we should be moving into the Fall 2014 line up and March is the Earliest we could possibly get Chaika: The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle (which they probably have)

Also wondering if they will release the Log Horizon S1 complete set before they start releasing S2.

Added Bandai Rescues and Legend of the Galactic Heroes to the list.

Added the Higurashi titles to the list.

Updated as of the March 2016 Release Schedule:

Updated as of the April 2016 release schedule.

Update: added Winter 2016 Titles to the List

Updated as per the May 2016 Release Schedule:

Updated list. Added season 1 of Love,Chunibyo and Other Delusions to the Blu-Ray list.

Updated as per the June 2016 Release Schedule:

Updated per the July 2016 Release Schedule:

Update: I am now listing the Multiple collections for the Multi- Cour Titles. Since the 2nd half of Log Horizon 2 and Parasyte: The Maxim got listed for the July releases, I won’t be re adding them to the list. (I did re add Cross Ange)

Legend of the Galactic Heroes has 110 episodes broke down into 4 Seasons (According to the Wiki)
S1 26 Episodes (Projected 2 Volumes @ 13 Eps / Volume)
S2 28 Episodes (Projected 2 Volumes @ 14 Eps / Volume)
S3 32 Episodes (Projected 3 Volumes @ 11 @ 2 Volumes & 10 @ 1 Volume) It’s possible to do 2 Vols @ 16 Eps a piece but I seriously doubt it, It also allows them to do Single disc BD’s for the last 5 Volumes
S4 24 Episodes )Projected 2 Volumes @ 12 Eps / Volume)
-So 9 Volumes Total

Edit: Added Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet 9 to the list

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Added Cobra TV and the 2 OVAs to the list.

Update: added Spring 2016 Titles to the list

Updated as of the August 2016 Release Schedule

Updated Chaika Avenging Battle to Official, and added The projected Collection Numbers to Tribe Cool Crew

Update: added IS2 OVA, as a title that Sentai probably has but hasn’t officially announced yet.

(Reason I added it was because it’s the only thing that could be delaying the Blu-Ray release)

Updated as of the September 2016 Release Schedule

Updated as of the October 2016 Release Schedule

Changed some of the entries to make the information more user friendly, combining the Delayed titles and the Blu-Ray Titles into one entry at the top.

Added Fate Kaleid 3rei to probable Titles

Edit: added Summer 2016 Titles (or Lack thereof) to the list

Edit: Updated My Love Story! to a Complete Collection