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Anime Expo 2019 Expectartions


-Pretty sure CR will get Danmachi S2 on a 1 week delay, IF Sentai announces the Food Wars S3 dub and Box Set Release (Would be nice if we get Fate / Kaleid 3rei, and the 2 Trinity 7 movies, and for a bonus. a dub and release of Locodol with the 2 OVAs)
-Non Non Biyori Vacation & Girls und Panzer Final 1 movie announcements?


-Announcing when we should expect the Fate HF movie release (I know Japan is getting it in August)
-Rascal TV Dub and Release announcement
-Yuuna if we are lucky

-An Actual Hard Hybrid x Heart release date finally?
-Accelerator TV license announcement (Since it premieres on the 12th AX is perfect for them to announce it there)

-Hopefully announcing a deal with Sentai to release a few of their titles on Home Video (See above)


While I’m not really good at predictions of this sort, Sentai showcasing the To Love Ru Dub would be amazing!!!

Well, plus everything you have listed @Series5Ranger :grin:

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Oh and RAHXEPHON on BLU-RAY in HD! but hey that’s just me lol

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