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Sentai Filmworks Home Video MIA Thread

Added Chihayafuru to announced titles

Edit: Updated that they got both Seasons.

Updated as per the January 2017 Release Schedule:

Added Girls und Panzer der Film to list.

Edit: added Squid Girl S1 & 2 to list

Edit 2: Added Fall 2016 Titles to list

Updated as per the February 2017 Release Schedule

Added Long Riders to Fall 2016 list

Edit: Added Magic of Stella to Fall 2016 List

Updated as per the March 2017 Release Schedule:

Updated as per the April 2017 Release Schedule

Edit: Added Ajin Demi-Human to Acquired titles list

Updated as per the May 2017 Release Schedule

Edit: Added Winter 2017 Titles to list
Edit: added Time Jam: Valerian & Laureline to Catalog titles

Updated as per the June 2017 Release Schedule

*Gatchaman F (Fighter) is on the Sentai Previews for Is the Order a Rabbit?? S2 disc 2 so adding it to the list

Edit: Adding Typhoon Noruda to the list

Updated as per the July 2017 Release Schedule

Edit: Added Dragon Dentist to Catalog titles.
Edit 2: added Spring 2017 titles to the list

Updated as per the August 2017 Release Schedule

The Beyond the Boundary release includes both films, so both can be checked off the list.

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Ok Thanks DRC


With Sentai’s move to doing full season box sets for most, if not all of their titles, I was questioning whether this thread should do away with the collection counts. For instance, if Phi-Brain season 3 finally appears, it will most likely be as one set and not two.

Probably more than likely, but I’ll just adjust when the actual release comes out

Updated as per the September 2017 Release Schedule

Edit: added No Game No Life Zero to announced titles

Updated as per the October 2017 release schedule

EDIT: Onigiri release set for July 11, 2017 as a Sentai Shop Exclusive

EDIT: Added Initial D Movie Trilogy to license list, and added Summer 2017 Titles