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Sentai Filmworks Home Video MIA Thread


Updated as per the October 2018 release Schedule:


Updated as per the November 2018 Release Schedule

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Updated as per the Decenber 2018 Release Schedule:

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Updated as per the January 2019 Release schedule

Edit: Added Fall 2018 licenses to list
Edit 2: added Run with the Wind to Fall 2018 nlicenses

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The Feb 2019 Release Slate is Delayed, Will Update the Thread as soon as we have News

Edit: Added: Between the Sky and Sea to Fall 2018 list


Updated as per the February 2019 Release Schedule:

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Updated as per the March 2019 Release Schedule:


Hi @Series5Ranger. Looking through the forums, I noticed that the To Love Ru dubbed release isn’t on the MIA thread.

Or does that not count as a MIA series, since they haven’t announced which seasons are going to be Dubbed yet?


Technically Doesn’t count but I still need to add it as an announced title. I’ve laid off of it because we still don’t know if it’s going to dub just S1, The Whole series, or if it’s strictly going to be an exclusive PBS etc.

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@MaouSadao you could have added this to the MIA Thread so I’ll be moving this thread there

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Man…still waiting for that You’re Under Arrest season 1 collection.:confounded:


Updated as per the April 2019 Release Slate

Edit: Moved Haikyu S3 and Sagrada Reset to the Delayed Column, Added Winter 2019 List to the first post

Edit 2: Added Price of Smiles to Winter 2019 List

Edit 3: Checking Haikyu S3, because Sentai stated on Facebook that CR has the license, contrary to the promo that they gave when they licensed it. We are investigating the issue


Updated as per the May 2019 Release Schedule


Updated as per the June 2019 Release Schedule:

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Updated as per the July 2019 Release Schedule:

Edit 1: added Spring 2019 Titles to List

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Updated as per the August 2019 Release Schedule:

edit: added SNAFU, Golden Time and Ghost Stories to announced titles


But TLR’s dub release isn’t with them :pouty_face:

Just giving you a hard time @Series5Ranger :wink:


Haven’t added To Love Ru because we still don’t know if it’s going to be an Ultimate edition or just S1

With SNAFU it’s a pretty safe bet it will be both Seasons but they might split it up because of the upcoming S3… So just waiting on the Official release


Or S1 + Motto, and then both seasons of Darkness.

That’s kinda what I am hoping for, especially if they do a PBS for it. Easier to save up for it if the release is split into 2 halves.

(My wallet is still sore from the $182 K-ON set…)

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