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Sentai Filmworks Home Video MIA Thread

Updated as per the October 2019 Release Slate

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Updated as per the December 2019 Release Schedule

Edit: Added Summer 2019 Licenses to first post


*Updated as per the February 2020 Release Schedule

Edit: added Fall 2019 Titles to main list

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Updated as per the March 2020 Release Schedule

Updated as per the April 2020 Release Slate

Updated as per the June 2020 Release Schedule (Expect Delays due to the Pandemic)

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Updated as per the July 2020 Release Schedule

Edit1: Removed the Bandai Rescues due to Discotek Announcing the release of S-Cry-ED, whether Sentai sublicensed it to them, or let the licenses go we won’t know.

Updated as per the August 2020 Release Shecule:

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Updated as per the October 2020 Release Schedule

EDIT: Added Spring and Summer 2020 License Acquisitions to the main list

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Updated as per the November 2020 Release schedule

Updated as per the December 2020 Release Schedule

Any news on when Ideon will be up for purchase again?

Nope up to Sentai, but they did recently re release Votoms a while back and other catalog titles have gotten re releases recently, so hope for the best

Damn I really wanted that one.

Updated as per the January 2021 release schedule:

Updated as per the February 2021 Release Schedule

Edit added Fall 2020 titles to the list

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Updated as per the March 2021 Release Slate

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I’m closing the MIA Thread as it was mostly used to keep track of the Sentai’s season Acquisitions to when they came out on Home Video, as the current trend has Sentai licensing only 1-2 titles a season and mostly concentrating on Catalog titles for the forseeable future, I feel it’s necessary to close this thread for the time being, until things change.