Shamanic Princess

Shamanic Princess


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Genres: action, fantasy, romance
Running time: 30 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 6
Vintage: 1996
Opening Theme: “Inori no Asa” by Miwako Saitou
Ending Theme: 1: “Omoide no Mori” by Miwako Saitou (eps 1-4,6)
2: “Kaze no Matsuri” by Wuyontana (ep 5)

Plot Summary: From the Guardian World, home of mages, Tiara has been sent on a mission: recover the stolen Throne of Yord, the most powerful magic artifact of all. But Tiara finds herself in a dilemma—the Throne has been taken by her former lover, and there is more to the situation than meets the eye… (from ANN)

Episode 1 –

[details=spoiler]Tiara has been sent to find the Throne of Yord, but she’s already running into rivals. I like Tiara’s partner, Japolo. Kagetsu has the Throne of Yord, and he’s been sentenced to death because of it, but I haven’t decided yet if he’s evil or not. Lena was sent to retrieve the Throne first and ending up siding with Kagetsu. Japolo reveals that Tiara, Lena, and Kagetsu grew up together.

In her dreams, Tiara keeps meeting Sarah, who is also connected to Kagetsu. It turns out that Tiara and Kagetsu were once in love and Lena doesn’t understand how Tiara can hunt him down so mercilessly now. Tiara’s demon form is pretty cool and that’s a nice little ballet she does too.[/details]

Episode 2 –

[details=spoiler]Kagetsu promises to return the Throne of Yord in a few days – when he’s done with it – but that isn’t good enough for Tiara. He won’t explain, but he insists on saving Sarah. Tiara wants to see her, but Kagetsu refuses.

So, the Throne of Yord turns out to be a painting and Sarah is within it. Lena tries to help Kagetsu get his sister out of the painting using her magic, but it doesn’t work and Sarah is sucked right back in to it. It seems that Lena is in love with Kagetsu as well. No wonder she’s helping him instead of completing her mission!

Tiara meets Sarah in her dreams again and Sarah says that it might be the last time. She begs Tiara to help her brother. Sarah also warns Tiara to be “careful in the forest”. Japolo tells Tiara where Sarah is and why Kagetsu took the Throne of Yord, but he wasn’t supposed to tell her. That wasn’t right. I glad he told her anyway. However, even knowing all that, Tiara is determined to retrieve the Throne of Yord and return it to the Guardian World.

With Japolo’s help, Tiara finds the painting and sees that it’s the same scene as the one in her dreams. Now Tiara really wants to talk to Sarah, and calls forth her magic to do so. Unfortunately, she gets pulled into the painting as well. And she ends up in a forest! Tiara ends up facing, and then fighting herself. Once she defeats herself, Sarah appears, but turns into Lena, and then Kagetsu. Kagetsu tries to seduce her into staying there with him, but she knows that it isn’t the real him.

The real one appears to save Tiara, but he also demands to see his sister. The fake Kagetsu turns into Lena again and the real Kagetsu begins to turn into wood. She will keep Tiara there as well. Sarah finally makes an appearance and restrains the fake Lena. She makes Tiara and Kagetsu leave, but Tiara vows to return and save her. I hope she can![/details]

Episode 3 –

[details=spoiler]Tiara awakens to find Lena caring for the unconscious Kagetsu. Lena tells Tiara to leave and she does. The Throne of Yord is still in the room and activates, pulling Kagetsu, Leon, and Lena into itself, before disappearing.

Tiara meets Sarah in her dreams again and wonders if it’s the real Sarah. Tiara is still determined to save Sarah and retrieve the Throne of Yord. Sarah just fades away and Tiara wakes up. Japolo cautions her against saving Sarah and urges her to complete her mission, but that doesn’t change Tiara’s mind. There has to be a way for her to do both.

Tiara and Japolo are attacked by a power that feels like Lena’s but isn’t. I bet it’s the Throne of Yord. It is! Japolo warns Tiara that the seal may be broken. They are inside now and find Lena. Is it the real one? Kagetsu is being held prisoner, but he still looks unconscious. Leon appears and Tiara asks if this is the real Lena, but gets an evasive answer. Lena is ready to fight, but Tiara doesn’t want to. However, she is forced to defend herself. She calls forth her power and fights with Leon.

Leon becomes a monster and Lena almost kills him with the power she feeds him. I don’t think this is the real Lena, Or at least she isn’t herself. She would never treat her partner like that. Once Leon becomes useless to her, she calls forth other powers, and continues the fight with Tiara. Lena almost defeats Tiara and has her restrained, but then she begins to cry tears of blood. She collapses and Tiara is freed.

Sarah appears and it isn’t known if she is the real one either. She says she was just playing a game and had lent Lena her powers. She claims to be the real Sarah. As she approaches Tiara, Kagetsu wakes up just in time to see his sister attack and injure Japolo. Tiara just sits there, unable to believe that this is her friend. Tiara begins to cry, and Sarah kneels down to embrace her. Taking Tiara’s tear filled face between her hands, Sarah says that she loves her, but will never forgive her. Then Sarah’s face splits open![/details]

Episode 4 –

[details=spoiler]With this fake Sarah split in half, the Throne of Yord speaks to Tiara. She wants Tiara to submit to her. But Tiara asks for the real Sarah. After a strange conversation, the Throne of Yord tells Tiara that she can’t change reality. Tiara calls forth her power and prepares to fight the Throne of Yord. But the Throne of Yord takes Tiara’s form, so she will end up fighting herself. This will be the price to get Sarah back.

In the middle of the fight, Tiara loses her powers. It was quite a surprise to see her saved by Leon. Everyone seems all right. Lena had been used by the Throne of Yord and she now apologizes to Tiara. Kagetsu is still a prisoner and warns them that the Throne of Yord isn’t done with them yet. Kagetsu is silenced as the Throne of Yord makes another appearance. It attacks and Leon and Japolo are left to defend the powerless girls.

The Throne of Yord tells them that it created the role of partners and then eats up Leon and Japolo! It tells Tiara and Lena that they cannot defeat the Throne of Yord. Even with no hope of winning, Tiara and Lena team up against the Throne of Yord, which takes on Sarah’s form again. The girls can only defend themselves, but Sarah has all the time in the world, and will just wait for the girls to tire and grow weak again. And that happens pretty quickly.

Kagetsu tries to help, and breaks free of his prison. Sarah decides to “play” with her brother. Kagetsu knows that this isn’t his sister, but he finds it difficult to fight the image of his sister. She even gets close enough to kiss him and says that he is hers before she consumes him, wrapping them together in a cocoon. When Kagetsu emerges from the cocoon, it says that Tiara is next. She falls into a dream again.

But in the dream, perhaps Tiara has found the answer to ending this whole thing. She tells the Throne of Yord that it needed Sarah, for it could not exist alone. Tiara knows know that Sarah and the Throne of Yord are one in the same. Tiara calls out to Sarah now, asking her to lend her the power to save Kagetsu. At first, nothing happens and the Throne of Yord mocks Tiara. But suddenly the power is there!

Kagetsu is saved and Sarah later thanks the five that saved her as well. However, she cannot return and must stay with the Throne of Yord. The group wakes up in the outside world. In the aftermath, Kagetsu returns the Throne of Yord to the Guardian World. He and Tiara will be starting their relationship over. It’s nice that Sarah appears in the painting now. The Throne of Yord now has a friend.[/details]

Episode 5 –

[details=spoiler]The young Tiara brings forth her first partner with her magic and names him Graham. But there is still a test that must be passed before Graham is considered Tiara’s true partner. During the next ceremony, Graham attacks Tiara. He doesn’t hurt her. Afterwards, she tries to heal him and he attacks her again. He is afraid of her.

This is Tiara’s backstory. Tiara and Sarah are friends and Tiara already has some feelings for Sarah’s brother, Kagetsu. It also seems that Sarah is being summoned by the Throne of Yord in her dreams. She is a weak girl that knows she will never fly like the bird she watches from her window. A tear runs down her face.

Lena visits Sarah, but she leaves when she sees Tiara coming. Lena and Tiara don’t seem to get along very well. Tiara later meets her shadow when she goes back to Graham. Perhaps that is why Graham has been afraid of Tiara. The shadow kisses her before wrapping itself around Graham. Others say that Tiara’s power has turned against her.

Lena visits Tiara and sees what has become of her. Tiara looks at Lena and sees only a monster. Lena looks to Sarah and Kagetsu for help. Tiara is just not herself and doesn’t know friend from foe. Kagetsu restrains her, and both brother and sister use their powers on Tiara. They heal her and once she talks to Sarah and faces her fear, Tiara is ready to go to Graham again.

Tiara faces her shadow and fights for Graham. With his help, the shadow is defeated and becomes part of Tiara, turning into her demon form. As a result of all this, Graham becomes her true partner, and Tiara welcomes him to the Guardian World.[/details]

Episode 6 –

[details=Spoiler]Graham is a good partner, but he doesn’t always listen. He feels he must protect Tiara at all costs. But he’s a little unbalanced and gets disappointed when he doesn’t please her. By this time, Lena has brought forth her own partner, Leon. Tiara is still friends with Kagetsu, but Sarah seems to be away, testing for her powers. However, from seeing the beginning of the episode, it looks like she’s already been sacrificed to the Throne of Yord. Tiara is later punished for Graham’s mistake of killing a shadow.

Graham doesn’t like Kagetsu much and I get the feeling he’s jealous of him. Graham is angry at Kagetsu for the way he treats Tiara. But Kagetsu is envious of Graham. Tiara is introduced to Leon, and Lena tells her that they have their first assignment and will be living in another world. Graham is later reprimanded by Tiara for following Kagetsu around, but Graham has a good reason. Kagetsu hasn’t been acting like himself. Tiara doesn’t want to hear it and wants Graham to stop. It looks like Graham is in love with Tiara.

Tiara confesses to Kagetsu and they begin a romantic relationship. I don’t think Graham likes that! While everyone is at the festival, Kagetsu goes to visit his sister. He knows that she’s been given to the Throne of Yord, but he decides to save her. Unfortunately, Graham has followed him. He catches Kagetsu in the act of taking the Throne of Yord. Tiara plays her part at the festival as Graham attacks Kagetsu. Kagetsu tries to explain what he needs to do, but Graham knows this will only hurt Tiara and he can’t allow it.

Graham attacks Kagetsu again and this time, it looks like he’ll kill Kagetsu. Kagetsu uses his power to restrain Graham and Kagetsu kills him. Graham disappears, saying Tiara’s name. Kagetsu gets away with the painting. Lena is sent after him with a mission to retrieve the Throne of Yord. Tiara has a new partner now, Japolo, but she knows that Kagetsu is responsible for the death of Graham. Lena confronts Kagetsu and ends up helping him. Tiara is then sent after the Throne of Yord. Events now go back to the beginning of the first episode. This was a good story! I really enjoy these older shows.[/details]