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[size=16]Sinbad: A Flying Princess and a Secret Island / Sinbad: Sora Tobu Hime to Himitsu no Shima[/size]

[quote]Plot Summary: Sinbad dreams of voyaging to an unknown world. He and his pet monkey Mimi encounter Sana, a girl riding a flying wooden horse. Then, the wind shifted.
Vintage: 2015-07-04[/quote]
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[size=16]Sinbad: The Magical Lamp and the Moving Island / Sinbad: Mahō no Lamp to Ugoku Shima[/size]

[quote]Plot Summary: Sinbad and his friends run afoul of a storm while riding on the ship Bahal. Ali sights an island, which the ship heads toward to make repairs. Sinbad and Sana board a dinghy and land on the island. Sana sees a vision of a magical lamp, and Sinbad and the others set out to find it.
Vintage: 2016-01-16[/quote]
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[size=16]Nippon Animation Makes Sinbad Adventure Film for July[/size]
posted on 2015-01-23 02:30 EST
Movie inspired by Arabian Nights marks anime studio’s 40th anniversary

[size=16]Nippon Animation’s Sinbad Anime Film Teaser Streamed[/size]
posted on 2015-02-13 06:20 EST
40th anniversary work inspired by Arabian Nights to open in July

[size=16]1st Sinbad Anime Film’s Trailer Unveils Voice Cast[/size]
posted on 2015-04-25 04:00 EDT
3-part project to star Tomo Muranaka, Momoko Tanabe, Hiroko Yakushimaru
September 18, 2015 9:33am CDT
Sequel to “Sinbad: The Flying Princess and the Secret Island” hits Japanese theaters in January

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[size=16]2nd Sinbad Film’s Trailer Reveals January Delay, Title[/size]
2015-09-21 03:15 EDT
Sinbad: Mahō no Lamp to Ugoku Shima opens in Japan on January 16

Sinbad: The Magical Lamp and the Moving Island - Trailer

[size=16]2nd Sinbad Film’s Long Trailer Previews whiteeeen’s Theme Song[/size]
posted on 2015-12-17 15:50 EST
Sinbad: Mahō no Lamp to Ugoku Shima opens in Japan on January 16

[size=16]Nippon Animation’s 3rd Sinbad Film Delayed to May[/size]
posted on 2016-01-22 06:15 EST
January 24, 2016 8:05am CST
Conclusion of animated trilogy by Nippon Animation hits Japanese theaters in May of 2016

[size=16]Trailer for Nippon Animation’s 3rd Sinbad Film Reveals May 14 Debut[/size]
posted on 2016-03-05 00:00 EST
Film is final work in 40th anniversary trilogy project

Sinbad - Third Film Trailer

###Amazon Streams Nippon Animation’s Sinbad Film Trilogy With English Subtitles, Dub
posted on 2017-04-07 03:30 EDT
Nippon Animation, Shirogumi produced trilogy as Nippon Animation’s 40th anniversary work