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Super Lovers

Super Lovers

Genres: romance
Themes: yaoi
Plot Summary: A high school boy named Haru and his mother are living overseas. His mother orders him to take care of and “civilize” his adoptive brother Ren, a wild young boy who dislikes talking with other people. While their relationship is adversarial at first, they grow closer as they begin to understand one another.
Number of Episodes: 10
Vintage: 2016-04-06

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Super Lovers 2

Genres: comedy, drama, romance
Themes: Shounen-ai, yaoi
Number of episodes: 10
Vintage: 2017-01-12

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Boys-Love Manga Super Lovers by Hakkenden’s Abe Gets Anime

posted on 2015-04-28 03:00 EDT
Miyuki Abe’s story of 2 adoptive brothers runs in Ciel, Emerald

Studio Deen Animates Abe’s Super Lovers TV Anime

posted on 2015-09-24 03:15 EDT
Fairy Tail’s Shinji Ishihara, Hakkenden’s Yoshiko Nakamura, Miki Takihara also attached

“Super Lovers” BL Anime Staff Listed

September 30, 2015 5:05pm CDT
Fairy Tail’s Shinji Ishihara will direct the Studio DEEN produced TV anime

Super Lovers Boys-Love TV Anime Unveils Cast, April Debut, Visuals

posted on 2015-12-25 14:20 EST
Junko Minagawa, Tomoaki Maeno, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Takuma Terashima star

Super Lovers Boys-Love Anime Unveils Female Cast

posted on 2016-02-12 14:00 EST
Atsuko Tanaka, Yoko Soumi, Ryoko Shiraishi, Mitsuki Saiga join cast

Super Lovers Anime’s 1st Promo Video Previews Yūsuke Yata’s Opening Theme

posted on 2016-02-19 06:45 EST
Main cast performs ending theme for series premiering on April 6

Super Lovers Boys-Love Anime Unveils New Character

posted on 2016-03-22 03:00 EDT
Ryotaro Okiayu joins cast of April 6 boys-love anime

Super Lovers TV Anime Has 10 Episodes, Gets Anime DVD with 10th Manga Volume

posted on 2016-03-25 05:45 EDT
TV anime premieres on April 6; 10th manga volume ships on January 1

Super Lovers Boys-Love TV Anime’s Ad Previews Opening Song

posted on 2016-03-29 12:00 EDT
Premieres April 6

Crunchyroll to Stream Super Lovers Boys-Love Anime

posted on 2016-03-29 16:11 EDT
10-episode series premieres on April 6

ANN Anime Spotlight - SUPER LOVERS

by Anthony Foronda, Apr 5th 2016

Super Lovers Blu-ray & DVD Release Announcement CM

The Spring 2016 Anime Preview Guide - Super Lovers

Apr 6th 2016

Super Lovers - ED Theme “Happiness YOU&ME” by Junko Minagawa


ANNCast: Super Lovers 64

by Zac Bertschy and Jacob Chapman, Jun 3rd 2016

Super Lovers Boys-Love Anime Gets 2nd Season in January

posted on 2016-06-08 13:01 EDT
10th & final episode of 1st season aired this week

Super Lovers Anime’s 2nd Season Casts Takuya Satō

posted on 2016-06-15 08:05 EDT
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure voice actor plays new character Natsuo Shiba

Super Lovers Original Anime DVD’s Ad Posted

posted on 2016-07-19 04:30 EDT
"Premium anime DVD" bundled with limited edition of 10th manga volume on January 1

Visual Looks Ahead To “Super Lovers” Anime’s Winter Return

August 30, 2016 10:57am CDT
Takuya Sato set to join cast

Super Lovers Season 2 Reveals Theme Song Artists, January 12 Premiere

posted on 2016-10-23 14:40 EDT
Yūsuke Yata & 4 lead voice actors return for opening, ending songs