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Talentless Nana / Munō na Nana

Talentless Nana / Munō na Nana

Plot Summary: An academy on an island in unnavigable waters. There, students trained tirelessly to fight back against the enemies of humanity. Nana, a student newly transferred there, also sets out with the intention of eradicating all enemies of humankind.
Number of Episodes: 13
Vintage: 2020-10

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Talentless Nana Manga About Girl Fighting Humanity’s Enemies Gets TV Anime

posted on 2020-04-07 00:21 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Looseboy, Iori Furuya’s manga centers on school with superpowered students

Talentless Nana TV Anime Reveals Main Staff

posted on 2020-05-07 00:30 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Fairy Tail’s Shinji Ishihira directs anime at Bridge

Talentless Nana TV Anime’s 1st Video Unveils Cast, Song Artists, More Staff, October Debut

posted on 2020-07-07 06:47 EDT by Egan Loo
Rumi Okubo, Hiro Shimono, Yūichi Nakamura, singers Miyu Tomita & Chiai Fujikawa join anime

Talentless Nana Anime Announces 16 More Cast Members

posted on 2020-08-07 08:25 EDT by Egan Loo
Mai Nakahara, Toshiki Masuda, Takuya Nakashima, Atsushi Kousaka, Koji Yusa join fall anime

Miyu Tomita to Release Fall TV Anime Talentless Nana OP Song “Broken Sky” on November 11

August 23, 2020 10:10pm CDT
“Fairy Tail” director Shinji Ishihira’s new work will premiere in October 2020

Talentless Nana Anime Reveals 2nd Promo Video, October 4 Premiere, Key Visual

posted on 2020-09-07 08:43 EDT by Adriana Hazra
“Mini anime” episode to also stream weekly

Mysterious Threat Escalates in Talentless Nana TV Anime CM

September 15, 2020 8:33am CDT
Adaptation based on psychic suspense manga hits Japanese TV on October 04, 2020

Funimation to Stream Talentless Nana Anime

posted on 2020-09-29 17:19 EDT by Alex Mateo
English-subtitled trailer streamed for anime premiering on October 4

Talentless Nana | Official Trailer

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Heh, I was randomly looking at the anichart site to see if there was anything that I might watch that hadn’t been picked up yet, and this was one of two shows I found.

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The Fall 2020 Preview Guide - Talentless Nana

Oct 4th 2020

Miyu Tomita Shows Cool and Gothic Look in Fall 2020 TV Anime Talentless Nana OP Theme MV

October 05, 2020 1:10am CDT
Her 21st birthday event “MIYU’s Birthday Party ~Sayonara Hatachi~” will be streamed on November 15

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Talentless Nana & 5 More Fall Season Anime Reveal Episode Counts

posted on 2020-10-08 06:30 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins

Chiai Fujikawa Releases Cool Performance Clip of Fall 2020 TV Anime Talentless Nana ED Theme

October 13, 2020 12:10am CDT
“Bakemono to Yobarete” will be available for digital subscription and download on October 30

Chiai Fujikawa Sings Fall 2020 TV Anime Talentless Nana ED Theme in Digital World

October 31, 2020 1:10am CDT
“Bakemono to Yobarete” has been available digitally since October 30

Talentless Nana Opening Theme – Broken Sky

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Talentless Nana Opening Theme – Broken Sky

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This Week in Anime - Is Talentless Nana Worth Watching?

by Jean-Karlo Lemis & Steve Jones, Dec 17th 2020

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Before reading it, yes it is.


It’s almost like Death Note, if Light was a cute moe girl.


Those final minutes of episode 13…

First Day I Became A God, now this???