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Williamson ether synthesis - an organic reaction involving the formation of an ether using an organohalide and an alcohol.

Xenobiote-Any biote displaced from its normal habitat; a chemical foreign to a biological system.

Y chromosome

zebrafish - an important model organism for scientific research


carotene - a pigment found in plants responsible for orange coloration, such as that in carrots or sweet potatoes.

Also, WHOA, batholiths are awesome.

Desertification - a chemical property of atoms which describes the atoms’ ability to attract electrons to itself (fluorine being the most electronegative of them all). Electronegativity trends increase left to right across rows and down to up columns on the periodic table.

dynamo - a device that creates electricity by turning around a magnet near a coil of wire.

Ferromagnetism - proposed the theory of “punctuated equilibrium” alongside Niles Eldridge in 1972, which states that evolution is often stable for long periods of time, punctuated by rare and sudden instances of branching evolution. This counters phyletic gradualism, a theory proposing that evolutionary change is smooth and continuous throughout time.



Mod Edit: Try not to repeat previous words used in the thread! Next user to post can choose to either use a different “I” word or continue on to “J”. - obstruction of bile duct via liver disease or breakdown of white blood cells, resulting in a yellowing of the skin and white of eyes.