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Science Extravaganza


I looked around for a science related thread and was unable to find one. Since I’m big on anything science and like to share relevant material I’m starting this thread so others besides myself may have a place to do so.

Anything science related may be posted; ideas, inventions, discoveries, technological advancements, etc. etc.

I’ll start off with this little bit that appeared in a demonstration a few years back. It’s a device that works much like voice recognition except it uses brain wave recognition.


The news likes to bring up North Korea and nukes a lot so I figured posting nuclear test footage would be appropriate. On a side note, North Korea’s missile(s) would never even come close to touching U.S. soil let alone Japan’s. Even if one or two missiles worked our missile defense system would easily swat them down kind of like this commercial.

**On to declassified nuclear tests!!!


“Naked in the cold Sun, breathing life like fire…”


One of my favorite albums from the 90s, “SUPERUNKOWN.”


Yes sir! “Long time comin’, seem to get me through…” Has anyone seen them since they got back together?


I missed out on a chance to within the past year.


You sir should be ashamed!!! Er… :frowning: I miss out on concerts all the time, there are two major radio stations in my home area and they have acts showing all the time, especially the weekend events that last for a couple of days. I never seem to make it to one…