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This November a Bounty of Anime Awaits You

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Online Releases
Young Black Jack
Before he was “Black Jack,” the unlicensed surgeon, Kuroo Hazama was a young man with a passion for medicine. Studying under the doctor who saved his life as a child, Kuroo seeks to hone his medical skills in order to help as many people as he can.
Schedule: Tuesdays @ 1am EST, 11/03/2015
Languages: Japanese w/ English Subtitles
Comet Lucifer
Searching below the planet’s surface is nothing new to Sogo, but the mysteries of Gift are buried deeper than anyone notices.
Schedule: Wednesdays @ 10am EST 11/04/2015
Languages: Japanese w/ English Subtitles
Diabolik Lovers II: More,Blood
The story of Yui Komori and the Sakamaki brothers continues as four new vampiric boys enter the fray.
Schedule: Wednesdays @ 11:30am EST, 11/04/2015
Languages: Japanese w/ English Subtitles
Haikyu!! 2
Hinata, Kageyama, and the Karasuno volleyball team head to Tokyo to face daunting opponents, new and old.
Schedule: Wednesdays @ 3am EST, 11/04/2015
Languages: Japanese w/ English Subtitles
Utawarerumono The False Faces
A young man with no memory is rescued by a girl with animal ears and a tail. Who is he? And why can’t he remember anything?
Schedule: Wednesdays @ 1:30am EST, 11/04/2015
Languages: Japanese w/ English Subtitles
Beautiful Bones
Sakurako Kujo’s obsession with “beautiful bones” somehow consistently has Shotaro investigating murders at her side.
Schedule: Saturdays @ 1pm EST, 11/07/2015
Languages: Japanese w/ English Subtitles
Is the Order a Rabbit?? Season 2
Cocoa, Chino, and the girls are back for more adorable adventures! Will old memories (and new friends) shake up Rabbit House?
Schedule: Tuesdays @ 10:30am EST, 11/10/2015
Languages: Japanese w/ English Subtitles
Perfect Insider
Souhei Saikawa is a college professor who is obsessed with genius Shiki Magata’s work. He, Moe Nishinosono, and a group of his other students plan a retreat to the remote island where Magata currently resides, which may put them in danger’s way…
Schedule: Mondays @ 2pm EST, 11/09/2015
Languages: Japanese w/ English Subtitles
Soni-Ani: SUPER SONICO The Animation
Sonico is one busy girl! Between her modeling career, college classes, and performing in a rock band, Sonico takes life one gig at time. With the help of her bandmates and manager, Sonico is always ready with a smile and a song.
Starts: Sunday, 11/22/15
Languages: English Dubbed and Japanese w/ English Subtitles
Lunar Legend Tsukihime
Shiki’s naive attempt at a normal life ends after meeting Arcueid, now he is fighting for his life and the truth about his past.
Starts: Sunday, 11/1/2015
Languages: English Dubbed and Japanese w/ English Subtitles
Patlabor The Mobile Police - The Movie
Japan’s safety is threatened by multiple berserk Labors and the sea’s rising levels. Can the SV2 team save Japan from the chaos?
Starts: Sunday, 11/1/2015
Languages: English Dubbed and Japanese w/ English Subtitles


Video On Demand Releases

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My love STORY!!
Takeo Goda is a big guy with a big heart, but girls like his attractive best friend more. Yet when Takeo helps a girl who was being harassed on the train, his love life may take a turn for the better!
Starting: 11/5/15
DD Fist of the North Star
Kenshiro, trained in the secret martial arts and unemployed, and has to battle his two brothers for a job at a convenience store.
Starting: 11/12/15
Devils & Realist
William breaks into his family’s vault, accidentally summoning a demon named Dantalion and must pick Hell’s next ruler.
Starting: 11/19/15
Gourmet Girl Graffiti
Take one part laughter, mix in a heaping portion of scrumptious cuisine cooked to perfection, add a dash of cute girls doing cute things, and you have the recipe for a tantalizing anime, Gourmet Girl Graffiti!
Starting: 11/5/2015
The Eden of Grisaia
Yuuji is caught in a political war and the school is on the brink of closing, but the girls refuse to sit idly by.
Starting: 11/12/2015
Hamatora the Animation
When a series of serial murders all turn out to involve Minimum Holders, their kind may be targeted for extinction.
Starting: 11/12/2015
Love Stage!
Sparks fly when antisocial Izumi Sena is reunited with his former costar, the now-famous and ultra-handsome Ryouma Ichijo, on the set of a commercial they filmed 10 years ago!
Starting: 11/12/2015
Sakura just wants to be normal. Unfortunately, her new friendship with shinigami Rinne makes normality no longer an option.
Starting: 11/19/2015
Royal Space Force ~ Winds of Honneamise
With the world on the brink of war, astronaut candidate Shirotsugh must become a leader in order to save the human race.
Starting: 11/19/2015
To LoveRu Darkness
Rito’s hands are fuller than ever before when the arrival of a new girl with a hidden agenda threatens one of their own!
Starting: 11/5/2015
Wish Upon the Pleiades
This after school club of pretty shooting stars has magical powers, a mission and an alien president.
Starting: 11/26/2015
Colorful The Motion Picture
A soul is given a chance to identify his greatest mistake in life and is placed into a teenage boy’s body with a time limit.
Starting: 11/12/2015
Ninja Scroll
Jubei and a ninja he saved question the mysterious deaths of a village which uncovers a conspiracy of demonic proportions!
Starting: 11/26/2015
Ruin Explorers
Fam and Ihrie are searching for the wish-granting Ultimate Power! But, the two aren’t exactly cut out for the explorer lifestyle.
Starting: 11/5/2015