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Tomodachi Game

Tomodachi Game

Plot Summary: Yūichi Katagiri, a young man with a perfect student life who has four friends with difficult lives. His peaceful daily life comes to an end when 2 million yen (about US$20,000) in school trip fees goes missing. Riddles unfold as Yūichi gets caught up in a mysterious game for money and must decide whether friendship or money matters more.
Vintage: 2022-04

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Tomodachi Game Manga Gets TV Anime in April 2022

posted on 2021-11-01 12:00 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins & Alex Mateo
Main cast, staff at Okuru to Noboru, visual unveiled

Crunchyroll Announces Tomodachi Game and More at Anime NYC

November 20, 2021 3:30pm CST