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Twin Star Exorcists / Sōsei no Onmyōji

Twin Star Exorcists / Sōsei no Onmyōji

Genres: action, comedy, drama, supernatural
Themes: exorcists, spirits, youkai
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of Episodes: 50
Vintage: 2016-04-06

Plot Summary: Rokuro is from a family of exorcists who remove the evil Kegare, but his real dream is to be a singer, a soccer player, or anything other than an exorcist. When another exorcist name Benio arrives, Rokura is suddenly inflamed with competitive spirit and decides to put his natural knack to good use. Their rivalry gets more complicated when they both learn they are the destined “Twin Star Exorcists,” two ultimate fighters fated to marry and create the prophesied child who will eliminate all the Kegare in the world.

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Twin Star Exorcists Manga Gets TV Anime

posted on 2015-11-19 14:00 EST
Viz Media publishes occult fantasy manga in English

Studio Pierrot to Animate Twin Star Exorcists TV Anime

posted on 2015-12-03 10:10 EST
Wagakki Band to perform theme song for anime of Yoshiaki Sukeno’s manga

Twin Star Exorcists Anime Casts Natsuki Hanae, Megumi Han

posted on 2015-12-16 07:10 EST
Ayumu Murase also stars as Rokuro’s childhood friend in Studio Pierrot anime

Twin Star Exorcists Anime’s Teaser Video Reveals Staff

posted on 2015-12-19 04:45 EST
Persona 4 the Golden Animation’s Tomohisa Taguchi helms 2016 series

“Twin Star Exorcists” Monkeys Around for 2016 Anime

December 31, 2015 11:30pm CST
The anticipated anime is getting a bit of extra hype with some Year of the Monkey cosplay art

Twin Star Exorcists Anime’s Rough Character Designs Revealed

posted on 2016-01-04 13:00 EST
Anime based on occult fantasy manga to premiere this year

Twin Star Exorcists Anime Debuts in April, Casts Yū Serizawa & Junichi Suwabe

posted on 2016-02-03 10:10 EST
Wagakki Band performs opening song, Hitomi Kaji performs ending song

“Twin Star Exorcists” Previews Character Design Expressions

February 26, 2016 8:03pm CST
TV anime coming this spring

“Twin Star Exorcist” Support Cast Voices Introduced

March 02, 2016 11:49am CST
The April issue of Jump Square continues the build to spring TV anime adaptation of the Good Luck Girl/Binbogami Ga! author Yoshiaki Sukeno’s 2013 ongoing

Twin Star Exorcists Anime Casts Jun Fukuyama as Original Character

posted on 2016-03-03 18:10 EST
Tomoaki Maeno, Daisuke Namikawa, Kaito Ishikawa also join cast for anime premiering April 6

Twin Star Exorcists Anime’s Ad Previews Wagakki Band Theme Song

posted on 2016-03-17 03:00 EDT
“Valkyrie -Ikusa Otome-” song debuts on April 6 anime

Crunchyroll to Stream Twin Star Exorcists Anime

posted on 2016-03-21 14:00 EDT

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Twin Star Exorcists TV Anime’s 1st Promo Video Streamed

posted on 2016-03-24 07:00 EDT

Exclusive: Animax Asia Airs Simulcast of Twin Star Exorcists

posted on 2016-03-28 04:03 EDT
Premieres April 6

Twin Star Exorcists - 1 Week to Go Cheer Broadcast

Crunchyroll Streams Twin Star Exorcists Anime’s Subtitled Promo Video

posted on 2016-04-03 06:15 EDT
Crunchyroll streams supernatural anime series premiering on April 6

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Twin Star Exorcists Anime Casts Yuuki Ono, Daiki Yamashita, Taishi Murata

posted on 2016-04-03 15:00 EDT
Crunchyroll streams supernatural series premiering April 6

“Twin Star Exorcists” Gets A Spring Sakura Visual And English-Subtitled Anime Preview

April 03, 2016 3:41pm CDT
Plus, some of the series promotion from last weekend’s AnimeJapan

The Spring 2016 Anime Preview Guide - Twin Star Exorcists

Apr 6th 2016