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Hey guys/gals, just wanted to drop by and say hello I am new to this forum…been creeping the site for a while now but finally subscribed. I have an account on crunchy roll and funimation. I go by the same scree name on those as well I think?


Creeping? Well, you found the right place to hang! :laugh: Welcome to TAN, and I hope that things are to your liking here. Feel free to post anytime, and I’m glad that you finally made the leap in joining us. See ya’ sometime around the boards, Kramrare!


Hello, Kramrare. Post often

The whole TAN gang says welcome!


Hello! Welcome!


Hello and welcome to the theophorous TAN boards!! :3 No need to creep any more, now you are in the open and ready to take on the boards; good luck. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you have a good time on here posting around and making many new friends!! :slight_smile:


hello ive been here awhile but im still new to the boards -//////- im kinda scared to post because i dont want to sound stupid-/////- um my friend and i started an anime page on facebook link below any and all support would be a amazing


Welcome to TAN! Remember to visit and post often just like the rest of us!


Welcome to you! This is the right place to creep! :laugh:

But I’m glad you’ve made yourself known. It’s always great to have someone new join us. Visit us often!


Hullo thar, glad to have ya!