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Genres: drama, romance
Themes: harem, love triangle, music
Objectionable content: Significant
Running time: 25 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 2009-01-03 to 2009-03-28 (eps 01-13) / 2009-10-02 to 2009-12-25 (Eps. 14-26)
Opening Theme: 1: “Shinai” by Nana Mizuki
2. “Mugen” by Nana Mizuki
Ending Theme: 1: “Maiochiru Yuki no Youni” by Suara
2. “Shinai” by Nana Mizuki
3. “Akai Ito” by Suara
4. “Mugen” by Nana Mizuki

Plot Summary: Tōya Fuji, a college student is dating a rising idol singer named Yuki Morikawa. There are numerous challenges to the couple’s relationship from the other people at Fuji’s college, Morikawa’s work, and elsewhere. (from ANN)

White Album 2


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Genres: drama, romance
Themes: high school, love triangle, music, unrequited love
Number of episodes: 13
Vintage: 2013-10-05
Opening Theme: “Todokanai Koi '13” by Rena Uehara
Ending Theme: 1. “closing '13” by Rena Uehara
2. “Sayonara no Koto” by Rena Uehara
3. “After All ~Tsuzuru Omoi~ '13” by Rena Uehara
4. “Twinkle Snow '13” by Akari Tsuda
5. “Todokanai Koi (Love That Won’t Reach)” by Madoka Yonezawa

Plot Summary: With only thirty days left until the cultural festival, Haruki Kitahara, a member of the light music club, has to find a way to make his dream of performing an original song on stage come true. When he recruits two new female members, including the school idol, his life becomes more complicated than he anticipated. (from ANN)

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posted on 2013-04-06 19:50 EDT
Writer, composer, cast return from AQUAPLUS story of love in college light music club


ANN Spotlight: White Album 2

Sep 30th 2013 / ANN


Episode 1 –


Unless the beginning of the episode is a total fantasy, you know these three are going to end up together – at least musically. I just hope that it doesn’t turn out like the first series. “White Album” was a good show and the music was beautiful, but Toya was such an alley cat! LOL He was just so easily influenced and could not decide on just one girl – he had to have them all! I have better hopes for “White Album 2”. It seems promising.


Episode 2 –

[details=spoiler]Setsuna declines Haruki’s invitation to join the Light Music Club, but it was funny that his friends thought that she was turning down his love confession. But Haruki isn’t giving up on her, and it seems that Setsuna might be pursuing Haruki for other reasons. She finally does join the club. However, she’s more interested in working with the pianist.

So, now Haruki has to solve the mystery of who the pianist is, and then get this person to join the club as well. Tough job! However, no one will admit to using the practice room and Haruki is back to square one – unless perhaps it’s a ghost? LOL Haruki doesn’t believe that rumor and becomes even more determined to find the person.

Three more days pass and still no luck. Of course the pianist has to be Kazusa, but I wonder how much longer it will take Haruki to figure that out. He’s still looking for a guy. He finally gets his chance to solve the mystery, but the door to the music room is locked. Instead of asking the karate guys for help (they could have broken the door – no?), it’s much more dramatic to have him climb out the window, slip and almost fall, only to get saved by Kazusa. She then scolds him for having to use her “precious” hands to save him. But how will he ever get this loner to join his club? Haruki certainly has his work cut out for him![/details]


Episode 3 –

[details=spoiler]Haruki is still determined to get Kazusa to join his band, even if she is the daughter of a famous pianist. Well, he knew it was going to be hard! He then has to tell Setsuna that the piano player hasn’t joined the club – yet. He’s very optimistic!

But it seems that Setsuna is going to take matters into her own hands. At first Kazusa flat out refuses, but she does stay and listen to Setsuna as Setsuna tries to convince her. Kazusa says that she isn’t at all interested, but I wonder. After Setsuna tries to convince Kazusa, Setsuna is the one to leave first, and Kazusa just doesn’t know what to think.

Setsuna invites Kazusa and Haruki to her home, and I was surprised that Kazusa actually showed up. Kazusa thinks that Haruki is behind this meeting, and he has to convince that he has no idea what it’s all about either. It turns out that Setsuna just wants to talk over a good homemade meal. Part of the reason that Kazusa is so reluctant to join the band is the fact that there isn’t much of a band to begin with, and the school fair is right around the corner, which doesn’t leave any time for the non-existent band to rehearse.

But Haruki still insists that Kazusa join them. And now it seems that Setsuna’s father doesn’t want her to sing either. He even has Setsuna ask her friends to leave. I don’t like that man! On the way home, Kazusa tells Haruki how different she and Setsuna are and how, because of that, she could never be friends with Setsuna. She also tells Haruki that she made a deal with Setsuna. If she can convince her parents to let her sing, Kazusa will join the club! Haruki is stunned! And a bit confused.

Kazusa makes it clear that his efforts had nothing to do with it, that she is doing it for Setsuna. When Haruki mentions what she said about not being friends with Setsuna, Kazusa tells him that Setsuna will either be her greatest enemy, or the very best friend that she’s ever had. In the end, Setsuna was able to convince her dad, so this is going to be a very interesting trio![/details]


Episode 4 –

[details=spoiler]Haruki is rehearsing with Kazusa at her house. With the school fair less than two weeks away, Haruki isn’t playing very well. Kazusa has joined the club and the president gets tossed into the background. LOL It seems that she has completely taken over!

So, needing a lot of practice, Haruki ends up at Kazusa’s house, which has well equipped music room. But I wish Kazusa would stop putting herself down. She keeps comparing herself to her mother just a little too much. After many hours of practice, Haruki falls asleep on the sofa. And of course when he wakes up, he catches her coming out of the shower.

Setsuna is anxious for the trio to practice together and Kazusa says that they will that weekend. Funny that Haruki has been staying overnight at Kazusa’s house for the past week and they don’t want anyone to find out. I somehow get the feeling that soon everyone is going to know! LOL You just can’t keep things like that a secret for very long. At least all of Haruki’s practice has paid off.

With one song down, they need to choose another and Setsuna picks another song from the “White Album” story - one of Rina’s this time. But will Haruki be able to handle it? I see Kazusa is trying to hold her laughter in without much success. LOL Takeya has his doubts as well. But Setsuna has every confidence in Haruki and is sure he can learn to play the song in a week’s time. She even gets Kazusa to confirm it. I see many more overnight sessions in Haruki’s future! Still, Kazusa ends up laughing.

Before Takeya leaves, he hands Kazusa a notebook and tells her that he’d like her to make Haruki’s real dream come true. I wonder what that is. Kazusa begins to coach Haruki on the new song and he’s really impressed with her playing. Of course, he can’t copy her either. But Kazusa encourages him and tells him that she will make him “an amazing man”. Meanwhile, Setsuna has taken a shower and has found another travel set on the bathroom sink (which belongs to Haruki). Will she put two and two together?[/details]


Episode 5 –

[details=spoiler]It looks like Setsuna suspects Haruki and Kazusa are in a relationship and begins to act coldly towards Haruki. She gives her personal opinion of Haruki and says some odd things which causes him to apologize. But she doesn’t want his apology and Haruki isn’t sure what to think.

Haruki later calls Setsuna to make sure she got home and to apologize again. He now knows why she was acting so strangely. But Setsuna had already discussed it with Kazusa. After a nice long talk with Haruki, they seem to be okay again.

With a week left till the school fair, Haruki still can’t play his solo. Kazusa makes a scene in class, during a test, and runs out of the room. Later, she is still in a mood and doesn’t want anyone around her in the practice room. But Hazuki ignores her and stays. He even tells her that they are going to go apologize to the teacher after school, since he left the class as well. Setsuna joins them. They have all cut class to practice! LOL Friends really do stick together apparently. But will they be ready for the concert?[/details]


Episode 6 –

[details=spoiler]Kazusa wakes up crying and when she goes downstairs, Haruki is in the kitchen trying to cook a meal, and Setsuna is on the phone telling him what to do. I think Kazusa feels a lot better now. But she still insults him when he brings the tray to her room. She really is one that hides her true feelings or uses sarcasm to hide her emotions. As Kazusa eats, she tells him that the food is awful, but she’s still eating it. LOL When he tells her that she doesn’t have to force herself to eat it, she admits that the food isn’t horrible.

It’s sweet that Haruki was so concerned for Kazusa and came to take care of her while she’s sick, but she still makes him practice. She even has Haruki bring her futon to the practice room so she can keep an eye on him. LOL Meanwhile Setsuna has trouble at rehearsal. Apparently, she can’t sing without the others. Takeya tries to cheer her up, but he just doesn’t have that magic touch that Haruki has. I think Setsuna still has some concerns about Haruki and Kazusa being together. Jealous girl!

But Kazusa has her own issues. I think she hates her mother running her life and the fact that she is always traveling. She doesn’t seem to care much for her daughter. Kazusa got rid of the people her mother arranged to take care of her. As Haruki continues to practice, Kazusa begins to tell him about her mother. He encourages her to talk with her mother. Then she asks him if he’s going to date Setsuna. He turns to look at her, but she pretends to be asleep.

The day of the fair arrives and when Haruki arrives at school, Takeya informs him of the failed rehearsal and the fact that Setsuna couldn’t sing. Once Haruki arrives at the class café, Setsuna perks right up. He walks over to her and apologizes for not going to the rehearsal the day before. But she tells him that she understands that Kazusa needed him more. He grabs her hands and pulls her out of the classroom. LOL And the café loses all its customers!

On the train, Setsuna explains her stage fright while the other passengers stare at her café costume. Setsuna is embarrassed and tries to hide behind Haruki’s back. But having her cling to him that way just makes him uncomfortable. At least Setsuna enjoyed it. Haruki takes her to Kazusa’s house and Setsuna sees for herself that Kazusa is all better. I think she’ll be able to sing now.

There isn’t much time, but they learn a third song. It’s an original. Haruki wrote the lyrics and Kazusa the music. With Setsuna’s voice, it will be a song for just the three of them. They spend the last twenty four hours before the concert practicing the new song and rehearsing. They are going to be great![/details]


Episode 7 –

[details=spoiler]It’s time for the Light Music Club to give their performance. It seems they’re a hit even before they start. When Setsuna begins to sing, she is greeted with cheers from the audience. And Kazusa does a solo on the sax! Setsuna is a natural performer and didn’t freeze up at all, unlike her rehearsal.

A little bit of a recap of played with the second song, which was nice. It turns out that both girls are very much in love with Haruki. I wonder which one, if either, he will choose. Kazusa played bass for this number, and a couple of people were surprised that she can play so many instruments. Haruki’s guitar solo was perfect! All those long hours of practice really paid off. The audience went nuts after that song!

Now, it’s time for their original song, the third and final one of the concert. Afterwards, Setsuna is dragged off to work at the café, and Haruki seeks out Kazusa in the music room. It’s funny that she’s still wearing the outfit that she claimed she didn’t like. LOL Haruki is thankful that their performance was such a success. Kazusa and Haruki argue a little bit about her outfit, and he listens to her play the piano some more.

Kazusa tells the exhausted Haruki to go home, but he asks her what she will do after graduation. He wonders if she will go to a music university in Tokyo. But Kazusa is more worried about how she will graduate. Haruki says that he’d like to see her after graduation, and her hands freeze on the piano. Haruki says that he hopes that they will always be together. Kazusa tries to send him home again, but he asks her if she had fun.

It was for him, because he got to know Setsuna, a girl he always admired, and he got to know Kazusa, a person he always wanted to be friends with. Kazusa questions his choice of words. He described Setsuna as a girl and Kazusa as a person. I guess that kind of shows where his feelings lie, at least to Kazusa. She tells him that of course she had fun with them, and begins to tear up. Haruki tells her to “show it”, and she begins to cry in earnest. Haruki asks her what’s wrong and why she’s shaking, but she tells him that she’s just cold. It is almost winter, after all.

Haruki falls asleep and wakes up much later in the darkened music room. Kazusa is gone, but Setsuna is now with him. She wishes him a good morning, and tells him that she enjoyed watching him sleep. It’s after six in the evening and the fair is well over by now. Haruki protests to Setsuna that she should have woken him up. Setsuna tells Haruki that he gave her the courage to get up on that stage, sing, and enjoy it as well. But Haruki tells her that she already had that courage.

They agree on how much fun they had performing, but Setsuna confides that she was nervous the entire time. However, she liked it so much, that she isn’t sure if she wants to stop. The atmosphere excited her and she feels like it was all a dream. Haruki asks Setsuna if she wants to do it again. He thinks they could perform at a bigger venue, as long as it’s the three of them. But Setsuna interrupts his musings and tells Haruki to stay with her from now on. He easily agrees, but I think Setsuna was asking him something else.

Setsuna asks him about his future and tells him that she wants to spend as much time with him as possible. Setsuna reminds Haruki of his promise and gets a little overexcited. Haruki wants to turn the lights on, but Setsuna stops him by grabbing his hand, saying that they’ll “wake up from the dream”. She tells him that she wants to keep dreaming forever. Setsuna tells Haruki that she loves him and, although she hadn’t planned on making the first move, she kisses him. I think Haruki was really surprised with her confession, and I can’t help feeling bad for Kazusa.[/details]


Episode 8 –

[details=spoiler]Setsuna tells Kazusa that she and Haruki are together, but Kazusa already knew it. Setsuna apologizes, saying that she knew how Kazusa felt about Haruki, but Kazusa denies it. Kazusa says that she really doesn’t care that they are together – it doesn’t matter to her. But she still wants to be Setsuna’s friend and Setsuna just breaks down at that and cries in Kazusa’s arms.

Hazuki is just happy that the three of them are still together. A couple of their friends think it strange that Hazuki ended up with Setsuna and not Kazusa. I think he and Kazusa would make a better pair as well. To me, he just doesn’t fit well with Setsuna, but oh well. Hazuki and Setsuna help Kazusa study for her exams and are very relieved when she passes.

The three friends celebrate by taking a winter vacation together, although Hazuki isn’t sure how he got roped into an overnight trip with two girls. LOL Kazusa drives and from looking at the state of the car, Haruki would rather take the train. He has no faith! LOL And it was funny that Setsuna brought along karaoke music for the drive. She just can’t get enough!

They lose two hours getting to the inn, and then it begins to snow, which causes a slight accident. Haruki may not have to worry about spending the night with two girls after all. LOL After a snowball fight, they finally make it to the inn, just in time to celebrate Christmas. But it may be their only one together and that only upsets Setsuna. I laughed when the girls started to wrestle and Haruki just looked so uncomfortable. It was so funny to see him blush and turn away like that.

When Setsuna falls asleep, Haruki and Kazusa talk. She kind of brushes him off and didn’t let him finish the sentence when he said he wanted to be her friend. But he said he’d consider her one anyway. Later, Haruki almost died when the girls joined him in the bath! LOL The three of them end up sitting back to back. Kazusa confesses that she won’t be going to college after all, so she thought she’d give the piano another chance. That makes Setsuna very happy and Haruki is blushing again. Well, he’s happy too. Kazusa will be giving a recital, and Setsuna and Haruki can’t wait to go.[/details]


Episode 9 –

[details=spoiler]With the start of the new year, Kazusa stopped going to school and has isolated herself, refusing to even see Setsuna and Haruki. She seems to be devoting herself to her music to the exclusion of all else. But Setsuna isn’t happy about this and talks to Haruki about it. He tells her that Kazusa is concentrating on getting ready for her recital, and that they shouldn’t bother her. However, he’s a bit stunned to hear that Setsuna actually spoke to Kazusa on the phone. Why won’t she take his calls? They make plans to have more fun once the recital is over. Setsuna’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day and they make plans that include Kazusa. Their own relationship is progressing nicely too.

The day of the recital finally arrives and Kazusa steps onto the stage. She sees Haruki in the audience with his arm around Setsuna, and sits at the piano. Kazusa closes her eyes and begins to play. Haruki is holding Setsuna’s hand as Kazusa plays, but he’s thinking of Kazusa at the school concert, and all the time they had spent together. Kazusa finishes her piece and stands as the audience applauds. Setsuna looks over at Haruki, but he isn’t in his seat. It looks like Kazusa’s music affected him a little too much.

Setsuna cries as the three friends meet once again at a café. Kazusa didn’t win at the recital. In fact, she didn’t even place, and this is why Setsuna is so upset. Kazusa tries to explain that it would have been unfair to the others if she had. After all, she had given up the piano, while the others at the recital were more serious players. She tells Setsuna not to worry about it. Kazusa tells Setsuna that for her, the recital was a personal victory, because it moved her friend so much. But is she talking about Setsuna or Haruki? Setsuna begins to cry again and Haruki puts his arm around her to comfort her. Once again, I don’t think Kazusa liked that.

While Setsuna is on her phone, Haruki has a moment alone with Kazusa. She stares intently into his eyes and it makes him very uncomfortable. He tells her that she was ignoring him up until now, but she cuts him off and tells him not to talk to her, or to get in her way. Haruki doesn’t know what she means by that, but she just continues to stare at him. Now that the recital is over, he assumes she will be returning to school, and he tells her about Setsuna’s birthday. She asks Kazusa if she will go, but she’s still just staring at him.

When he turns his face away, Kazusa tells Haruki to look at her. She says that she could look at him forever and never feel a thing. Haruki is annoyed now and asks her what her problem is. Kazusa just walks away, saying goodbye. Haruki calls after her, but she keeps going. To herself, she says – “I’ve remembered it.” – and – “I’ll never forget it.” She obviously means Haruki’s face. But, what is going on with her? Is she never going to see her friends again? Kazusa gets in a cab and is gone. Setsuna is done with her call and comes back to Haruki, who is still staring after the cab. He looks annoyed and Setsuna asks him what’s wrong. He doesn’t answer her.

On the way home from school, Setsuna tells Haruki that Kazusa has a new piano teacher. She seems surprised that he and Kazusa haven’t spoken. But he changes the subject and brings up her birthday. He thinks that Kazusa forgot about it. Setsuna doesn’t seem to mind, saying that this is an important time for Kazusa. Haruki asks her if they can celebrate her birthday with just the two of them. He’d like to take her to a restaurant that weekend, but Setsuna hesitates. She wants to know why and Haruki tells her that he needs to make sure that she’s the one for him. He does this now? Geez!

This stuns Setsuna and Haruki quickly apologizes, asking her to think about it. He says it’s their first anniversary and he’d like to be alone with her. Setsuna says that she will think about it. She later calls him and says that she would rather have a party at her house “with everyone”. Haruki is truly disappointed, but doesn’t let it show. Setsuna will also invite Kazusa, although she doesn’t think she’ll come. She also tells him that it’s too soon for him to be taking her to an expensive restaurant, but I’m sure that isn’t what Haruki really had in mind when he told her that he wanted to be alone with her. LOL And her “it’s too soon” comment really gave him the answer to that!

But wait a minute, it sounds like Setsuna’s family isn’t even going to be around for her birthday. They’re going on a trip! Her brother says that it’s their last family trip, but Setsuna tells him that she promised her friends a party. She actually plans for just her, Kazusa, and Haruki to be there though. Setsuna sends the invite to Kazusa and tells herself that if she doesn’t show up, it will just be her and Haruki. What will she do then?

Haruki has bought a birthday present for Setsuna and it looks like jewelry. A ring, perhaps? It’s still two hours before the party, but Haruki heads to the house anyway, hoping to help Setsuna with the prep work. However, once on the train, he thinks of Setsuna saying that she really hopes that Kazusa will come, so he gets off at her stop instead. As Haruki rings Kazusa’s bell, Setsuna receives a delivery of flowers from Kazusa.

As Haruki gives up on Kazusa and turns away from her house, Kazusa’s mother answers the door. She was asleep and speaks to Haruki in French before she realizes that she’s in Japan. Switching languages, she asks Haruki who he is, but he asks the woman who she is. It suddenly hits him that this is Kazusa’s famous mother! And she recognizes him as well, calling him the “guitar player from the school festival”. But where is Kazusa? The girl is on a plane! She’s looking at her phone and sees the many calls from Haruki, as well as the invitation from Setsuna. The plane is about to land in Narita, so I wonder where she was.[/details]


Episode 10 –

[details=spoiler]What is with Haruki? He’s calls Setsuna to tell her he’s sick and will be late to the party. Setsuna is willing to postpone, but Haruki doesn’t want her to. After the call, it turns out that he’s at the Narita airport. Did he really go after Kazusa?

They meet and Haruki welcomes her back. On the train, they talk about Youko. Kazusa just wants to go home, but Haruki won’t let her. He is taking her to Setsuna’s party whether she likes it or not. Haruki found out that Kazusa is moving to Europe and wants her to tell Setsuna in person. But she refuses to do this on Setsuna’s birthday. Kazusa doesn’t even want to tell her at all and Haruki only found out by accident or he wouldn’t know either. She tells Haruki to give Setsuna the news.

They were arguing on the street and Kazusa hails a cab to go home, but Haruki grabs her and won’t let her get into it. He confronts her and asks her why she wants to disappear. He gets really mad at her, but she brushes him off. She turns away and when he makes her face him, she’s crying. It begins to snow as Kazusa opens up to Haruki. She can’t bear to see him with Setsuna and Haruki had no idea she felt that way. Haruki begins to cry as well, as he opens up to her. I wonder if Setsuna senses something.

Flashback to Kazusa getting kicked out of the music curriculum and meeting Haruki after not being in school for a while. She finds him very annoying. But even with ignoring him, she got to know him. It looks like things changed for her when she found out that he didn’t know who she was. Gee, it was nice of the teacher to warn her to stay away from Haruki. He really doesn’t like her.

Then Kazusa finds out that Haruki is the annoying guitar player that keeps breaking her concentration every time she plays the piano. She finally gets up the courage to talk to him as he practices one day. He’s so awful that she asks him for the guitar. And I guess that is how their friendship began. LOL[/details]


Episode 11 –

[details=spoiler]Kazusa begins to accompany Haruki on the piano, but Haruki doesn’t know it’s her. One day he thanks her for helping him with his guitar and tells her about the piano player that is also helping him. Kazusa doesn’t tell him that it’s her. Haruki gives her an English grammar book to repay her kindness to him and, although she plays it off, she was really touched by his gesture. And when she loses the book, she goes a bit crazy looking for it, retracing her steps on a rainy night. Kazusa was so happy when she finally found it too.

Then it’s that night after the concert when Haruki tells Kazusa that he wants to see her after they graduate, but I think she put a different meaning on it. When he fell asleep, she almost left the room, but she returns to kiss him. Crying, she says that she’s sorry and runs from the room. Then Haruki is telling Kazusa that he and Setsuna are a couple. That must have really broken her heart. However, she act coldly towards him and tells him that nothing has changed – the three of them will always be together.

Kazusa’s mother returns to Japan and can tell that her daughter is in love, though Kazusa denies it. Youko was at the fair and knows it’s the “guitar player”. It surprises Kazusa that her mother came all the way home to see her perform – and that she loved it. Youko tells her about the recital and that Kazusa could end up going to Vienna with her.

On the way back from their hot springs trip, Setsuna sleeps as Kazusa and Haruki talk. By the time they are home, Haruki is sleeping as well, and Kazusa almost kissed him again. She stops herself and wakes him up instead. Once they are out of the car, and Kazusa is pulling away, she’s crying again. I can see how being around Setsuna and Haruki must be painful for her. And I can see how she hopes to escape the situation by going with her mother. After the recital, Youko gives her the choice to stay or go. Kazusa chooses Vienna.

And now, it’s back to the present. Kazusa and Haruki are on the street in the snow, confessing to one another. He fiercely hugs her and then he’s kissing her as Kazusa, still crying, protests. She resists at first, but finally gives in to the kiss. But Kazusa suddenly pulls back and slaps Haruki across the face. Crying again, she tells him not to play with her. Haruki tries to tell Kazusa that she’s the one, but she asks him how many times he’s kissed Setsuna. Kazusa turns and runs down the street. Haruki is left behind, reaching out to her. He falls to his knees. Talk about mixed emotions! I can’t wait to see how this will be resolved. I think Haruki and Kazusa belong together, but I don’t want to see Setsuna get hurt either. However, she knows that she kind of stole Haruki from Kazusa in the first place.[/details]


Episode 12 –

[details=spoiler]Haruki is in bed with a fever. Setsuna is taking care of him, but he missed her party. I suppose she never told him that he was going to be the only one there. And I’m sure Haruki feels even worse with guilt over Kazusa. At least he tried to tell Setsuna, but chickened out.

Kazusa meets Setsuna after school and finally tells her about Vienna. It was a bittersweet scene, but at least the girls part as friends. Haruki is back at school now and practicing his guitar. I bet his ears are just straining to hear a piano playing next door. Even Takeya senses it and advises Haruki to forget her, but Haruki pretends he has no idea what Takeya is talking about. His tries to talk to Haruki, but his words fall on deaf ears.

Setsuna is on the roof, singing along with Haruki’s guitar. Io is with her and Setsuna admits that she put herself between Haruki and Kazusa. She also admits to confessing to Haruki, instead of it being the other way around. And perhaps he was too nice to refuse her. I see why Setsuna confessed. She saw Kazusa kissing the sleeping Haruki! What she did afterwards was wrong and selfish. Setsuna really needs to make things right. She should break up with Haruki, but I don’t think she’s brave enough. Io tries to support her friend, but Setsuna still knows she went about things the wrong way.

It’s graduation day, and Kazusa is there in time to hear Haruki’s speech. Later, students and teachers bid one another goodbye. Setsuna finds a gift in her desk. Haruki finds out that Chikashi liked Kazusa and was disappointed that she didn’t come to graduation so he could tell her. Haruki definitely did not like hearing that! But he didn’t seem to mind when it’s said that Takeya likes Setsuna.

Setsuna finally arrives, but something is wrong. She tells Haruki that Kazusa was there, and it wasn’t too long ago! Haruki looks around the schoolyard, but doesn’t see her. He’s about to leave, but Takeya stops him. Haruki looks back at Setsuna, and shaking off Takeya, begins to run. Haruki runs through the city, looking for Kazusa. He can’t find her and she won’t answer her phone or the text messages that Haruki sends her. Setsuna is trying to call someone as well, but I’m not sure if it’s Kazusa or Haruki.

Haruki ends up back at school, in the music room. Did he really think Kazusa would be there? He finally realizes that he won’t ever find her, and he just sinks to the floor and cries. He eventually goes home, but all he can do is stare at his phone. Checking it, he sees three missed calls from Setsuna. The phone rings again and it’s Kazusa! She’s calling him from the playground, but she tells him that she’s far away.

Kazusa teases Haruki about his graduation speech and Haruki starts crying again. She tells Haruki to be a man and send her off with a smile. Kazusa also says that it’s the last time they will ever speak. Haruki gets angry and Kazusa accuses him of being a child. He’s about to say something and Kazusa tells him not to say it, but Haruki tells her he loves her anyway. Kazusa is silent, then tells Haruki that she doesn’t like people that betray others. She tells Haruki that she hates him, and herself as well.

It begins to snow and Kazusa mentions it to Haruki. He goes to the window to watch and he sees Kazusa down in the playground. She tells him that snow will always remind her of him. She tries to say more, but she can’t, and Haruki is suddenly behind her. Kazusa admits that she loved him, and tells him how hurt she was when he picked Setsuna. Haruki takes Kazusa in his arms and apologizes. Crying, they call one another by their first names and kiss. Haruki is finally where he belongs![/details]


Episode 13 –

[details=Spoiler]Kazusa and Haruki end up in his apartment and on his bed! Just as things are about to get serious, his phone rings, but Kazusa knocks it away. When it lands on the floor, it pops open and Haruki can see that it’s Setsuna. But Kazusa turns his face away from it and kisses him. They’re both crying again too as they lay back on the bed. It’s still snowing outside as they make love and the music is so pretty. But I’m not so sure I like the title of this episode.

The next morning, Kazusa leaves, and Haruki isn’t sure how to deal with Setsuna. Then he notices that the buttons are missing from his jacket. Kazusa has them. And she’s crying again. Setsuna goes to Haruki’s apartment, and she has to see what has happened. The apartment is a mess and so is Haruki. But she tells him that Kazusa is leaving and she wants them to go see her off. Haruki doesn’t want to go and tells Setsuna that they need to talk. Setsuna stops him from saying anything more, saying that she needs to see Kazusa. She tells him that he can talk to her on the train – or not.

Haruki has told Setsuna everything and she hasn’t anything to say about it. Haruki asks her why and Setsuna tells her side of things. She knew they loved one another and intentionally got between them. She needs to apologize to both Haruki and Kazusa. And she tells Haruki more. Was she ever really in love with him? It doesn’t sound like it. Instead of feeling better, she makes Haruki feel worse. Haruki can only sit there and cry.

Once at the airport, they can’t find Kazusa. Haruki wants to give up, saying there’s no point, but Setsuna still feels the need to apologize to Kazusa. But Haruki has had enough and says he’s going home. Setsuna goes to follow him, but Haruki freezes and turns back. Setsuna stops as well and turns to see what he’s looking at. It’s Kazusa of course. Haruki must have felt her presence.

Haruki runs to her and hugs her with tears in his eyes. Kazusa doesn’t want him doing this in front of Setsuna, but she doesn’t know yet that Setsuna knows everything. Kazusa cries as she pushes him away. She apologizes to Setsuna as she hugs Haruki and kisses him. Setsuna is sad, but knows this is right, for she never liked Haruki as much as Kazusa does. But she admits now that it isn’t true and she cries as well.

They watch as Kazusa’s plane takes off. Afterwards, Haruki tells Setsuna to go home, but she tells him to go with her. He wants to stay, so she says that she will stay with him, and snuggles up against his back. He just ignores her. The episode ends with a return to the concert and their final song – “A Love That Cannot Be”. So in the end, no one won, and no one got anyone. But I guess it was the only way to end this story. It was sad, but good.[/details]