Word Association's Chilling Return

There is no question that in the history of TAN, Word Association was this forums most popular game ever. Well now it’s being brought back and it’s more fiercer than ever. This game has evolved from just pure ‘association.’ Now you’ll be forming chain links and the game will also introduce a larger element common phrases and sayings.

The rules go as follows.
1.) I will begin with a phrase or saying.
2.) The next user must use the last word to come up with another phrase or saying. If it gets to tough, you can chain the word with one other word and not muliple words.
3.) The next user will continue that and so on.

Here’s an example.

Me: Run in place

Place is your word.
User: Place Your Bet

Bet is your word.
User: Bet Is Off

Off is your word.
User: Off With Your Heads

Got it? Now for the last one you can also say “Off Topic” but you must include the last word always in your responses so there will be NO one word only answers like the last incarnation of this game. Must have two words minimum. Also as you can see it forms a chain as well.

So continuing this example, I’ll proceed on with the word ‘heads.’

Heads will Roll.

(Nice one!)

Roll the dice

dice a carrot.

Carrot Cake

Cake is a lie!

Lie to your face

face the music

(How can I resist?)

Music is life

Life is hard.

Hard Knock Life

(Are we going backwards now???)

Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music!

Music for the masses

@Sbitzer: No. that’s just what I could think of off top. lol

Masses to reality is a process of unlimited scope

Scope in for the Kill!

Kill the messenger.

messenger pigeon

pigeon cooped in a cage

Cage the beast

Beast of the East

East to West (tykes, tykes)