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Actually, I Am / Jitsu wa Watashi wa

Actually, I Am / Jitsu wa Watashi wa

Actually I Am

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Genres: comedy, romance, supernatural
Themes: aliens, vampires
Objectionable Content: Mild
Number of Episodes: 13
Vintage: 2015-07-06
Opening Theme: “Himitsu o Chodai” Ars Magna
Ending Theme: “Ienai Ienai” by hilcrchyme

Plot Summary: Asahi Kuromine has a crush on a cute girl named Yōko Shiragami. Shiragami just happens to be a vampire. Asahi cannot keep a secret, but he is determined to keep Shiragami’s secret anyways. (from ANN)

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posted on 2015-01-26 01:10 EST
Eiji Masuda’s story of boy who cannot keep a secret, but has a crush on vampire girl

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[size=16]ANN Anime Spotlight: Actually, I am… (Jitsu wa watashi wa)[/size]
Jul 8, 2015

Episode 2 –


It seems this school has a lot of secrets, with more to come. First a vampire, then an alien, but always a harem! LOL
July 29, 2015 9:30pm PDT
August 15, 2015 9:00pm PDT

Episode 6 –


So, now there is another secret to keep – a wolfman/girl. And a very perverted girl at that! But it seems that it may be just what Youko needs to admit her feelings for Kuromine. Hopefully, having her childhood friend around to make her jealous will give Youko the push she needs.

Episode 12 –

[details=Spoiler] Aizawa in camouflage! Pretty funny, but Akemi confirms that Aizawa does like Kuromine as well. Will both of these girls give up on Kuromine? I just hope he can confess to Shiragami without messing up!

Kuromine finally decides to give Shiragami the love letter that he’s been carrying around for so long. But on his way to the roof, Aizawa stops him. She apologizes for all the trouble she’s caused him and then she tries to hit with a shovel. But according to her, it isn’t a shovel. It’s a “cutting-edge sleep induction device” from her planet. LOL But no matter how she describes it, it’s still a shovel and if she manages to hit Kuromine with it, she may end up killing him. In any case, he will miss his meeting with Shiragami and that is just what Aizawa wants. She’s decided that she wants Kuromine for herself.

After avoiding all the obstacles, Kuromine comes to the stairs to the roof only to find them barricaded with school furniture. Kuromine confronts Aizawa to ask her why she is doing all this. She can’t bring herself to tell him and the clueless Kuromine begins to climb the barricade. He is determined to get to the one he loves. He says this out loud and Aizawa just freezes. Not what she wanted to hear!

Kuromine finally manages to climb the barricade, but when he opens the door to the roof, a giant bat is carrying Shiragami away! It seems that his dream from the night before came true after all. Shiragami’s father found out! As he stands there in the pouring rain, Aizawa approaches him. He asks her for help, determined to get Shiragami back! I wonder if she will.

Conclusion: I think Kurumi from School-Live! and Aizawa would become very good friends if they ever got a chance to meet![/details]

Episode 13 –

[details=Spoiler]It looks like Kuromine not only got Aizawa to help him, but also Shiho and their teacher as well as the devil principal. However, with the principal’s intervention, Komoto’s car gets totaled, although they do get to where they need to be. While Komoto chases Akane around for ruining her brand new car, the others get ready to enter the vampire’s lair. And Aizawa is well prepared! LOL But first she gives Kuromine a formal apology for her recent behavior.

Once it’s dark, the trio climbs the wall and enters the grounds. Once they enter the house though, they are confronted by Shiragami’s dad – a huge man with a huge katana! Thankfully, Shiho is with them and in another moment, Shiragami herself comes out. Aizawa tosses a garlic powder ball at dad and Kuromine grabs Shiragami’s hand before they all run.

However, the situation is not as Kuromine thought. Shiragami was brought home because her mom was sick. Well, this is awkward. Now dad knows that Kuromine and Aizawa know Shiragami’s secret for sure! Dad appears again and tells Shiragami that her school life is over. Aizawa tosses another garlic powder ball and gives the rest to Kuromine as he runs off with Shiragami. Aizawa stays behind to defend Kuromine to Shiragami’s dad, but he’s already disappeared to chase after his daughter and Kuromine.

Shiragami takes Kuromine to her room, where dad can’t enter without permission. Safe for the moment, Kuromine apologizes, but Shiragami explains that it isn’t his fault. She also explains the real reason that she wanted to see him on the roof. Kuromine explains about Aizawa as well, but just when it seems that things are getting to the point where they should be with these two, dad shows up and tries to enter the room. He gets even angrier when he finds out that Kuromine is in his daughter’s room as well.

Dad manages to rip the door off, but still can’t get at Kuromine because he doesn’t have permission to pass over the threshold. He tries anyway, trying to force his hand through the barrier. Then a voice stops him. Thankfully, Shiho has brought mom over. Pulling out a wooden stake and a hammer, Touko tells her husband that they need to have a “talk”. Dad runs away with mom chasing him. Shiho follows, telling Shiragami and Kuromine to “have fun”.

It turns out that mom wasn’t really that sick and dad brought Shiragami home for nothing. But I see that dad isn’t the big, bad vampire he tries to be! Kuromine helps Shiragami put up a makeshift door to her room. Once again they are safe, that is until he asks Shiragami how long they have to stay there. Why until dad goes to sleep in the morning of course! Then that means…………….

Suddenly the two are very nervous about spending the night alone together in Shiragami’s bedroom. Some suddenly falling items from the top of a cabinet has Kuromine rushing forward to save Shiragami. Meanwhile, Aizawa is searching the house for them. She hears a scream and breaks through the makeshift door to find Kuromine on top of Shiragami on the floor. Oh, the shock! Then Aizawa attacks him with the “Memory Erasure Device”, which, once again, is just a plain old hammer. But perhaps that is just the solution Kuromine needs!

Dad is sitting in a chair, enjoying a beer. It’s a real shame that he has to drink out of such a tiny bottle. LOL Shiragami, Aizawa, and Kuromine enter. Kuromine has come to ask a favor. However, he calls the man “father” and suddenly dad is worried about a marriage proposal. But Kuromine pulls out the hammer and tells dad what it is. However, saying that an Earthling can’t use the hammer, she takes it back.

Touko is bringing tea to her husband and overhears the talk of erasing memories with the hammer. Kuromine tries to make a deal with dad. He offers to have his memories of his daughter’s secret erased if dad will allow Shiragami to return to school. He also tells dad that he wants to protect Shiragami too. Dad gets a flash of his wife protecting him at school and gives in to the request. However, he wants all of Kuromine’s memories of Shiragami erased from Kuromine’s mind, not just her secret. Kuromine agrees as long as Shiragami can return to school and turns to Aizawa for the hit.

Aizawa warns him about a hard hit, but Kuromine interrupts her and bows his heads for the blow. Aizawa raises her arm and Shiragami cringes, closing her eyes. Aizawa has her own memories and can’t bring herself to hit Kuromine with the hammer. Kuromine takes the hammer from her and prepares to hit himself. Shiragami stops him, knocking him to the floor and begins to yell at him. He doesn’t have to go this far to protect her secret! Erasing his memories won’t erase hers and school wouldn’t be fun anymore.

Once again, dad interrupts them by falling to the floor, unconscious. It seems the hammer went flying when Shiragami pushed Kuromine and it ended up hitting dad on the head. Would such a tiny hammer have hurt him like that? I wonder if he’s just putting on an act, so his daughter can return to school and her friends. Afterwards, dad is somehow put to bed and mom gives everyone a snack. Aizawa tries to say something to Shiragami about Kuromine is a very roundabout way, but Shiragami doesn’t get it.

The next morning finds Komoto picking up her students and apologizing to Touko for all the trouble. And why is dad outside anyway? It looks like Komoto got her new car back as well, although Akane is in the car, making faces. As farewells are made, dad refuses to look at his daughter, never mind that harsh goodbye he gave her. Kuromine wonders if dad really did lose his memories, but he’s soon in a panic as he sees dad running after the car. As everyone speculates why, Kuromine sees that the man is waving as he runs. Once Shiragami returns the wave and says that she will be back soon, he stops running after them.

Kuromine asks what Shiragami was going to say to him, but she just gets red in the face and says “nothing.” Kuromine apologizes and says that he understands, but does he? He promises that he won’t try to erase his memories again and promises to keep her secret again, no matter what. Shiragami smiles and agrees and the car moves on. Okay, I am going to be greedy and say I want more of this one too. It surprised me with how much I enjoyed it![/details]

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