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Can you create your own player, as in edit the hair and what not?


There will be lots of different hair styles to choose from and you can customize the colour, facial hair/colour (lots of styles again), you can choose eye colour, skin colour (Selection of white, black, asian. White characters are likely to start in europe, black africa and asian asia. But there is a chance you will be born anywhere), gender, clothes you start with none (The base bodies bits are covered as in the screen shot above) but there will be 100s of clothes to choose from and some you will need to safely enter certain areas. Weapons and armour too, all with their own looks. As you fight your body will no doubt pick up scars which you can choose to keep on your body.

I’m going to try and get a demo ready, hopefully in the next few weeks (I’m busy this week) which will show off the combat code and the training system and I’ll update the demo when I complete other things I want to show off. And then keep that hosted, getting peoples attention while I work on the full version.


Fenknight wrote:

[quote]Cough… as a side affect of my new states players can now hug and while I’m at it I might as well add hold hands. These will go with the already existing kiss and marriage.

Please ignore the guy with the whip… that screen shot really does make my game look like some kind of gay S&M thing…[/quote]

Fenknight, I see that TAN whip! :laugh: And it looks fine, not S&M at all. I’m thinking more Indiana Jones.
And hugging and holding hands will be a nice addition too. :slight_smile:


Can you also make them ripped as in muscular, etc etc?

But what kind of weapons can you use for example?


The body in that screen is the ripped body, you’ll start off with an undefined body and then as you train it’ll become ripped (But if you don’t train it’ll return to normal). There is also a fat body if your character eats too much, or the wrong things.

The different body types will give different affects (This may not make it into the game, I’m concerned about how it will affect the armour code, which is a very complex system).

Skinny: Fast but little defence or strength.
Fat: Slow but high defence and maybe strength.
Ripped: all stats good, but has to be maintained through training.

Also I have taning code so when you are outside in the sun you will eventually get a tan and if you spend a lot of time indoors you’ll loss it (It was a class thing in the middle ages, having a tan was a sign that you were a peasant that has to spend all day working out in the sun, where as being a lord etc you would spend most of your time indoors, its also why they used to put white powder on their faces).

These are all the body types I’ve finished for men (I really need to go back and finish the women).

Top is Asian, I’ve not finished all their body types, but thats ok I’ve added more states so I’d need to redo them anyway.

Next is Black, from the left its skinny, ripped, fat.

Then its White tanned, again from the left its skinny, ripped, fat.

And finally its White untanned, there isn’t a huge difference in look really.

Some clothing examples now. Starting from the left you have a set of African clothes, the clothes are based on a photo of an African male, the African clothes and armour will be best suited to the hot areas of the game (Metal armour will cook you in those areas). Then its the Shaolin robe. Then the bookish Nobles clothes, wearing a waist coat and glasses (I’d hope you could tell that by looking) with hair that was supposed to look like Trunks hair:

Next is a kind of grunge/Nervana style oversized jumper:

With hair that is again based on a DBZ character, Krillin:

Ok next is a peasant shirt, its all torn up and is one of the first items you can buy in the shops, the hair is a mohican with muttonchops (Sort of Mr. T’ish). And then Finally we are back to DBZ with some clothes Tien wore:

I made these DBZ things for a DBZ game I worked on a while ago, I didn’t just want to throw them out so I included them in my game. I love my Tien suit, I’ve used it as a snow suit, infact if I remember correctly its what inspired me to add temperatures to my game. Things like the snow suit are really vital in the cold areas.

Oh and weapons, I’ll show some examples later (I really need to start working on my combat code now) but there are going to be a lot of different weapons, including: Kwan Doa, claws, swords, buster blades, whips, spears, bows, staffs, knives (and throwing knives), pick axes, bomb barrel (Its a fun self-destruct weapon, basically its a barrel of gun powder on your back with a lite fuse). And there will be special gimmicky weapons like the Ba-Bomb which are just for fun, you wind it up and it walks around randomly and after a random time explodes (I love the Ba-Bomb in the Mario live action movie). There are going to be a lot of different types of weapons anyway, and most will have their own special attacks.


You know I think I might redesign the female body, I’m not really happy with it, which is why its not been in any of the screen shots. The problem with the female body is its too small, you can’t fit any good detail into it. But then if you make it more like the male body its too big. They have to be quite similar so that as many clothes etc as possible fit both bodies.


The new states I’ve given my body icon allows attacks like this:

(This attack isn’t actually in the game, but theres no reason why it can’t be added, there is an attack like it called Energy Bullet which is just a single attack, I could make this the dual attack version).


You should have a Yusuke Urameshi shot gun blast in it XD


Kazuma909 wrote:

I had to google that, I was about to write that there aren’t guns in my game… I was also going to say that without guns it wouldn’t be correct to have a gun reference but then I remembered that I just posted a picture of a skill I called Energy Bullet… So instead I’ll just saw that they will be attacks like it, but no actual attack called that.


So there is going to be a shotgun energy blast but in a different name? You should also put he dragon of the darkness flame too lol that would be awesome to see XD


From what I’ve seen the Shotgun Energy Blast is a fairly basic energy ball attack with just a slightly different hand movement. I have a few different energy attacks.

I’m not sure about that attack you just asked about I’ve not looked at it, but I want to make something like Grandia 2’s Gad Zap (It was one of the Zap moves, can’t really remember what the name was)

2:31 not really sure exactly what I’m going to do with it but I like the whole lightning dragon thing.

I don’t really want to recreate attacks from animes/games on mine though, I’m interested in making up my own attacks. Chaotic Energy is one of my favourites (Its just a little energy ball that moves in erractic ways) and Chaotic Field which is similar to Chaotic Energy but a few balls are created and rather than being shot off in a direction they randomly move around in an area like a moving mine field, they could crash into each other, other players, you. Everybody is indanger with that one, but its a fairly weak attack, fast though if you are having trouble hitting someone it’ll be a sort of useful attack, its more for fun really and to play with the person you are fighting with.

I’ve added wrist wrap to the game, you can loosen it and use it for some attacks.

This attack holds someone in place for a powerful attack that takes time to build up (The person held will be able to break free if they are strong enough and break the other players wrist wrap item) and it also chokes the player. The guy in black shows what the loose wrap looks like when just standing around. The wrap will also have the weakest attacks in the game, again its for strong players to use just to play with their enemy.

There is no way to know how strong someone is, even if you fight them and win, there is no telling if they are hiding their power or perhaps not wearing their best gear. So playing with an enemy is a dangerous thing to do.


Here’s the Dragon Of The Darkness Flame


I’ve thought of a more interesting thing to do with the games ban code. Rather than just banning the player and that being the end of it, an item is created just before they are banned and all of their details/look is copied to that item. and then the item is taken by the staff member to the games banned player museum and put on display. Because of the spam guard I can also have the banned players last words either put on the plinth or have them say them.

If I get a lot of banned players (Hope I won’t but there are a lot of idiots on Byond) I think I’ll make a Top Trumps card game out of them and put it in the museums gift shop. I might have a day of the living dead and have the banned players in the museum come to life and cause havok in the game.


I like all of those ideas for banned players! Different and original! :slight_smile:


LadyWicca, I also like those ideas. :lol: