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Angelic Layer

Angelic Layer

Genres: action, comedy, science fiction, slice of life, tournament
Themes: dolls, game
Objectionable content: Mild
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 2001-04-01 to 2001-09-30

Plot Summary: 12-year-old Misaki Suzuhara has just gotten involved in Angelic Layer, a battling game using electronic dolls called angels. Even as a newbie, Misaki shows advanced skills as she meets new friends and enters Angelic Layer tournaments to fight the greatest Angelic Layer champions of the nation.

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I loved this series.
It’s got a nice solid story and plot along with an awesome soundtrack, what more could I ask for.

I love, love, love this show. This was the first series that I completed through my VOD service. I really enjoyed this series. It had a really nice storyline with a really good dub. I have watched this series a total of 3 times, and each time I find something new to love about it that I didn’t notice before. Anyone who hasn’t watched this sereis should take advantage of it being on the online player and watch it.

So I started watching my backlog of the singles yesterday.

While watching the extras, I couldn’t help but laugh and think of dragoon and how much he’d want the singles when he found out. DVD 1 has a commentary from Jessica Boone and Andy McAvin, and you come to find out that it’s Jessica Boone’s first commentary (something I know dragoon would really want).

Another thing I noticed, Monica Rial does a lot of awesome roles, but damn is she annoying as hell in the commentary on DVD 2. Her Tamayo character is a tad annoying with that over the top feel, but she’s way worse in person (at least on this commentary).

Whoot! After four whole days, I finally finished Angelic Layer! I laughed I cried but MAN I love that show! I wish battle dolls were real though. It would had been fun to play.

Yeah, I think almost anyone who watches the show wants a Battle Doll. :slight_smile:

I watched like the first 4 or so episodes. Then I moved and got DirecTV. The story ends with me never having finished the series. ;_;

Do you have broadband? You can watch it all free on this site’s Online Player.

If you don’t like watching anime on computer, you can order it pretty cheap, especially during an ADV sale. Normal good price price is around $25-30.

Well, though I didn’t make a link to it in my initial post (will fix that now) you can watch the entire series on YouTube on the Anime Network channel.

Or, on the online player here on the site.

Ah, good to know. Thanks a bunch gentlemen.

I want to play the game but how do I put this, the characters were dull seems about right.

I liked Misaki and Kotaro okay(and want them to hook up) but otherwise they are really annoying archetypes.

And Misaki’s mom is a wuss.

i love angelic layer cuzz hikaru is dresses so futuristic. and i like the weird guy misakis mentour.

So oddly enough, Angelic Layer has turned up on The episodes are available in dubbed form only.

I wonder if this means that Warner Brothers is now involved in the show’s distribution in Japan, as no one had announced it as being picked up for North American distribution.

I watched the credits and it says licensed by Dentsu through A.D.Vision, Copyright 2003 A.D. Vision.

Those are the original credits from ADV’s release. Even when Funimation rescues old shows of theirs, they don’t bother changing them. I wouldn’t expect Warner to do it for a show that is only streaming at the moment. ADV’s last release has been out of print for some time and it’s been over 10 years since it was licensed. Their license is probably long expired.

Plus, if ADV were going to license shows to the WB, I don’t think this would be the one they would start with.

It depends on what WB wants to license.

Also keep in mind that The WB is owned by Time-Warner which, of course, owns Cartoon Network.

So, this could be a fallout of CN’s Toonami licenses. Something that was maybe tacked on to enhance a deal for a more recent property.

Mark Gosdin

That’s actually a good possibility. It could also be a bundle with one of the children’s anime that Cartoon Network is showing as well. It just doesn’t seem to be likely that ADV still has it, not only due to its age, but the fact that it is only streaming on The WB. An ADV show would likely be streaming on other sites as well, such as TAN or Amazon.

I bawled my eyes out like a little girl , when her and her mom finally reunite in the last episode.

I never did get to finish this show. One of the things that I do remember seeing, however, was a rare ADV show where Andy McAvin wasn’t playing a villain. However, he was playing an eccentric genius who had a penchant for underaged girls.

He was to fighting dolls what Dr. Rockzo was to glam rock, since we’re talking about Cartoon Network lol. Even though CN, or more aptly AS, was cool with showing us a crazy rocker who was all about underaged girls I don’t think that they’d be cool with showing us “Wiggly Icchan”.

And that’s a tragedy because it was pretty funny if I do say so myself.

I do wish Sentai/Maiden could have retained/reacquired the old ADV stuff as all the non-Funimation companies seem to be dropping the ball with theirs (eg:Discotek, Nozomi) and Funi has been pretty hit-'n-miss with its rescue releases. Now Angelic Layer has made its way to a website of a channel that I didn’t think existed any longer lol. Maybe I’m getting it confused with UPN… :silly: :silly:

Both the WB and UPB shut down. A good chunk of their old affiliates became stations for the CW. It wasn’t technically a merger, because FCC regulations forbid the merger of broadcast networks, but that’s in effect what it was. The highest rated shows from, and a few critical favorites with so-so ratings, like Veronica Mars, moved to the CW.

However, Warner Brothers has keep their we site active and uses it to stream older shows. They also offer shows for digital download through iTunes and other sites.