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Ha! And there we have it!

14:55:56 <bay|AX|Aniplex> now, another special release
14:56:12 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Madoka
14:58:00 <bay|AX|Aniplex> stay tuned
14:58:09 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Aniplex America is releasing madoka magica in the states
14:58:11 <bay|AX|Aniplex> stay tuned
14:58:16 <bay|AX|Aniplex> we have just launched

15:03:18 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Q: Time period for Madoka release?
15:03:24 <bay|AX|Aniplex> A: Still working on details, information will be on website
15:03:37 <bay|AX|Aniplex> As of now, most of the information is it’s being relased, that’s all

15:07:51 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Any plans to show Madoka on adult swim… if they make an ova of madoka… would you be releasing that… or if there is going to be an ova
15:08:14 <bay|AX|Aniplex> A: we don’t have much to talk about, in the case of durara, we got support for fans, as a result, we could get the as broadcast, so if you keep supporting madoka like durara, it might happen
15:08:16 <bay|AX|Aniplex> for the release, we don’t have plans
15:08:26 <bay|AX|Aniplex> we just launched and announced today…

15:10:59 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Q: Madoka dubbed?
15:11:15 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Madoka hasnt’ been decided yet.


Ha! And there we have it!

14:55:56 <bay|AX|Aniplex> now, another special release
14:56:12 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Madoka
14:58:00 <bay|AX|Aniplex> stay tuned
14:58:09 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Aniplex America is releasing madoka magica in the states
14:58:11 <bay|AX|Aniplex> stay tuned
14:58:16 <bay|AX|Aniplex> we have just launched[/quote]

That Bond clip may fit better with what I expect the price to be.


That’s kind of sad, I guess no one wants that license, since there wasn’t even a hint to negotioations.

15:04:33 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Q: Ore no Imouto was in preview… plans to bring that over?
15:04:40 <bay|AX|Aniplex> A; Now at this time… if we do, we’ll update our website with the info



That’s kind of sad, I guess no one wants that license, since there wasn’t even a hint to negotioations.

15:04:33 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Q: Ore no Imouto was in preview… plans to bring that over?
15:04:40 <bay|AX|Aniplex> A; Now at this time… if we do, we’ll update our website with the info[/quote]

Yeah given how popular it was during the Broadcast and Simulcast really surprised no one wants it. Maybe it’s more along the lines of Aniplex wants to much?


Lets go Gekigangar-III! :woohoo:


Not really anything interesting from VIZ, but here…

17:40:22 <bay|AX|Viz> bleach fade trailer 4
17:40:22 <bay|AX|Viz> Bleach the movie: Fade to Black
17:40:22 <bay|AX|Viz> november 2011
17:40:22 <bay|AX|Viz> DVD and Blu-ray
17:41:26 <bay|AX|Viz> nov 15th, $24.92
17:40:23 <bay|AX|Viz> one announcement… no approvied image for
17:40:23 <bay|AX|Viz> how many are familiar professor layton
17:40:23 <bay|AX|Viz> we are going to be putting out professor layton and the eternal diva
17:40:23 <bay|AX|Viz> dont’ have a date, it will be this fall


Apparently FUNi got sick of being asked…

19:39:42 <bay|AX|Standby> Spice and Wolf Season 2
19:39:43 <bay|AX|Standby> 8/30
19:39:52 <bay|AX|Standby> "stop asking me, there!"
19:41:34 <bay|AX|Standby> LE DVD/bluray combo pack
19:41:34 <bay|AX|Standby> $69.98
19:41:40 <bay|AX|Standby> same day season one on bluray $49.98


Internet hickup…

19:50:07 <bay|AX|FUNi> Last exile -fam ,the silver wing-
19:49:44 <bay|AX|FUNi> simulcast, bd and dvd
19:49:45 <bay|AX|FUNi> coming soon
19:50:14 <bay|AX|FUNi> falls in the timeline after last exile
19:50:15 <bay|AX|FUNi> it’s not all the main cast

19:53:17 <bay|AX|Standby> Baka test season 2
19:53:18 <bay|AX|Standby> ovas
19:53:21 <bay|AX|Standby> dvd and bd coming in 2012

19:53:51 <bay|AX|Standby> C control DVD and BD
19:53:52 <bay|AX|Standby> coming in 2012

19:54:20 <bay|AX|Standby> asobi ni ikuyo
19:54:21 <bay|AX|Standby> cat planet cuties
19:54:24 <bay|AX|Standby> dvd and bd coming 2012
19:54:37 <bay|AX|Standby>
19:55:01 <bay|AX|Standby> aka bombshells from the sky

19:55:21 <bay|AX|Standby> b gata h kei
19:55:23 <bay|AX|Standby> yamada’s first time
19:55:37 <bay|AX|Standby>
19:56:48 <bay|AX|Standby> dvd and bd coming 2012


adam zainer announcements…

19:57:59 <bay|AX|Standby> what’s up with the geneon titles?
19:57:59 <bay|AX|Standby> like tenchi and black lagoon
19:57:59 <bay|AX|Standby> the good news…we like… we expect it to come very soon… as some of you know, there were some changes at geneon
19:57:59 <bay|AX|Standby> more updates soon…
19:57:59 <bay|AX|Standby> they will be coming soon…

20:03:38 <bay|AX|Standby> we actually… just now finished two more acquisitions
20:03:43 <bay|AX|Standby> there are two more shows that i can tell you about
20:03:53 <bay|AX|Standby> sorry otakon, we’ll try to get more
20:03:58 <bay|AX|Standby> does anyone know chaos head
20:04:00 <bay|AX|Standby> steins gate…
20:04:13 <bay|AX|Standby> we’re vey excited to tell you that we will be bringing that to the US
20:04:15 <bay|AX|Standby> and also one of my favorites…
20:04:22 <bay|AX|Standby> deadman wonderland
20:04:33 <bay|AX|Standby> soon we will be able to bring you that…


I am glad about Dirty Pair re release. Interesting the two movies and the ova will include both dubs. ADV and streamline. Dirty Pair out of print been and somewhat hard to find at times. This makes me very happy. Gasarki another hard to find one. I can only find volume 1 for a long time. Some other good ones too.


I’ve been saving my money for ‘Serial Experiments Lain’ and ‘Haibane-Renmei’. It would be nice to get some street dates for those… I hope Funimation’s sick of people asking about ‘Strike Witches 2’ as well.


Now that day 1 is done, let’s see what ones will be a “Yay!!!” and a “Nay!!!”

Dororon Enma-Kun- Yay!!! Go Nagia FTW!!!
But wait…they won’t have any release info until next year’s AX? Umm…okay… :unsure:
Sure, I understand why…but still, why inform us now? Better to wait and announce it later down the line. Well, hopefully I’ll still remember, and NISA will reminded me too, by year’s time


Kimi Ni Todoke - Nay…tentatively, for now.
At least part one will be coming out soon - Oct.- so that’s good. Part 2 will come out “later”…nice… :huh:

Dirty Pair More original and flash -Yay!!! for those that I’m missing and Nay for those that I have.
Gasaraki - Nay
Nadesico tv/movie - Nay
Gekigengar III - Maybe…

Blue Exorcist- Nay. That tentative release schedule is pretty funky
Madoka Magica - Yay!!!..when it finally shows up.
My gut tells me they’re gonna price them a little bit more expensively than regular DVD’s and I don’t see MM getting a domestic BD release here. Instead, we’ll be treated to one of their “import” specials.

Bleach: Fade to Black- Nay
Prof. Layton- Nay

Doesn’t matter, they’ll all eventually be pushed back by either a few weeks to maybe a year from their “scheduled” release dates.
I’m kidding…kidding… :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=20]Digital Manga Guild Program to Launch With 23 Titles[/size]
posted on 2011-07-02 17:25 EDT
Titles by Kotetsuko Yamamoto, Nabako Kamo, Keiko Kinoshita, Souya Himawari, others

At its Anime Expo panel on Saturday, the North American publisher Digital Manga Inc. (DMI) announced the first 23 titles that it is planning to release under its Digital Manga Guild program:

Tired of Waiting for Love by author Saki Aida and artist Yugi Yamada
Rule of Standing on Tiptoe by Puku Okuyama
Again Tomorrow by Nabako Kamo
Second Night of a Thousand Nights of Keiko Kinoshita
You and Tonight by Keiko Kinoshita
Steadfast Candy Heart Loveby Satomi Konno
Neck-Tie by Asahi Shima
I Love Love Too by Himeko Shindo
Only the Flower Knows by Rihito Takarai
My Sempai by Hebiko Habuyama
Courtesan Kings by Souya Himawari
The Reason Why He Loves Him So Much by Saori Mieno
The Faithful Dog Waits for Flowers by Mario Yamada
Chirp Chirp by Kotetsuko Yamamoto
Mad Cinderella by Kotetsuko Yamamoto
Blooming Darling by Kotetsuko Yamamoto
Full Bloom by Rio and Saori Mieno
The Kneeling Butler by Ikue Ishida
The Song of Rainfall by Nawo Inoue
A Passion of Oranges by Ruis Maki
Interval by Kanami Itsuki
Dokidoki Crush by Kotetsuko Yamamoto
Curve by Kahiro Kyouda

DMI already revealed that three of these manga titles — Tired of Waiting for Love, Only The Flower Knows, and The Faithful Dog Waits for Flowers — were assigned to the group Kawaii Neko to localize into English before the convention.

Last summer, DMI revealed its plans for the Guild, which allows fans to translate, edit, and letter works legally with the permission of the original Japanese owners. Under the program, the guild members are credited and paid royalties from online purchases, and the works may be published in print if they prove to be popular.


17:45:56 <bay|AX|Nico> bandai announce
17:46:07 <bay|AX|Nico> Sacred Seven
17:47:31 <bay|AX|Nico> streaming begins july 8th
17:47:34 <bay|AX|Nico> hulu and crunchyroll

17:48:56 <bay|AX|Nico> manga…
17:49:12 <bay|AX|Nico> hopefully you heard, we licensed the tales of the abyss manga,
17:49:18 <bay|AX|Nico> asch the bloody…

17:49:24 <bay|AX|Nico> lucky star 8 was delayed a bit will come out this month

17:49:34 <bay|AX|Nico> and code geass tales of the tokugawa shogunate
17:49:44 <bay|AX|Nico> gurren lagann 6 coming to stores this month as well as code geass queen 3
17:49:52 <bay|AX|Nico> later this year, knight 4 and queen 4 (geass)

17:50:06 <bay|AX|Nico> hopefuly you know, kannagi vol 1 is in stores now and 2 this month

17:50:17 <bay|AX|Nico> manga annouce
17:50:19 <bay|AX|Nico> gundam 00I
17:50:23 <bay|AX|Nico> sequel to 00F
17:50:31 <bay|AX|Nico> probably coming out in 2012
17:50:47 <bay|AX|Nico> lucky star spinoff booboo kagaboo


17:58:37 <bay|AX|Bandai> Q: Star drive dub? A; Haven’t decided yet if we’re dubbing it
17:59:55 <bay|AX|Bandai> Q: Star Driver on blu-ray? A; don’t know on the schedule yet


Gundam panel Q&A

I’m just posting this since it AGE related and AGE is new with little info.

18:38:05 <bay|AX|Gundam> Q; my question is about Gndam Age… more details… target audience… what universe?
18:38:35 <bay|AX|Gundam> M: Gundam Age will be different because the story will span over 100 years
18:39:02 <bay|AX|Gundam> And the audience in mind is little brother from young children to teens, so it’s intended to be more accesible than traditional gundam

18:39:42 <bay|AX|Gundam> Q: I’ll probably get crucified but I enjoyed gundam seed… anyway…about Gundam Age… you said targeted young… i can’t tell if it’s from the art style or not… but are the pilots children and not teenagers?
18:40:12 <bay|AX|Gundam> S: The main character in Age is 14 years old…
18:40:22 <bay|AX|Gundam> About the same age as traditional gundam pilots

18:40:49 <bay|AX|Gundam> Q: Will the new gundam series be released worldwide simultaneously?
18:41:00 <bay|AX|Gundam> (a good question~)
18:41:25 <bay|AX|Gundam> M: Gundam Age will not be simultaneous like Unicorn, but we want a worldwide release as close to the japanese release as possible


Do want Gekiganger 3 and Dirty Pair movie


So far it looks like I’ll be triple dipping on Nadesico. Mainly because of the fact it’s the actual video version not the TV version all of ADV’s releases were. Of course also because of Gekiganger 3. Keep my ADV sets because of the commentary.

Dirty Pair I’ll be double dipping on the Movies , OVA’s and Flash. Really only got 40.00 in to all three of the ADV sets. Movies plus OVA’s got from when some place was selling them for 8 to 10 and Flash I got used for less then $17.00.

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera I’ll be picking up. The other series from NISA not sure about.

Deadman Wonderland will be getting bought. The rest from Funimation it’s wait and see. If I don’t have anything to get free shipping when it comes out I’ll probably blind buy something.

Other stuff I’m not sure about. Was hoping Bandai would say something about Turn A’s release time frame.


Sentai should be starting any minute.


Sentai Panel

15:08:35 <bay|AX|Sentai> new release of that i understand… that what adv had put out…and the subtitles were having issues on the ps3s
15:08:39 <bay|AX|Sentai> those subtitles have been corrected
15:08:43 <bay|AX|Sentai> the new set should be fine


15:10:13 <bay|AX|Sentai> now new stuff
15:10:15 <bay|AX|Sentai> that hasn’t been
15:10:20 <bay|AX|Sentai> october
15:10:24 <bay|AX|Sentai> second kobato collection
15:10:29 <bay|AX|Sentai> complete hell girl s2 collection
15:10:34 <bay|AX|Sentai> november
15:10:39 <bay|AX|Sentai> loup garous
15:10:42 <bay|AX|Sentai> dvd and bd
15:10:43 <bay|AX|Sentai> the movie
15:10:45 <bay|AX|Sentai> (scandal movie)
15:10:50 <bay|AX|Sentai> and one i think you fans will be happy
15:10:54 <bay|AX|Sentai> we’re releasing clannad on bluray
15:11:03 <bay|AX|Sentai> that will be out in november
15:11:08 <bay|AX|Sentai> which seasons… the first season
15:11:15 <bay|AX|Sentai> complete collection