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K-Pop Boy Band SHINee’s Singer Dead At 27

December 18, 2017


Voice Actor Tamio Ohki Passes Away at 89

posted on 2017-12-19 20:55 EST
Voice of Ghost in the Shell’s Aramaki, planetarian’s Hoshi no Hito


In Memoriam

posted on 2017-12-31 23:50 EST
To those who left us in 2017


JAN 6, 2018


January 06, 2018


January 9, 2018


Old Boy Manga Author Caribu Marley Passes Away

posted on 2018-01-15 04:30 EST
Ao no Senshi, Hard Core author was 70

Dragon Ball Cast Gather with Hundreds of Mourners for Hiromi Tsuru’s Memorial

posted on 2018-01-15 14:45 EST by Lynzee Loveridge
Tearful Masako Nozawa & Ryusei Nakao bid farewell


Earthsea Author Usula K. Le Guin Passes Away

posted on 2018-01-23 18:06 EST
Earthsea novels inspired Ghibli, Goro Miyazaki’s Tales from Earthsea


Studio Wanpack Closes After Founder Kōji Yamada Passes Away

posted on 2018-02-01 14:12 EST
Studio handled outsourced animation for hundreds of anime


Aoni Productions Founder, President Susumu Kubo Passes Away at 82

posted on 2018-02-07 21:20 EST
Kubo founded talent agency representing many voice actors in 1969


Patlabor, Yamato 2202 Animator Hiroki Takagi Passes Away

posted on 2018-02-08 21:00 EST
Patlabor WXIII, Dominion Tank Police character designer passed away on February 2


Voice Actress Makiko Nitta Passes Away

posted on 2018-02-09 04:00 EST
Actress voiced roles in Bokurano, Blassreiter, Birdy the Mighty: Decode, Kick-Heart


Actor Ren Osugi Passes Away at 66

posted on 2018-02-22 01:00 EST
Actor appeared in numerous Takeshi Kitano, Takashi Miike films; starred in Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light series


Eido Shimano, Buddhist Leader Who Resigned in Scandal, Dies at 85

February 27, 2018 at 16:15 JST / © 2018 The New York Times / The Asahi Shimbun


VOX POPULI: No tsunami big enough to wash away late Yoshi Tabata’s legacy

March 2, 2018 at 13:50 JST / The Asahi Shimbun


Eko Eko Azarak Manga Creator Shinichi Koga Passes Away

posted on 2018-03-17 02:00 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Horror manga artist published Eko Eko Azarak between 1975-1979


K-Pop Singer Seo Minwoo Dead

March 26, 2018


Legendary Anime Director Isao Takahata Passes Away at 82

April 05, 2018 4:13pm CDT
Academy Award-nominated director was one of the founding members of Studio Ghibli

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Ghibli President, Co-Founder Issue Statements on Isao Takahata’s Passing

posted on 2018-04-06 00:32 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Studio to hold farewell gathering on May 15

Animation Industry & Fans Offer Heartfelt Send-Off to Ghibli’s Isao Takahata

posted on 2018-04-06 13:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge


Newspaper: Miyazaki Still in Shock After Passing of Director Takahata

posted on 2018-04-09 13:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge
“I still am not used to this feeling”


VOX POPULI: Satoshi Kako, a scientist whose picture books delighted kids

May 8, 2018 at 13:00 JST / The Asahi Shimbun