Carl Macek 1951-2010

###American Anime Producer Carl Macek Passes Away
posted on 2010-04-19 00:39 EDT
Robotech producer’s passing announced by Streamline co-founder Jerry Beck

I really enjoyed watching Robotech in the morning as a kid and still love that series.

Just ganan repost what I wrote on ANN.

This is such sad news Sad . He is without a doubt one of the most important and influencal people in the R1 anime industry. Without this man I highly doubt anime would be where it is today. We will never be able to repay him for what he has done. Sure some people may have had problems with how he adapted certian shows, but you cannot deny that without him anime would not be very popular here in the US. Or at the very least the industry here would be very different today, if it even existed at all. The podcast Justin and Zac did with him was also very interesting. It showed me that he’s done a lot of odd stuff that’s kind of under the radar over the years too, like helping the Japanese with the music on Roujin Z.

Anyway RIP Mr. Macek. He was far, far too young.

On a related note, for those interested CPM released a documentary by Eric Bresler on American Anime Fandom “Otaku Unite!” on DVD way back in 2004. They interviewed Carl Macek, and although it’s quite short it was also very informative. I found what he said vey interesting at least, probably my favorite part of the DVD. You can watch it legally on (although I think u have to be a subscriber). It’s still avaible on rightstuf I think too, if you just wanna buy the DVD. It’s very dated, but I found it interesting. I just wish they paid less attention to that one anime fan, and more to the people in the industry :frowning: .

And for more Macek goodness, you can always listen to the ANN podcast episode. I found that episode very interesting, that’s a good listen.

Well said Prede.

As much as some people hated the man he is the main reason in my mind we have it as good as we do. I grew up with shows he had a hand in localizing from Robotech to the Anime that Steamline localized. Sadly most of the stuff he had a hand in localizing over the years is out of print and/or never made it to DVD. Looks over at Steamline Lensman poster

Now would be a great time for someone to bring us Aura Battler Dunbine back on the market.

Now would be a great time for someone to bring us Aura Battler Dunbine back on the market.[/quote]

As ADV once said in the past: “Ask Sunrise about that.”

But in all seriousness, this was extremely sudden and unexpected. I never really saw Robotech, so I can’t say anything about the edits and whatnot. It’s obvious that Macek had nothing but good intentions in what he did, though, even when it came to having his company Harmony Gold being so anal about Macross animes being brought over.

But all I can say is RIP Mr. Macek. You will be remembered.

I was completely shocked when I read the news this morning. Carl Macek was one of those people whose name I didn’t become familiar with until just a few years ago, but whose work I had long been exposed to. He was one of the most influential people in the North American market. I can’t think of a single person who has done more to bring fans to anime than him. Though he is now gone, his work will live on, as will his legacy.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. This loss must be devastating, and I hope they are able to heal quickly.

(I second the thoughts on Aura Battle Dunbine BTW, though I would gladly settle for a digital stream/download at this point. Now I must head to ebay to find a Macek dub copy of Totoro.)

What a bummer. His work will live on!

This really sucks. No matter what you think about him but there be no Anime in US with people like him. Thank you for everything man. Rest In Peace and thank you. I never got to meet him but sure he will be a bit on people’s mind at Anime Next with Tony Oliver (Rick Hunter) there. His Totoro is still good and no matter what you want to say I enjoyed Robotech as a kid and adult. Aura Battle Dubine is a show I really enjoyed watching on Anime Network before it was taken off. I still got some episodes to watch on dvd. It’s a great show. :frowning:

Harmony Gold has posted some nice comments about Carl Macek on their Robotech site.