Hello, people. I have known about The Anime Network for a few years or so. I hope to enjoy these forums. I live in St.Charles, Missouri and am going to Lindenwood University. I’ve been into anime heavily since Toonami first started airing Outlaw Star like 9 years or so ago.

Welcome aboard dude!

Welcome!! Please enjoy!!

old skoolers for life!!

i be the yoka chi

Hello and welcome :smiley:

Welcome Kunsinagi Kenshin!

I see you’ve been posting all over the forums! And that’s what we like to see! :slight_smile:

Help us get to know you a little better by telling us what types of anime you like (you could name some of your favorites).

Most of us are pretty friendly (there are a couple who bite), so if you have any questions, just ask and someone will leap forward with an answer - or we’ll argue about it until majority rules.

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Please come back often and post even more! :laugh:

I enjoy Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Final FantasyVII:Advent Children, One Piece(Funimation’s dub not that other company whosenameIwillnotmention), Bleach, Axis Powers Hetalia.

I also find good stuff through a website I work for. I dont get paid but I get to keep what I review so that helps. Not sure if I can post it here or not.

YokaChiNoki wrote:

[quote]old skoolers for life!!

i be the yoka chi[/quote]

You, call that old school? What is an old man like me who started with Battle of the Planets (Gatchaman) back in 79? Yup, saw my first anime at 4. Left an impression since I still can remember it.

Welcome to the boards KunsinagiKenshin. :slight_smile:

Welcome, and post often!

Outlaw Star…Allllright!

80’s and 90’s Anime > new anime

Welcome, KunsinagiKenshin! I’m a Bleach fan, too. Hope you enjoy it here!

outlander wrote

80’s and 90’s anime >>>>>> most anime from the last two years

I dont see the point in arguing which is better and which is worse. Anime nomatter the Time Period it comes out in is good. Unless the individual show itself sucks.

Can’t we animefans get along?

Agree there was garbage in the past and there will be great shows in the future.

The opening theme for Outlaw Star was MWOI perfect.