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Anime Mini - One Day Event in Greensburg, PA November 14th, 2015


Anime Mini invites you to cosplay and participate in fun activities on Saturday, November 14th from 12pm to 7pm at the Green Garden and Civic Center.

$12 Admission
Apply to run a Free panel.
$5 Entry for Costplay Competition with Prizes!
$20 for a Dealer’s or Artist’s Table.​animeminiconvention?​fref=​ts​e/​anime-​mini-​tickets-​18193820206​hphotos-​xat1/​v/​t1.​0-​9/​11095476_89789451694​9475_323878660501788​1826_n.​jpg?​oh=​2abbb5276b14d52a5647​d7268c14e307&​oe=​56948808