Topic: Anime Midwest 2024

Hello to every one! I’d want to learn about your experiences at anime conventions because I’m hoping to attend Anime Midwest in 2024. Can you share any advice or experiences that will help me get the most out of it?

A lot of people suggested that, I should bring an extra money incase I saw something that will possibly caught my attention such as some souvenirs or merch. Any tips on essentials or things I might not think of?


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I’ve only personally been to three anime conventions, and they were combination Comic/Anime/Sci-fi/TV conventions, not just anime.

My personal biggest advice is to confirm where your favorite voice actress or actor has their table set up, and save that to memory.

Definitely bring extra money, as most VA’s charge for a signature and photo package, but it’s beyond worth it!

Oh! And definitely don’t forget to bring something for them to sign! Most, if not all will bring photos of their most popular characters, but having something exclusively yours signed by them means so much more!


woah! Thank you so much for the advise, you’re right I’ll bring some photos and I will ask them to sign it, thank you so much for responding. I was really excited on Anime Midwest 2024 and I know that it will be so memorable.

here’s the link of the Anime Midwest 2024 if you wanna come too:

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Sadly, I live all the way in Florida, so that would be an extensive travel for me…

oh my, I thought I would see you there, it’s okay. Thank you so much for the tips do you have any bought items from the convention? I hope in Anime Midwest 2024 have a lot of souvenirs so I can buy a lot.

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My favorite series is on the niche side, so there isn’t a high chance of finding anything from it at a convention.

Not say like My Hero Academia or Naruto, where half the stalls will have something from it. Lol.

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Okay I will look for it, I hope I find some new friends on the Anime Midwest 2024 convention and I will also bring some of my friends 'cause they’re interested too. I was about to dressed up as Chihiro “Sen” Ogino from Spirited away because she’s my favorite and her outfit was easy. I was just looking for a convention and I found this link on the internet: I look for it and I was excited already.

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That’s awesome!!!

And it looks like both Chris Patton and Greg Ayers will be there!

They’ve both done so many Sentai/ADV dubs in the past!

As a matter of fact, they’re both in the legendary Ghost Stories dub!

I heard a lot about them, they’re really great on that, I hope I see them in personal. I think there’s a lot of people going to the Anime Midwest 2024, a lot of people are visiting the website and sharing it allover the internet.