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Anime is the first thing you need to know

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hi there I want to get to know you better also what you like so we can be friends

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Welcome to you! I’m going to move this to the Intros forum since you’re introducing yourself.

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ok thank you so much and can you please help me how to send a message because im new to this.

thank you so much

im trying to find out how to text other but im not sure how

If you see the person you want to send a message to, just click on their picture, you’ll see a purple “Message”.

Otherwise, go to the upper right, click on your avatar and then click on the envelope (maybe once or twice, can’t remember)

Click on “new message”, then start typing someone’s name and select them from the drop-down menu.

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ok thank you so much for all the help

Welcome to the TAN forums @nightmare112!

As this is your first visit, please take a look at The Rules, so you’re up to speed with what is and isn’t allowed.

Which anime series are you a fan of? Any specific genres?

yes the blue exorcists

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