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Hello i am new


name is jasmine i am new here nice to meet everyone i love anime including hentai :slight_smile:
if wanna be friends add me :slight_smile:


Nice intro! Hey, great to have ya here. So how long have you been into anime?


Welcome to TAN, hope you have fun here. :slight_smile:


fillet wrote:

thank you very much,
i been into anime since i was 12


ShawnMerrow wrote:

thank u i hope so to and i know u can watch anime here how do u do that?


babygirljas wrote:

[quote]ShawnMerrow wrote:

thank u i hope so to and i know u can watch anime here how do u do that?[/quote]

You can go here:

There’s also a blue tab at the top of any page that says “WATCH ANIME NOW” in white letters.

Welcome to AN!

Oh! And remember to read the,com_kunena/Itemid,65/func,rules/ for the Do’s and Don’ts of the forums.


Hey welcom to the form


Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy your time here. Most of us tend to be pretty nice here, so if you have any questions just ask!


HELLO ^^ I am new XD too – I hope u can have such a great time here(so am I) nice to meet If u want add me XD
:wink: :wink:


Hey a new member to the TAN Army! Welcome, we have a few nuts running loose around here, but most of us don’t bite. ^>^


aww thanks everyone your so kind.

dont worry if i have any questions i will let everyone know you awlays add me on my facebook its on my url :slight_smile:


Welcome to you! Hope to see you around.


Welcome to TAN! If you are a little bit crazy, relax! It will allow you to survive on these forums :laugh:


Welcome! :slight_smile:


Welcome from one pretty new member to another. I hope you enjoy this forum.


Welcome to TAN. I’m Newshawk, the lovable but cantankerous Otaku Grandpa of the group, a TAN Casting Sensei (along with LadyOfWicca, PretearHimeno and Mystic), the benevolent dictator of the Claim Your Bishoujo/Bishounen game and compulsive list maker. I’m glad to see you’ve made it to the best little slice of anime heaven this side of the Pacific!