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App for Android phones and devices


I have a android phone and tablet. when are you coming out with a app? I would love to see a app on xbox 360 aswell.


I agree an easy way to use an android device would be great. I don’t need anything fancy just a dedicated format for Android.


I’ll third this, insofar as the app is more stable than the current one for iPad.


I just downloaded the app on my android! :woohoo: I want an app for xbox live! :slight_smile:


Agreed! I would love an android app, especially if it could be made compatible with Chromecast!


I wouldn’t mind an app. The current method of viewing on Android devices (using a browser that lets you set your user agent to “iPad”) works but it is definitely a kludge. If Sentai (TAN, whatever…can’t I call a part of Voltron “Voltron”?) does get an Android app, I hope that it’ll stream HD, unlike the CrunchyRoll app. I can’t believe that they still haven’t fixed that…


Android accounts for the VERY VAST MAJORITY, and i mean over 2/3 of the mobile devices out there, and there really shouldn’t be any reason why android is not being catered to because most users are alientated period. Even blackberry users are able to use android apps with the newer models. So, if you wish I can actually show the market share but there is no reason to alienate most of us users. Thank you, I hope you take this into consideration


So yeah, how about that Android support? Isn’t it great?

Seriously I don’t get it. EVERYONE supports Android now. Why not here?



Has anyone tried streaming Sentai stuff through Hulu+? Even though it is supposed to be in HD, making it the only (discounting Netflix) streaming service that provides HD streams for Android devices, I hear the picture quality is abysmal.


Probably because they are apple snobs or something.

My wife’s ipad 3 can get the app from the itunes store but it currently won’t play videos it will however allow us to watch them via Safari. On my Gs4 and Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 there is no app available on Google play or Amazon and you cannot watch any shows from any browser. I have also tested this on a nexus tab and Galaxy S tab with the same result. It’s almost as if they are purposely blocking android devices. I say that because when I tried the Maxthon browser it has the ability to mask itself as another device and when selecting ipad as the device ID the video’s audio track will play but no actual video plays. Then there is the ongoing thread of three years requesting for Roku app to be released. and still no dedicated TAN channel. Roku Channel

Granted I could watch TAN content on the Hulu channel but I refuse to pay them for the privilege of watching commercials.


Dolphin masked as iPad works for me. Using jetpack (not sure if I installed that as an add-on or it’s just something they added randomly so users wouldn’t need to install two programs) give better results as well (seems to buffer a little more)


Does that allow for HD? Last I tried that I was just getting SD.

Mobile FireFox with a jury-rigged version of Flash for Android allowed me to watch in HD, but only on a decently powerful mobile device.


Dolphin masked as desktop is what I use now. It works but only in SD. I tried masking as iPad some time back but it didn’t work. Maybe should try it again.



You might need a different device to get it to work. Non-pure Google devices might have removed the codec that the iOS part of this site uses. (The Codec is owned by Apple after all)

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