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Genres: action, fantasy, romance
Number of Episodes: 12
Vintage: 2013-04-08
Opening Theme: “GENESIS ARIA” by Sphere
Ending Theme: 1. “The Misfit Go” by OLDCODEX
2. “Utsukushii Sebone” by OLDCODEX

Plot Summary: Arata Hinohara is a high school boy who is bullied by an old friend from junior high. Arata is a boy born into a ruling clan in a mystical world. Strange circumstances cause the boys to switch places and force both to deal with situations far beyond their understanding. (from ANN)

Yuu Watase’s Arata: The Legend Manga Gets Summer TV Anime

Satelight animates shōnen manga from Fushigi Yugi creator
posted on 2012-12-06 22:28 EST


Episode 1 -


A little bit predictable - you just knew the Aratas were going to switch - but it was still good and I look forward to the next episode.


Episode 2 –


Both Aratas need to learn about their new worlds. At least Hinohara wasn’t given the death penalty but he does have to learn how to use that Hayagami. I am also seeing some similarities between Kannagi and Kadowaki.


Episode 3 –

[details=spoiler]The Princess has given Hinohara a very difficult task – one he may not be able to do. He and Kotoha arrive at Gatoya and it seems that his reputation as being the Princess Killer has preceded him. Hinohara is immediately attacked but is saved by the “Hour of Reckoning” – a supposedly horrible fate for those that receive it. No wonder everyone ran away! Hinohara finds out that this happens once a day to two chosen inmates.

Kotoha and Hinohara become separated when the floor collapses. Now Hinohara must find her before something terrible happens to her. But once again, he is faced with being a Princess Killer and it seems that if someone takes his head, they will be set free. And someone also knows that he is a Sho.

Osome tells Hinohara that Kanate – the one that attacked him – has Kotoha and that he should hurry and rescue her. But it seems that Kanate isn’t all that bad and won’t harm Kotoha, especially after Hinohara saves Ginchi. Hinohara is reunited with Kotoha and finds out that Kanate and Ginchi were framed as well. And Hinohara finds out that the warden is a Sho too.

The Reckoning comes again and this time Kanade is taken. Hinohara is also targeted, but Ginchi pushes him out of the way and is taken instead. Hinohara resolves to save them both. I hope he can![/details]


Episode 4 -

[details=spoiler]One chance to live. If Kanate and Ginchi fight one another, one shall be set free and one shall die. But how can you kill someone that is a brother to you? Besides, I don’t trust that Tsutsuga. I highly doubt that he has ever set anyone free.

Hinohara arrives just in time to witness the fight and see Kanate lose on purpose. And of course, Ginchi is not set free, but instead he’s labeled a murderer and Tsutsuga can now put this criminal to death. Hinohara steps in to free Ginchi, but he has to go up against a Sho like Tsutsuga without being able to use his Hayagami.

Just when it looks like the end for Hinohara, he thinks of the people depending on him and is able to call forth the power of his Hayagami. He comes face to face with Tsutsuga, nothing more than a torso connected to pipes, impaled on a rock by a Hayagami. When Hinohara touches the Hayagami, he sees how Tsutsuga was betrayed by a friend and came to be this way.

Hinohara is encouraged by the other inmates to kill Tsutsuga, but he isn’t a murderer and feels nothing but pity for the warden. He tries to remove the “demonized” Hayagami from Tsutsuga, but touching it fills him with thoughts of hatred and vengeance. He finally removes the poisoned Hayagami from Tsutsuga and frees him from his pain. The Hayagami purifies itself and returns to normal. Tsutsuga tells Hinohara that it is called Saniwa, the Hayagami of Judgment. As Tsutsuga evaporates into the Hayagami, he leaves Saniwa to Hinohara, believing that Hinohara will wield it with justice. Then Saniwa melds into Hinohara’s Hayagami. Tsutsuga’s voice tells Hinohara to return Gotoya to the way it was and serve as its new warden.

Hinohara does use the power of Saniwa to change Gotoya and those that were taken by the Reckoning are returned. However, during all this, Kannagi had been approaching the island and was witness to much of what happened. Tsutsuga’s voice warns Hinohara of the danger and urges him to flee. Kanate and Ginchi take Hinohara and Kotoha to their old home – a boat! They escape as Tsutsuga tells Kannagi that Hinohara possesses the “sword of origins which will rule over this world”, which really seems to shock Kannagi![/details]


Episode 5 –

[details=spoiler]In the modern world, Hinohara’s family thinks that their Arata is nuts! But they try to humor him as best they can and it makes for some good comedy. Hunting! LOL

In the other world, Hinohara’s boat has barely made it to a beach and he’s thinking of the heavy responsibility weighing on him with that Hayagami. It’s going to be a long trip to the capital and Hinohara must get there before the princess expires. He only hopes he can make it in time.

Hinohara learns more about the Twelve Shinsho and it was really sweet to see Ginchi reunited with his people. The scene with his mom was very touching, but I think Kanate feels out of place. Hinohara finds out that with the princess gone, the country will fall into chaos and war.

Ginchi’s people are leaving in an attempt to avoid the wars. Ginchi naturally assumes that Kanate and the others will go with him. They accompany the party for a little while, but Hinohara must leave them at some point in order to get to the princess. They part at a waterfall and Kanate sill looks uncomfortable. Ginchi grabs Kanate’s hand to lead him after the others, but Kanate pulls back. Ginchi hesitates and his mother pulls him into the cave just as the waterfall starts again. It’s a very sad parting, but I can see how Kanate feels, especially since it was his gang that took Ginchi in the first place.

Kanate tries to part from Hinohara and Kotoha as well, but Hinohara ignores him and just drags him along while laying down some ground rules. Funny that just as Arata is craving muru, Hinohara and the others are running from an angry one in the forest! And that is because Honi stole its egg for her mistress, but it hatches before it can be delivered. Hinohara faints with a bad fever and wakes up in Ohika’s house. The kid just isn’t used to this kind of life and has no stamina!

Hinohara soon learns that Ohika is Kannagi’s Zokusho, a lesser Sho that is attached to a Lord. They can’t let him find out that Hinohara is also a Sho, but he already knows. Ohika seems kind enough as he repairs Kanate’s weapon with his Hayagami – Kaneri, the forge. Meanwhile, Kannagi is visiting the grave so someone called Emisu and promises to take the throne for their sake. He is interrupted by a soldier and rushes to Master Kigisu’s house only to find that it has been attacked by Lord Akachi. I guess that means that the power struggle for the throne has begun.

Ohika wants a quiet life and wants no part of the upcoming war. He tells Hinohara and Kanate that there is a way to gain the throne without a fight, but that would mean all the Sho would have to submit to the one man that can unite the Hayagami. Ohika lets Hinohara know that he knows exactly who he is and believes in his innocence. Ohika must also realize the power of Hinohara’s Hayagami. He is about to say more but is interrupted by the announcement that he has a guest.

Kannagi finds more of his Zokusho gone and their men slaughtered. His next stop is Ohika and he wonders if he will be in time. At that moment, Ohika is entertaining his guest – Lord Akachi! And Honi is trying to get Hinohara and the others to leave the village immediately. Akachi tells Ohika and his wife that the one behind the plot to kill the princess and take the throne was really Kannagi. He also tells them that Kannagi is after Hinohara to silence him for what he knows. Of course Hinohara and the others overhear this and Hinohara is shocked once again. Lord Akachi then asks Ohika to join him as his Zokusho, but it seems more of an order than a request. Will Kannagi be in time to prevent another massacre? Or will Hinohara be the one to do it?[/details]


[quote]Hi guys,

There is a World Table Tennis Championships going on in Japan which means the following shows will not broadcast as scheduled and will be postponed for a week. Don’t worry because there’s still a bunch of other shows I’m sure you want to catch up on!

Saturday, May 18th - Zettai Boei Leviatan #7 postponed to --> Saturday, May 25th at 11am PDT
Sunday, May 19th - Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos W #7 postponed to --> Sunday, May 26th at 10:05am PDT
Monday, May 20th - Hayate the Combat Butler! Cuties #7 postponed to --> Monday, May 27th at 10:35am PDT
Monday, May 20th - Arata the Legend #7 postponed to --> Monday, May 27th at 11am PDT[/quote]


Episode 6 –

[details=spoiler]Naturally, Ohika doesn’t believe Lord Akachi and says that he will stand with Kannagi as his Zokusho even if he must share his crimes with his Lord – probably the wrong thing to say to this guy! Akachi brings out his Hayagami and ends up threatening the pregnant Fuyo in order to get Ohika to submit. With no choice, Ohika will submit as long as Akachi harms no one under his protection. Ohika produces his own Hayagami and putting his soul into it, melds with Akachi’s Hayagami.

Akachi then proceeds to murder everyone in the room. Hinohara and the others are still behind the curtain, but won’t stay hidden for long. Akachi finds them once he rips the curtain, but Kannagi arrives just in time. Akachi isn’t the least bit surprised to see Kannagi and tells him that the battle for the throne has begun. The fight is a fierce one, but in the end Kannagi loses. Akachi takes his Hayagami, but not his soul, since he wants him to suffer the pain of loss. It seems they have a bit of history together and there is also something about Emisu. Akachi also mentions a “sin” carved into Kannagi’s shoulder.

Hinohara steps in once Akachi begin beating the unarmed Kannagi. Akachi tells him that the only thing now is to submit or be submitted to. Amazingly, Akachi walks away from them. In the aftermath, Honi asks Kannagi to bring her master back to her. He explains to her why he can’t bring Ohika back. He apologizes to Honi and begins to walk away from her, but Hinohara stops him. They argue, but Kannagi ends up walking away. Honi then verbally attacks Hinohara and tells him that he is just like Akachi, saying that she hates all Sho. Kanate reminds him of his mission for the princess, but Hinohara says that he doesn’t want to be king and lead this nation.

Later that night, Hinohara tries to decide what to do. If he wants to defeat Akachi, he fears that he will have to become just like him, forcing others submit to him. Hinohara is also angry with himself for not being strong enough to save the others either. Kanate tells Hinohara that he’s thinking too much and tries to goad him into a fight. Hinohara says that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, so Kanate tells him to run away and forget everything. But remembering the trust that the princess put in him, Hinohara tells himself that he must fight.

Kotoha then brings up another point. She reminds Hinohara that Tsutsuga didn’t submit to him because he lost. Kotoha suggests that the warden entrusted his life to Hinohara instead. She also tells him of a legendary Hayagami that doesn’t have any Kamui, but is destined to reign over the world. She tells Hinohara that his Hayagami may be this sword of origins – Tsukuyo. When Hinohara repeats the name, his Hayagami brings forth a radiant light that even reaches to Kannagi. Hinohara knows now what he must do. He also thinks he knows what the princess meant by “lead the nation”. The trio set off for the capital once again.[/details]


Episode 7 –

[details=spoiler]Back in the modern world, Arata returns to school as Hinohara. Kadowaki and the bullies were ready for him – well for Hinohara. Nothing could have prepared them this Arata!

On the way to the capital, Kotoha injures her foot so the party rests at an abandoned village. And Kannagi is still following them! Hinohara realizes that Kotoha has some deeper feelings for Arata and perhaps wishes he was Arata right about now. This could get complicated. Hinohara leaves to scout the area before Kotoha can say anything more.

The two Aratas have another chat and each is brought up to date on their own worlds. Hinohara also asks Arata how he feels about Kotoha and is told that he thinks of her as a little sister and tasks Hinohara with protecting her. Hinohara seems a little relieved, but again, this could get complicated, especially since I think that Kanate also likes Kotoha.

In his search to find the herb to help with Kotoha’s pain, Kanate comes across Emisu’s grave and growing around it is the very herb he needs. He picks a few and is suddenly surrounded by columns of fire. Hinohara is wandering around, thinking of his conversation with Arata, when Kannagi grabs him from behind and demands his Hayagami. They too are surrounded by flames and Kannagi explains that there is an underground lava flow. Without Homura, Kannagi can do nothing to control the fires.

When the flames attack Hinohara, he uses his Hayagami to dispel them. But now that Tsukuyo is out, Kannagi wants it even more. He wants to use it to get Homura back from Akachi. Hinohara can do nothing against an unarmed man and Kannagi soon takes Tsukuyo from him. Kannagi raises the Hayagami to strike a killing blow to Hinohara, but Kotoha’s voice stops him. She is there and suddenly the flames are attacking her.

Hinohara promised to protect Kotoha and here he is, powerless to do so. Kannagi has a sudden vision of the past, where Emisu was trapped just as Kotoha is now. Hinohara seizes his chance and runs to Kotoha. The flames are about to devour Kotoha and Hinohara can’t reach her. She doesn’t want him to either. She wants him to fulfill his mission and forget about her. But a promise is a promise and Kannagi and the newly arrived Kanate watch in awe as Hinohara enters the flames to save her.

Within the wall of flames, Hinohara hugs Kotoha to him. The flames rage around them and Kannagi’s shoulder begins to pain him. He hears Emisu’s voice and drops the Hayagami to leap into the fire and save Hinohara and Kotoha. Being a Sho of fire does come in handy once in a while! Afterwards, Kannagi fights with the pain in his shoulder and remembers some of his past. A past where a very young Akachi and Emisu joined his household. Kannagi grew up with the two of them. They were friends.

The watching Akachi remembers the past as well. The night the servants revolted and killed the lord. That night, the friends had to run for their lives. Akachi faces the mob to give Kannagi and Emisu time to escape and tells Kannagi to protect Emisu. He loved her as well and I think he was also jealous of Kannagi – not just because Emisu chose him, but also because Kannagi was a lord’s son. Perhaps if he had been a powerful lord, Emisu would have chosen him instead. But love just doesn’t work that way and Akachi needs to realize that. But in her own way, Emisu did love Akachi and did not want to leave him behind.

Kotoha now tries to heal Kannagi’s shoulder, but her skills aren’t enough. They realize that it’s an old wound and Kotoha thinks it may be a wound of the heart. Just then, Kannagi awakens with the name of Emisu on his lips as he sees Kotoha. Imaging that he sees her, he remembers the past again. Escape on a boat in a stormy sea. Kannagi comforts Emisu as best he can. Back on land, they travel through a forest, but exhaustion overcomes them. Ohika is the one that finds them. Fully awake now, Kannagi is telling his story to the others.

Time passes and Kannagi and Emisu are happily living out their lives in Kagutsuchi. On the night of another storm a raging fever brings Kannagi to what may be his deathbed. Emisu wants to gather the herbs to help him, but Ohika warns her of the lava flow. Wanting to help Kannagi, she ignores his warnings. Waking from his five day fever, Kannagi looks out his window to see a nearby hilltop in flames under a clam night sky. Instinct takes over and weak but determined, he finally makes it to the hilltop. He finds Emisu within the walls of flames, but she warns him to stay away.

The fire attacks Kannagi and sends him flying over the edge of the hilltop. His shoulder on fire, he manages to pull himself back up. Emisu is happy to see him alive. Then the flames consume her. Nothing is left of her and a world without Emisu is no world for him. Kannagi tries to join Emisu in death by taking his own life. He calls out to Homura, the god of flames to take him to Emisu’s side. Hearing his plea, Homura appears before him and instead of taking his life, chooses him to be his Sho and gifts him with a Hayagami.

Now at Emisu’s grave, Kannagi finishes his story. Homura is more to him that just a Hayagami. It’s also part of Emisu and Kannagi vows to get it back from Akachi. Hinohara tells Kannagi to join them and come with them to the capital. Hinohara tells him that they are going to change this world. But others are observing them as well. And Akachi mentions that the Six Sho are on the move![/details]


Episode 8 –

[details=spoiler]At least Hinohara is beginning to take his task more seriously and has started training. Kannagi is a bit useless, but it looks like he still wants Tsukuyo as well.

Back in the modern world, Kadowaki looks as if he really hates Arata. Arata is still dealing with Hinohara’s family and still needs to learn how to fit in. He’s also trying to reconnect with Suguru, which is nice. And it seems that Kadowaki has his own family issues.

Hinohara and his party are now within the domain of Lord Yorunami and he questions Kannagi about him. Hinohara also learns something of the Six Sho, who keep their faces covered. These powerful Sho are currently just outside of Kando Forest and seem to know that Hinohara is from another world. In order to eliminate Hinohara and Tsukuyo, they say they must awaken “it”, and they send Harunawa into the forest. This doesn’t look good!

That night, Suguru helps Arata find Kadowaki. Kadowaki has lost status with his friends after his loss to Arata and now he finds out that he’s also being used by those same so-called “friends” of his. They seem to want to bully him now, but Arata comes along and says he will back up Kadowaki. I’m sure Kadowaki did not appreciate that one bit! Faced with Arata, the bullies make an excuse and leave and Kadowaki just gets angry at Arata with his offer of help.

Kadowaki brings up the past and of course Arata has no idea what he’s talking about. He looks to Suguru for help, but Suguru doesn’t know either. He tries to explain that he isn’t the real Hinohara, but his mother has found him. She slaps his face and that’s what he gets for leaving the house without telling anyone! He looks really stunned that she slapped him too, but so do Kadowaki and Suguru. She was really worried about Arata, especially with his “condition” and when Kadowaki sees that concern, he runs off. He really does have family issues! From the earlier fight with his father, it seems that Kadowaki’s mother left, so he probably feels some jealousy towards Arata and his mother.

Kadowaki doesn’t like people making fun of him and feels that everyone is. He and Hinohara were once on the same track team and it seems that Hinohara was the better runner and the one to win an award. Kadowaki always resented that, but instead of trying to improved, he just quit and blamed Hinohara for taking his place. There is a lot of hatred here.

In Kando Forest, Harunawa is calling upon a hate-filled soul to open the door to the other world. Why do I get the feeling that Kadowaki will soon be joining the real Hinohara? Actually, it might be a good experience for him! As Kadowaki takes his anger out on a wall, he vows to kill Hinohara. At that very moment, he is pulled into the other world and as Harunawa passes him, he feeds Kadowaki the knowledge of what Hinohara has been up to in this world.

Now Kadowaki realizes the situation and also blames Hinohara for deceiving him as well – like that was Hinohara’s fault! Full of hate and madness, he approaches the other Sho and demands to know where the “real” Hinohara is. Maybe this isn’t good after all. The five Sho fill Kadowaki in on the rest of the story and tell him that Hinohara intends to become King. They tell Kadowaki to become a Sho and defeat Hinohara. They tell him that his hatred is his power and that he is the chosen one. Kadowaki is so blinded by his hatred that he can’t see that these guys are using him too and he believes them.

The Sho pair a Hayagami with Kadowaki that will suit him, but the sword still must choose him to be its master. This Hayagami is called Orochi and has been kept sealed away. That does not sound good! The Sho tell Kadowaki that this is the only Hayagami that can defeat Hinohara and Tsukuyo. Kadowaki grasps the Hayagami and all of the other Sho can feel it. However, all but Hinohara know that Orochi is being awakened! A black mist swirls around Kadowaki and the Hayagami.

But will the Hayagami choose Kadowaki or will it consume him? It seems the sword swallows those it deems unworthy. Orochi demands that Kadowaki show his hatred and Kadowaki pulls the Hayagami free. The watching Sho are pleased and Kadowaki grins evilly. I really hope that Kadowaki comes to his senses![/details]


Episode 9 –

[details=spoiler]Hinohara has been having problems with Tsukuyo and soon comes face to face with Kadowaki. The group soon realizes that he’s a Sho and Kadowaki wastes no time in attacking with Orochi. Hinohara protects his friends, but with all the insults Kadowaki hurls at him, for some reason Tsukuyo demonizes.

Both of these boys have issues with one another and unfortunately these feelings are being expressed through their Hayagami. Kannagi says that Tsukuyo will turn into an Onigami and Kotoha rushes forward to stop Hinohara from changing into a demon. She manages to do so, but falls unconscious and the rest of the Six Sho order Kadowaki to retreat. They did not think Tsukuyo would demonize and want to awaken Orochi completely.

Hinohara drops Tsukuyo and Kannagi grabs it. He runs off with it and Kanate chases him. Hinohara finally comes to his senses and goes to Kotoha’s aid. He takes her to a hut and she questions him about Kadowaki and what he said about being “in this world”. Hinohara says nothing, just stares into the fire. Kotoha reaches for him and his pulls back. She finally realizes that this is not her Arata! It took her long enough! Hinohara admits the truth and apologizes. He never intended to deceive anyone in this world.

Kadowaki wakes up on the Sho airship to find that he’s been given a handmaiden, Miyabi, but he doesn’t want her and chases her out. Miyabi seems sweet, but a bit clumsy. Kadowaki thinks that Hinohara has finally taken him seriously and is eager for their next battle. Meanwhile, Hinohara is telling Kotoha all about the Kadowaki of his world. Hinohara feels that he possesses the evil same power as Kadowaki and Akachi, and is afraid of becoming a demon again. Kotoha asks his real name. Hinohara tells her and leaves the hut.

Kanate still searches for Kannagi in the rain. He knows that this is Lord Yorunami’s territory and that the rain is the Lord’s Kamui. Without Hinohara and his Hayagami, they are defenseless. Kanate finds Kannagi, but before he can do anything, Kannagi says that he’s going back. Just like that! Kanate and Kannagi find Hinohara sitting at the base of a tree in the rain, getting soaked. Kannagi baits him, but gets no response. Kannagi tells Hinohara that Tsukuyo is heavy with the weight of its mission and that he should take his responsibility back.

In the sunshine of the following day, Hinohara spars with Kanate, as Kannagi and Kotoha watch. Kotoha seems sad, but at least Hinohara is getting stronger. So much so, that Kannagi wants to spar with him as well. Kannagi gets a feel for Kanate’s weapon and immediately attacks Hinohara without any warning. He almost knocks him off the edge of the cliff! Kannagi tells him that Orochi’s master is one of the Six Sho and to Hinohara that means that Kadowaki must have replaced one of them, sending the other to his world.

I don’t know why Hinohara was surprised when Kannagi told him that Kadowaki would come after him again. How could he not already know that? Kannagi knocks the Hayagami from Hinohara’s hand and sends it flying over the cliff. Kannagi tells Hinohara that his fear of turning into a demon is holding him back and at the moment, it’s making him useless. Kannagi questions if someone like him can really change the world and that he’s not worth believing in. He tells Hinohara to find Tsukuyo before sundown or leave them, but it looks like Hinohara finally got a bit of determination back.

As Hinohara searches for Tsukuyo, he comes across a wolf-like creature with Tsukuyo in its mouth. It runs off and Hinohara gives chase. I have a feeling that this is no ordinary wolf. Hinohara runs after it, even as he questions why. He wonders if he can even wield Tsukuyo with that evil power inside of him. Surprisingly, it is the Kadowaki from the past that inspires him. Hinohara stops to catch his breath and the wolf stops as well, to look back at him. Kadowaki was his friend once and perhaps he will draw upon that.

Kadowaki’s hatred for Hinohara is only growing, but Miyabi thinks that he really likes Hinohara. She says that if Kadowaki really hated him, he could just ignore him, but the very fact that he thinks of Hinohara so much, must mean that he likes him. Miyabi says that he wants to be friends and that almost earns her death. Kadowaki tells her that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. When Kadowaki thinks of the past, he thinks that Hinohara threw a race against him. All this hatred is because of that? Kadowaki thought his friendship with Hinohara was one-sided and that Hinohara was making fun of him. For that reason alone, he wants to crush Hinohara.

Hinohara returns to his friends and he has Tsukuyo! However did he get it back? He shows it to Kannagi and Kannagi says that he will believe in him. Hinohara tells Kotoha that Kadowaki helped him and he now wants to move forward. He tells her that he still isn’t confident, but he hopes to change Kadowaki’s heart. Hinohara also swears not to become a demon and Kotoha cries, saying that she believes in him as well. Hinohara hugs her and Kanate doesn’t like that at all! LOL Kannagi knocks Kanate on the head to shut him up. Hinohara thanks Kotoha and she tells him that he’ll be fine. Interesting that the one watching them hopes that Hinohara can turn Lord Yorunami back into “what he was”. I wonder how long it will be before they meet. There aren’t many episodes left to resolve everything.[/details]


Episode 10 –

[details=spoiler]Rather than meet Yorunami, Hinohara wants to his Zokusho first, so the group heads to the nearest town, Suzukura to meet Hiruko. But with not enough money to enter Suzukura, the group is put to work by Suehiro. The boys are put to work in a quarry, and Kotoha is sent to a textile mill. But how is Hinohara going to meet Hiruko? Meanwhile, Kadowaki gets a lesson on the Sho and Akachi in particular.

Hinohara tries to find out about Lord Yorunami and ends up asking Suehiro about him. Yorunami is a man seeking perfection and is responsible for the prosperous state of this town. But it sounds like Suehiro is holding something back. The guys befriend a child at the quarry that ends up getting fired for breaking a wagon. However, Ruka claims he didn’t do it. Ruka takes his new friends home and the guys get to see the other side of this perfect city, the slums.

Things begin to make more sense when Ruka tells them that he Chief at the quarry used to work for his father at their shop. The shop is gone now and Ruka’s parents are dead. Kannagi notices that Suehiro is outside, listening to their conversation. Ruka can’t even leave the city because the exit fee is too expensive. Kannagi suggest that Ruka should work his way up in this town, and he later confronts Suehiro.

Suehiro knows everything about this group and who they are. He was the one watching them as they travelled. I am beginning to wonder is Suehiro is Hiruko. Kannagi tells them to stop toying with them and I don’t think Suehiro took that well. Ruka has had a hard time and Hinohara knows just how he feels. He gives Ruka a pep talk and of course Suehiro is still eavesdropping outside. Ruka still wants to leave the city and Hinohara and Kanate promise to help him, as do Kotoha and Kannagi.

On board the airship, Kadowaki’s wounds have healed and perhaps he’s beginning to feel a little remorseful. He wonders how Miyabi can smile for him. There is a sudden crash and the airship is damaged. It was Akachi! Kadowaki jumps off the airship to fight him. This should be interesting. Akachi knows immediately that Kadowaki is not one of the Six Sho. Kadowaki asks Akachi to join with him. I wasn’t expecting that! Apparently they have something in common in that both of their enemies are working together, so why shouldn’t they?

Akachi refuses Kadowaki’s offer and Kadowaki tells him that he doesn’t want Hinohara to beat him in anything. But Akachi tells him that he can’t win against Hinohara and tells him why – Kadowaki is trapped by the bond reflected in his eyes. Akachi then offers to help him and pierces Kadowaki’s eye with his spear. So much for that. I guess Akachi prefers to work alone.

That night, the group tries to leave Suzukura with Ruka, but is stopped by Suehiro. He pulls out his Hayagami and introduces himself as Hiruko! I knew it! He is also Yorunami’s number one Zokusho. Hinohara steps forward and pulling out his Hayagami, he tells Suehiro that this imperfect city does not see people as people and is heartless. It looks like Suehiro sees much of his master in Hinohara. He initiates the fight, but his heart isn’t in it and he stops after one strike.

He had been watching them under Yorunami’s orders and wanted to see what Hinohara was like. He now tells Ruka that he doesn’t have to leave the city, for he intends to change it. He also intends to defy Lord Yorunami and asks Hinohara to bring back the Yorunami he once knew. And Yorunami is watching all this - that can’t be good![/details]


Episode 11 –

[details=spoiler]The group arrives at Yorunami’s palace. It seems that the Lord is under his mother’s thumb and had been trying to please her his entire life. Hinohara and Kotoha have a chat and I can see that Kotoha is already sad that he’ll be leaving to go back to his own world someday. I don’t even think Hinohara thought of having to return someday. At least not yet. Kotoha promises to watch over him and runs off. He pulls the gift he bought for her out of his pocket and thinks about what he’s doing here, but hasn’t thought too far into the future.

Kotoha’s scream has Hinohara rushing to her aid. Rounding a corner, he sees Kotoha being taken by the water - water controlled by Yorunami. Hinohara runs to the palace with Kanate and Kannagi not far behind him. Kannagi knows it’s a trap. Hinohara finds Kotoha imprisoned in a sphere, but can’t free her. As the sphere fills with water, Yorunami appears and challenges Hinohara. Once their duel is finished, Kotoha will be set free.

By now, Kanate and Kannagi have arrived and try to free Kotoha before she drowns, but Yorunami will only allow them to watch how things play out. Hiruko is also there and watches with others, hoping that Hinohara can return Yorunami to the way he was. Meanwhile, Akachi knows that Kadowaki must also be heading towards Yorunami’s palace. After their fight, Kadowaki said he wanted to get stronger and so Akachi gave him one of his eyes to replace the one he took. For some reason, Kadowaki admires him.

The fight between Hinohara and Yorunami continues. When Hiruko calls out a warning to Hinohara, Yorunami attacks him as well, but only as a warning. Kotoha’s head is almost completely under water now and Yorunami uses a time reversal on Hinohara. Hiruko says that isn’t a good thing. At this point Kadowaki drops from the sky, releasing Orochi and calling for Hinohara.

Yorunami explains to Kadowaki that Hinohara is sleeping and will submit to him in his sleep. This will derive Kadowaki of his prize, so he attacks and also gets imprisoned by Yorunami, and is sent to join Hinohara in that same sleep. Hinohara is happy and warm and dreams of his mother. But this isn’t his mother, for she asks him to tell her about the Oath to Submit. She insists that Hinohara tell her, but he refuses. Yorunami sends Hinohara further into his past.

This time, his mother tells Hinohara that he doesn’t have to go to school and that it’s okay to run away. She encourages him to say the words that will make it all go away. Again, he refuses and is sent back further. Now, Hinohara is a toddler and being cuddled by his mother and she is telling him that he doesn’t have to try so hard. She tells him to just let things go and say the chant. She even starts it for him. Thankfully, Hinohara still refuses and Yorunami can’t figure out why Hinohara won’t obey his mother. Instead of trying to get Hinohara’s Hayagami, he’s ready to just kill Hinohara and be done with it.

Yorunami is sending Hinohara further back in time so that he will just disappear, but another voice is calling out to Hinohara. It’s Kotoha, telling him not to give up and with her pleas, Hinohara begins to grow up again. With a final word to his mother, she tells Hinohara to go. The power of the Hayagami activates and not only does Hinohara return, but he has Kotoha with him!

Yorunami is back too and he’s angry. Unfortunately, his Hayagami has lost the will to fight. Yorunami runs back to his own mother and she isn’t there. She must have died a while back and Yorunami was keeping an illusion of her around. Norman Bates creepy!!! LOL So this is what had changed Yorunami. Hiruko confirms that his mother had died and this was just a doll made of water. Nothing had ever pleased this woman and yet Yorunami still strove for her praise. No wonder he broke after she died.

Kannagi sees one more thing belonging to Yorunami’s mother. Yorunami remembers his mother entrusting it to him on her deathbed, telling him that it contained her life force and that he must protect it. If he fails, he will die, but Yorunami never looked inside that box, feeling that he was unworthy. Hinohara and Kotoha encourage him to open the box and Yorunami finally does, revealing the necklace that he once made for his mother.

Yorunami is confused until one of his retainers steps forward and tells Yorunami the truth. His mother was not the strict woman that Yorunami thought she was. She suffered for loving her kind child too much and tried to make him stronger for the day when his parents would no longer be with him. She had suffered as much as Yorunami did. Still clutching the necklace, Yorunami breaks down and cries.

Yorunami apologizes to Hiruko, telling him that he was right and that Hinohara has freed him from his curse. He apologizes as well to the rest of his household and they kneel before him. Yorunami asks Hinohara for the one thing he values most in the world and Hinohara tells him “bonds”. But all this time, they had forgotten about Kadowaki and he appears now, dripping wet. He had been listening and got very insulted when Hinohara said that he values bonds. He tells the stunned Hinohara that he only needs to look at him![/details]


Episode 12 -

[details=Spoiler]This confrontation between Hinohara and Kadowaki is about to become a showdown as Kadowaki taunts Hinohara. He wants to see Hinohara become a demon and fight him with all his hatred. Hinohara refuses and tells Kadowaki that he will change Kadowaki’s heart instead. Kadowaki insists on a fight and as he brandishes Orochi, it evolves. Hinohara pulls out his Hayagami and the fight is on!

The first strike causes an explosion. Hinohara runs, but I think it’s only to get Kadowaki away from everyone. I’m sure he doesn’t care who else may get hurt in this fight. But it looks like Yorunami’s palace is already completely ruined. The remaining five Sho watch the fight from their airship and they are enjoying the battle between light and dark. Even the sleeping princess can sense this fight. Kotoha begs the others to help Hinohara, but this is his fight alone and they cannot help him. However, they do believe in him and Kanate tells Kotoha that he’s certain that Hinohara won’t become a demon.

Up until now, Hinohara has only been defending himself and this is making Kadowaki angry. To him, this is a fight for submission, but Hinohara doesn’t want that and shields himself. Kanate reminds Hinohara that he still has to get to the princess and this wakes Hinohara up a bit. Kotoha yells out that they all believe in him and Kadowaki says that he will make them regret that. Kadowaki attacks with the full power of Orochi and the five Sho think that Kadowaki may even surpass their expectations and destroy Tsukuyo. The Kamui is too strong for Hinohara to deflect and it looks like he’s in trouble.

Yorunami makes a decision and thanks his household for their faithful service, telling them that he will submit to Hinohara. They protest, but Yorunami has made up his mind and will put his trust in Hinohara. Yorunami believes that this noble act will also finally win his mother’s praise, but Hinohara doesn’t want Yorunami to submit to him. Kannagi reminds Hinohara what submission means and tells him to accept it. Yorunami joins with Tsukuyo and strengthens Hinohara. There is another explosion and the palace is nothing but rubble.

Kadowaki is happy to see that Hinohara is finally taking things seriously, but Hinohara asks him why he wants to fight so badly. Kadowaki thinks of the humiliation he suffered at Hinohara’s hands – a humiliation that he imagined and made Hinohara suffer for ever since. Kadowaki says that he wants to beat only Hinohara and no one else now. Kadowaki attacks again and Hinohara calls upon Nakisawa and a water attack. It stops Orochi’s attack and gives Kadowaki what he wants. He remembers Akachi’s words and feels that he understands them now. He tells Akachi to watch him and Kannagi is surprised to hear that Kadowaki has Akachi’s eye. Kannagi wonders what Akachi did to Kadowaki.

Another intense attack results in a standoff until Hinohara manages to deflect it, sending Kadowaki flying. Hinohara tells Kadowaki that he will not submit and Tsukuyo begins to glow. Stone rises from the surrounding water – this is Tsukuyo’s power! Tsukuyo glows again and has awakened fully. Hinohara says that he won’t “yield to anything or anyone” and points the Hayagami at Kadowaki. This doesn’t deter Kadowaki in the least, who claims that he will now fight for himself and Hinohara promises not to run away anymore. Kadowaki and the cliff he was standing on are blown away. Hinohara wins! But he remembers the Kadowaki that was his friend.

Kotoha joins Hinohara and hugs him close, happy to see him safe. Hinohara finally gives her the gift that he had bought for her and she thanks him. Hinohara tells Kotoha that he will move forward and invites her to go with him. Of course she accepts! In the aftermath, Yorunami’s Zokusho wish to join their lord and submit to Hinohara and Tsukuyo. Hinohara speaks with Arata and warns him that the Kadowaki in his world is one of the Six Sho. Arata notes that Hinohara has become stronger. The remaining five Sho are more determined than ever to rid themselves of Hinohara and Tsukuyo.

Another Sho receives the news that Yorunami has submitted to Hinohara and awaits the day when they will meet, determined to make Hinohara submit to him. Kannagi is still resolved to get his Homura back, even at the cost of his life and he wants to make Akachi submit to him. It seems Akachi just wants to be free of his nightmares. And who is that little girl? Kadowaki is safe and aboard the airship once again. Miyabi is happy to have him back, but Kadowaki is thinking of other things. He still can’t forgive Hinohara and is determined not to lose to him. Miyabi notes that he really cares for Hinohara, but he tells her to shut up. Kadowaki looks forward to his next fight with Hinohara.

Hinohara vows to change the world, Kadowaki’s heart, and himself. And the princess is still waiting for him and believing in him. Good ending, but it just got me all excited to see more and I hope that there will be more! It’s a good story and I want to see the characters resolve their issues and finish their stories. I would also like to see more of Arata in the modern world. I hope this story will continue![/details]