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As the Mecha Turns II

The original was created by our dear friend, Outlander, and many members contributed. There were many twists and turns with unforeseen and shocking cliffhangers. Our vampires were staked, our werewolves were shot with silver bullets, and our witches (except one) were burned. Our magicians have disappeared, our anime characters have returned to their own stories, our good doctor has traveled on to another dimension, and the zombies have been dealt with. What was cannot be again, however, coming soon –

As the Mecha Turns II


The world crisis is over. The bar was destroyed. Slow and Roy have split up. He goes with a girl by the name of Hawkeye now. Maybe they got married. Maybe they have kids. But Slowhand still thinks of him. No, there will never be another like Roy Mustang!

Slow is all alone now. The friends and comrades have gone their separate ways. Slow will always remember the good times - and the bad times. She looks around her office and thinks how boring her life has gotten. Here she sits, running an anime forum, when she used to lead such an exciting life. She sighs. Well, times change. At least she still has her dungeon boys to amuse her.

Suddenly, the phone rings. Wait, it’s “that” phone, the one she thought would never ring again. She wonders what happened. She reaches for it…


It’s Roy!! He tells Slow that they found out who he was and where he was, even with completely changing his life. Headquarters is full of spies and can’t be trusted. Roy needs her help!

After confirming some things, Slow hangs up. She blinks. She smiles. It’s time to get the old gang back together!! Life is going to be fun again!! Slow places a call to Wicca and Cody and gives them the details.

A week later, they meet at the designated place. It is good to see old friends again. Slow is really happy to see Roy, but that Hawkeye girl is with him. Cody has brought Captain Jack. Wicca has arrived with Pretear. Coincidence? Or are they a thing now? Well, no matter, it is time to save the world – again!

The enemy this time is a villain demon lord named Maou, code name “Burger Man”. He intends to take over the world, one burger at a time. He and his henchmen, Yami and Nemesis, have been out making big trouble in little China and it’s time to do something about it.

Maou already has the military, including the alchemists, in his deep, deep pockets. Roy no longer has anyone to trust at headquarters. Word on the street is that Maou is planning something really BIG! His demon powers are nothing to scoff at either, and these few heroes will have to stop his world domination at all costs!!


Kitchen workshop, center of Hades:

Maou is sitting at his desk, reading over some diagrams. There are 4 girls in the office with him. All dressed in Maid outfits with thigh-highs and gaku-mizukis underneath. 3 are his Waifu family, and the 4th is the best friend of girl #1.

Maou: After so long, my plan will finally be realized! Just a few more steps, and everything will come to fruition!

Girl 1: Sadao Maou, you are referring to that which you have been working on for nearly 7 years?

Maou: Yami… Please just call me Maou. Or Darling. Or sugar muffin. Yeah. I like that third one.

Yami forms a fist with her hair, and punches Maou in the stomach.

Yami: You’re such a pervert.

Girl #2: Ooohhh! That’s hot! Let me get in on the action!

Girl #2 starts stomping on Maou.

Girl #3 Yami! Nemesis! Move away from him now! Aww. Here Maou. Rest your head on my tail. MofuMofu.

Girl #4: Senko, you baby him too much! Seriously, how did I get tangled up in this mess? Hey. I’m going to make some dinner for all of us. Udon sounds good, right? Want to come along Yami?

Yami: Sure Mikan.

(Orchestra music plays)

What is this diabolical plan Maou has come up with? How much of a pervert is he truly? Why Maid outfits with Gaku-mizukis? How will Mikan’s udon taste? All of this will hopefully be answered in:



We had left our heroes as they had just reassembled the gang together. What trials do they face? What hardships will they have to overcome? Will someone shut up that damn baby? I can’t concentrate over here!

Now back to:

As The Mecha Turns 2!

Interior scene. A group of people are sitting at a table.

Slowhand: I’m very glad all of you were able to make it here. This is a dire emergency, and you guys are the best of the best. Roy just informed me of a catastrophe that we have to prevent.

Cody: That’s fine and all, but why did we have to do this at an In-N-Out Burger? Couldn’t you have splurged and maybe gotten us Outback?

Slowhand: I like this place, and I don’t see you paying any of the bill. Any questions?

Sounds of a whip cracking.

Cody: Err. Uh. No ma’am!

Slow: Okay. Roy will give the details he has amassed so far.

Roy: The intel I have now says this demon has already taken command of the biggest corporation in the world. He’s been slowly feeding the military, and now has them all in the palm of his hand. If not for Riza, I might have been dead by now.

Slowhand scowls

Roy continues: It seems his base is located directly in the center pits of hell. Hades itself. This is a problem for me, as that means he most likely has protection against my flames.

The rest of the group all gasp

Captain Jack: Your flame alchemy is the most powerful card we have! It can incinerate anything in the blink of an eye! I still owe you for helping me with those “female accomplices” a few years back. What do we do now?

Slow: I tried to get him, but I fear he may be dead. No channel I tried could locate him.

All of a sudden, the door is kicked open. A burly silhouette appears.

Who is this mystery person? Where did he come from? Where is my freaking order? It’s been 20 minutes!

To be continued in the next chapter of
As The Mecha Turns 2!


A few minutes earlier:

Roy pulls Slow aside: “You know I had to leave you to protect you.”

Slow pulls her arm from Roy’s grasp: “Oh, please! You know I can damned well protect myself.”

Roy: “But…”

Slow, her eyes blazing: “Go back to your Hawkeye. Or do you want an invite back into my dungeon?”

Roy chuckles: “I always loved it when you were angry.”

Slow, cracking her whip: “I don’t get mad, I get even!”

Slow walks away and Roy hangs his head. Why did he ever let her go? What was he afraid of?


Slow returns to the group:

“I have to tell you that MI5 is also involved in this. However, I don’t know yet if they are enemies or allies.”

'We also need a way to get around. I’ve put a call in to an old cyborg friend. A Tonka Truck should be arriving soon. Tonka and Deunan will be joining us. The truck will be one of Tonka’s “special ones”. Something of a portable office with extras - lots and lots of extras!"

“Now, I want to…”

Everyone jumps and looks to the kicked-in door. That burly silhouette looks familiar!

Slow: “Series5! How good to see you again! And who is this?”

Slow looks at the pretty blonde girl with him.

Series5: “This is Saber. My waifu in life and in work, and a very capable agent.”

Slow: “So then, I have to ask you – is MI5 with us or against us?”

Series5: “I can’t answer that. Yet. We are only here to gather intel - for now.”

Slow: “And will you share?”

Series5 just looks at her. Suddenly, there is an explosion! What the heck just happened???

Find out in the next chapter of –

As The Mecha Turns 2!


It is very smoky and everyone is coughing. The lights are out. Things are in shambles, sparks are flying, but no one is really hurt.

As the smoke clears, a girl with a spear stands where the door used to be.

She speaks: “It seems to have been an exploding veggie patty. The beef ones have disappeared.”

She looks to Series5: “You left without me!”

Series5: “This is my fight, Yukina!”

Yukina: “No Senpai, this is OUR fight!”

Series5 facepalms.

Slow sighs. Now, no one will get their order…

As the group leaves the building, Newshawk is waiting outside. He readies a pad and pen.

Newshawk: “Slowhand, can you tell us what happened? What is going on?”

Slowhand looks at the pad and pen. “Still old fashioned, are you?”

Newshawk: “The public has a right to know!”

Slow: “The public can kiss… Nevermind. NO COMMENT!!!”

Slow and her group walk away. A fancy truck pulls up in the parking lot…


Slow stops and turns around. Newshawk is gone. How did Newshawk get here so fast when the police haven’t even arrived yet? He always did have a nose for news, but his quick arrival – and disappearance – is bothering her this time. Well, no time to think about this now. She waves at Tonka.

As the group approaches, the truck draws all their attention. Tonka jumps down from the cab. He hugs Slow and says: “A beauty, isn’t she?” and winks. “It’s completely custom. Being a CEO got boring, so this has been a pet project of mine.” Deunan joins them and introductions are made all around.

Tonka leads the way to the back of the truck. He says: I knew she’d come in handy someday,” as he unlocks the doors and swings them wide. The group gasps. Lights come on and automatic stairs pop out. The group climbs inside and Slow looks around. “This is perfect, Tonka!”

In the back are several bunk beds and a kitchenette with a tiny bar. There is a small bathroom with a shower. There is a conference table with a communications panel and computer / TV screens. There is enough seating for a large group. Tonka presses a button and the walls around the table flip around to show every kind of weapon imaginable. Slow nods. They will probably need them all.

Tonka presses another button and a panel in the floor slides open. A mini car and several motorcycles rise up into view. The walls here flip around to reveal a complete repair shop.

Slow laughs: “You’ve been hanging around with “Q” too much, Tonka.”

Tonka smiles back: “Well, mgosdin has always been a good friend. He gave me plenty of ideas and help. And we will be picking up our computer expert, miquelfire, later.”

“We also have enough medical supplies to equip a small hospital, and we will be picking up a medic too, but I can’t tell you who it is yet.” Slow cocks an eyebrow. “I just got a bad vibe, Tonka.” Tonka shrugs and laughs. “I also have enough of my cyborg parts stored here for repairs – if needed – as well.”

“Well, shall we?” Tonka asks. “There is enough seating in the cab for several passengers and the rest can ride back here. The seats around the table are attached to the floor and have seatbelts, and the beds have special webbing to hold you in place – something like a mosquito net, only stronger. I suggest you all get as much rest as possible, since we will be on the move constantly.”

Series5 speaks up: “We shall be leaving you now, but we will be in touch. Q actually works for us, so we have our own transportation and toys.” He chuckles. “Nothing as nice as this through. Hey Tonka – would you ever consider working for us?”

Tonka laughs. “Nope.”

Series5, Saber, and Yukina leave the truck. Once everyone is comfortable, Tonka locks the doors, gets back in the cab, and starts the engine. Time for a new adventure!

Tonka looks at the control panel in front of him. First, they are going to need some gas…


Haissan and miquelfire are standing on a corner in NJ, waiting to be picked up by Tonka. The area is surrounded by woods and in the middle of nowhere. Haissan and miquelfire know one another, but have never worked together before. They talk.

Haissan: “I was hired to cook and also to put my medical skills to good use.”

miquelfire: “I will be the resident computer expert. I’ve already set up several systems for Tonka.”

Haissan: “Looking forward to working with you.”

miquelfire: “Same here.”

Suddenly, there is a crashing noise in the nearby woods. Is it the Jersey Devil? miquelfire turns towards it, but nothing happens and it gets quiet again. When he turns back to Haissan, the man is gone. He looks around. There is no trace of Haissan. Shaken, miquelfire wonders if Haissan was ever really there…


Haissan wakes a few hours later. Noticing he is restrained to a chair, he sees a man standing before him.

“Huh? Where am I?”

Maou: Good evening. Haissan, was it? My sources have informed me that you have been working on a new type of grill that can actually remove the fat from a patty while retaining all the flavor.

Haissan: How did you find out about that?

Maou: That is all thanks to my super hacker Alice and her Heavens Memo Pad. But I digress, I’m very intrigued at this project.

Haissan: Are you serious? I’ve taken my prototype to several corporations, and they all laughed in my face! You actually believe in my work? If you can get me a lift to my place, I’ll get it for you.

Maou: Yami darling, would you mind?

Yami punches Maou again

Maou: That was a good one :heart:

Yami: So, I shall escort you. Where are we going to?

Haissan: You’re taking me? Don’t make me laugh. I need someone who can protect me, not a short blonde girl.

Yami transforms her hands into blades. “Care to say that again?”

Haissan: Gulp. Sorry. I didn’t mean it. Really. I swear.

Yami: Okay. Let’s go then.

A set of snow white wings sprout from her back. She lifts Haissan with a hand made out of her hair and they take off.

Two hours later

Yami: We’re back.

She’s carrying what appears to be a grill. Haissan is pale as a ghost.

Haissan: That was crazy!!! She passed a jetliner like it was standing still!!

Maou: So you flew slowly Yami? That’s what took so long.

Yami: Didn’t want to accidentally kill him during the trip.

Maou: Ah. So the grill is real. Looks complicated though. As you’re it’s inventor, I’ll need you on board to help control it. Sound good?

Haissan: If it keeps me from getting killed, sure. Just please never let her take me anywhere again.

Yami: And here I was being nice. You could have just walked there for all I cared. That thing was fairly heavy by the way.

Maou: That’s good to hear Haissan. Now let me introduce you to my head scientists Tearju and Ueno.

The two men, accompanied by Yami leave the room through double doors.


Cody, Captain Jack, Wicca and Pretear are sitting at the table in the truck, sharing a bottle of Scotch and remembering the good times.

Cody: “So, do you girls still swing from chandeliers?”

Wicca looks confused. “I’ve never swung from a chandelier. At least I don’t think so.”

Cody frowns: “That’s right, it was only your frilly panties and jeans swinging from the chandelier that time.”

Wicca smiles: “No, not mine.” She looks at Pretear.

Pretear (blushing): “Time to change the subject! Please!”

Cody laughs: “Have you both given up tequila and morning after Bloody Mary’s?”

Wicca: “I have not touched a drop of tequila in years and I won’t until I find my lost shaker of salt.”

Cody looks at Pretear: “If I remember correctly, you always woke up smelling of moon pies.”

Pretear: “Okay, changing the subject again… What have you been up to Cody?”

Cody: “And both of you always woke up half naked and in the same bed!”

Pretear groans. Wicca laughs: “Those were some good times with Eric and Cody, weren’t they, Pretear?”

Captain Jack looks at Cody: “Should I be jealous?”

Cody winks at him: “I also wonder how Rai is doing with those tentacle parties of his.”

Pretear: “Okay, I am changing the subject this time! For those that care, I happened to be married.” She looks at the shocked faces and continues: “Yup, I married Shak. We even have a few rugrats now.”

Wicca: “Wow, Pretear! Congrats, I think.”

Cody: “Yeah, that’s great. But what are you doing here if you have a family?”

Pretear: “Well, Slow needed me, so I kind of told them I was taking a vacation by myself. I actually miss the old days.” She looks at the smiling Cody and frowns: “Well, perhaps only some of the old days… Shut up, Cody and Wicca!! Just shut up!!”

Cody and Wicca burst into laughter. Captain Jack and Pretear join in.


“Welcome to my laboratory” beconned Maou. “Well, not actually mine, but you should get the point. Now where are they at?”


“What was that???”

A cloud of smoke engulfs the room. It dissipates.

A girl who looks like an older version of Yami and a short redhead are standing where the flume started, coughing.

Haissan: What the… Oh my god! There’s another one!!!

Yami looks irritated. “That is my creator.” She blushes slightly “So you could call her my mom. Her name is Tearju.”

Tearju: Oh it’s so exciting! Ueno and I just brought that Japanese warship you brought us to life!

Ueno: Yeah. It was tough, but with our intellect combined, nothing is impossible!

Girl in really skimpy Seifuku: Where am I? Wasn’t I destroyed? Why am I in a human-like body?

Ueno and Tearju: We brought you back to life, thanks to this guy. You should thank him too.

Maou: You were abandoned, so it’s the least I could do. Besides, I feel like I may need your help.

Girl: I’m Shimakaze. Thanks I guess. What’s the deal with my outfit though?

Yami is clearly disgruntled. “Maou designed it himself…”

Maou: So Haissan. These are my genius scientists. They will help you revise and redesign your grill for maximum capacity.

Outside the building, a deep purple van with a wizard shooting lightning bolts on the side blasting Free Bird pulls up.

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Haissan goes to his prototype grill. “Give me a little time to get this thing operational, and I’ll get you guys’ help after that.”

Shimakaze: So. Uhhhh. Thanks again for giving me a new life, but why do you need a Japanese warship like me? And where’s my ship body?

Maou: You still have your ship body. Ueno or Tearju can give better specifics on how everything works, if you’re curious. I brought you back because I read you were the fastest on the water. Your aquatic speed will benefit me substantially. Plus, I thought you looked cute.

Shimakaze blushes and punches Maou. Yami then slugs him too. Under her breath she mutters: “Why did I have to fall for a pervert like you?”

Ueno: You want to know how your body works, right? Leave that to me.

Science talk. Shimakaze has a look of utter confusion.

Maou stands back up. “Let’s go Yami.”

Back in Maou’s office

Senko: Maou should be back soon. You almost finished cleaning over there Mikan?

Mikan: Yep. You’re a great help at keeping things tidy Senko. After we’re done here, want to help make lunch?

Senko: Sounds like a plan!

The door opens. Maou and Yami enter.

Senko and Mikan: Welcome back!

Maou: This morning has been so tiring. Senko, can I please take a nap on your tail?

Just then, Nemesis bursts through the door. “A strangely dressed guy and a ghost girl are looking for you. They say there’s some unfinished business that needs to be taken care of!”


A day in a life of a Fast Food Otaku

The fast and the furious life of the great Otaku begins in the big fast pace city on akihabara down of the farm with the young man serviced the lovely ppl of his fair city

He works hard and it’s only paid in and rewarded the awesome great anime for his viewing pleasure

Needless to say he love anime that he had a waifu name Yami
That lived happily ever after the end

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Maou enters the room. A man wearing a hoodie and sunglasses and a semi-transparent girl are there. “Ah. Psychopuppet and Yuuna. Great to see you again.”

Psychopuppet: You know why I’m here Maou. I finished the job, now I want my payment.

Maou: “That’s all?” He turns on his phone and makes a call. “Yami. Senko. Can y’all please come to the front room?”

Senko and Yami enter the room.

“Okay girls. You know exactly what he wants.”

Both girls: You know this is a serious waste of our power, right?

Yami is holding a piece of plastic. She forms her hand into a square shape, encasing it. Senko then activates her fox fire and places the flame under Yami’s hand. A few moments later, they finish, and Yami opens her hand to reveal an anime figure. She then turns several of her hair strands into paintbrushes, and with the deadly precision she was once known for, paints the figure so detailed that it would make a professional figure artist red with envy. She then hands it to Psychopuppet. “Here you go. A 1/4th scale fully detailed Bunny Sonico figure.”

Psychopuppet: Man! You got some skills! I’m amazed everytime I see one of your figures! You sure you’re the “Legendary Assassin”?

Yami looks discernably upset, as her eyes turn emotionless and she transforms into her ultimate blade form. “I am the Golden Darkness. Do you wish to see first-hand how deadly I can be? I can take your life in less than a quarter of a minute.”

Psychopuppet: Oh yeah! This sounds good! Haven’t had a good one-on-one in a while!

Yami and Psychopuppet begin to charge towards one another.

Maou jumps between them. “Yami! Please stop! Remember the promise I made to you that day!!!”

If like a bolt of lightning hit her, Yami froze in her tracks, her eyes regained their luster, and she reverted to her normal form. “I’m sorry Maou. Psychopuppet I don’t need this trivial argument with you. I’ve left the life of assassination behind, and discarded that retched name of Golden Darkness as well. I’m known as Yami now, and I’m happy with that. Here. Take your figure and leave me alone.”

She turns around, her eyes tearing up, and Maou hugs her and pats her hair. “Let me go Maou.”

“Shhhh. It’s ok Yami. Pup, leave now. I’ll be in touch with you later.”

Psychopuppet and Yuuna leave. Yami then collapses in Maou’s arms, tears in her eyes.


Slow stands in front of the whiteboard and the others are gathered around the table. The word “masochist” is on the board in capital letters and circled several times.

Slow: “Well, we know Maou is a masochist. Perhaps we can use this to our advantage.” She looks at Pretear and Wicca. “And perhaps not.”

Cody: “He will only let his henchmen – henchwomen? – touch him or even get close.”

Slow: “Putting this aside for now, we still need to figure out his plan. Why exploding veggie patties? What is he going to do with all those beef patties? Not even his fast food joints can handle all of them.”

Roy: “Maybe he has a thing against veggie patties?” Hawkeye cuddles closer to him.

Slow rolls her eyes. “Well, thank you Captain Obvious!”

Captain Jack: “Hey! I’m the only Captain here!”

Slow rubs her forehead. “I think I’m getting a migraine. Okay, back on topic.” She looks at miquelfire: “You say you were talking to Haissan and the next thing you knew, he was gone?”

miquelfire: “Yes, we were talking and a noise came from the woods. I turned towards it. When I turned back, Haissan was gone.”

Slow writes more on the whiteboard and taps the marker against Haissan’s name. “Is it possible Maou took Haissan? But why? Maou doesn’t need a chef… Could someone else have taken Haissan?”

Slow: “Okay people, we need ideas! We also need to find a way into Hades. Maou rarely comes out, so we have to go in.”

Slow looks around the table. “Nothing? Okay everyone, let’s get those thinking caps on! Meeting adjourned!”


Fuzzy opening, implying a flashback. Scene begins stabilizing. It’s a party. A group of big wig looking men are huddled around Maou.

Man 1: Maou old chap, congratulations! In all my years, I’ve never seen someone as ambitious as you! It seems just yesterday you were a mere fry cook, now you’re the CEO of the entire MgRonalds corporation!

Entire group: Huzzah to our new CEO!

Scene fades. Returns to a few hours later, as Maou is walking down the street after leaving the party. “Ugh. That was exausting, but so worth it. I’ve got big plans for this company.”

All of a sudden, a black and gold blur flies by Maou, narrowly missing him, and impacts the wall next to him. “WHAT THE…”. He is left speachless as the dust settles. It’s a girl. Long hair golden like a morning sunrise. Red eyes, sparkling like rubies. Clothed in a black one piece dress with shoulder-less sleeves and buckles on her legs. Maou is enamored at her beauty. He looks closer. She’s covered in wounds. They look severe. “Uh. Hey. Are you okay?”

A shadow in the distance: Haha Golden Darkness! You watched as I took Rito, your lover’s, life. Now I shall end yours!

Maou: What?

Girl coughs up blood. “Please get out of here. You don’t need to get involved with this.”

Shadow figure: Oh? Trying to atone for all your sins, all of the assassinations you committed, all of the blood you’ve shed with your own hands, Golden Darkness, by saving this one puny human before your death? You make me laugh. Actually, I’ll kill him right before your eyes. Now human, prepare to die!!!

The shadow figure stabs Maou in the chest, and he falls to the ground. The shadow figure then starts laughing. “He perished the same way as that puny Rito did. For I am the greatest assassin in the universe: Kuro! And your head on a silver platter will fetch me 900 Billion Woolongs! I sure am glad I was able to create a trans command limiter device to take control of your one of a kind trans ability that the Doctor invented.”

Suddenly, a looming shadow appears behind Kuro. “I’m not down for the count just yet.”

Kuro turns around. Maou is standing there, significantly more buff than he had been just a few moments before, horns growing out of his head. Eyes sharp like razors. Kuro stumbles backwards. "What? How? I ran my blade right through your heart! I killed you!!!

Maou: Did you think killing me would make me die? Don’t make me laugh. Your sword was sharp, but that definitely isn’t a holy weapon. Now, how should I repay the favor?

Maou flashes behind Kuro, and rips his heart out of his chest, crushing it in front of Kuro’s face. Kuro slumps down and dies.

Golden Darkness has a look of bewilderment. Her face changes to a look of sorrow. “I guess you are going to try kill me as well. I am the biggest bounty in the universe after all. But I’ve made my peace. Go ahead. I’m ready to meet my end.” She closes her eyes.

Maou: How could I take the life of someone who tried to protect me? I may be a demon, but I’m not heartless. Here. Your wounds are deep. Let me see what I can do.

She opens her eyes. Maou had reverted to his original form. The girl appears to be in a glowing capsule of light on the sidewalk. “What are you doing? You heard what I said, right? I’m a killer! I’ve taken so many lives! I deserve to die! I’m worth more to you dead than alive! Why are you helping me?”

Maou: It’s your eyes. They’re the same as mine. We were forced into the life of bloodshed, not invited. Besides. How could I let someone as beautiful as you die?

The girl blushes slightly. “Internal monologue”: Why is he being so kind to me? This is just like how Rito used to treat me.

Maou shuffles through his pack. “Here. You look dehydrated. Drink this. It’s nothing medicinal, but at least it tastes really good.” He hands her a burgundy coloured can.

She opens it, and takes a sip. “It’s good.” She smiles slightly.

Maou: It’s my favorite drink, Dr Pepper. Good, right? He smiles.

The glowing capsule fades. The girl appears significantly less injured than before. Maou stands up. “You said you had a bounty on your head, right? I know a place where you should be safe. If you want to, come with me. I will promise you that you never will have to shed anyone’s blood ever again. Oh. By the way, what was your name again? Gold something?”

The girl looks irritated. “It’s Golden Darkness. That’s my assassin code name.”

Maou has an amazed look in his eyes. "So your name is Golden Darkness. That would be Konjiki No Yami in Japanese, wouldn’t it? It’s so beautiful! That’s such a lovely name for a maiden like yourself! An angel with an angelic name! You wouldn’t mind if I called you Yami, would you?

Yami looks flustered. “No. Call me whatever you want. It doesn’t matter to me… Okay. I’ll go with you. You seem trustworthy enough. But please, will you let a few others come with me? They went into hiding on the day Rito was murdered.”

Maou: Sure, Yami, let’s go get them.

Yami: That control device, can you destroy it?

Maou: I’m on it.

He stomps on it multiple times, crushing it to pieces. “There.”

Yami looks embarrassed. “I’m still really weak, and my trans ability isn’t following my commands yet.” She blushes even harder. “Can you carry me?”

Maou: It would be my honor.

Maou picks up Yami, and carries her down the street as the scene fades out and shifts to Yami sleeping in her bed. She rustles awake. Maou is lying next to her. She thinks: “Why did I have that dream now?” She turns her head towards Maou, and smiles, thinking: “He truly did save me that day. Honestly, he may be a pervert, but I do love him.”

Maou wakes up. “Good morning my angel. Our plan is almost complete. Just a few more weeks, and everything should be ready to go.”


Maou is lying on the couch in his office. Head on Senko’s tail. “Man. This sure is calming. These past few days have been way too overwhelming.”

Senko: There, there. You’ve been working so hard. Take as long of a nap on my mofu-mofu tail as you want. She smiles and rubs his head, then starts humming.

Nemesis enters the room. “Geez Senko. That isn’t what will please him. Let me show you how it’s done.” She then picks up Maou with one hand and throws him against a wall, then she begins kicking him in the junk multiple times. “You like that, don’t you? Now call me Master, you pig!”

Senko: Stop it Nemesis! That’s just you being your sadistic self!

Maou: Actually… “Oof” They’re… “Oof” Both… “Oof” Nice… “Oof”

Haissan walks in the room. "What the… What did I just walk in on???

Nemesis stops stomping on Maou. He stands up. “Ahem. So what is it Haissan?”

Haissan: Well I want to know what’s going on here.

Nemesis: “Laughs” You couldn’t handle me. Don’t even try.

Haissan: Anyway, the grill is working. You want to check it out?

Maou: Alright.

The scene changes to the laboratory. Ueno and Tearju are standing next to the grill.

Tearju: This thing is impressive. Do you think we can improve it’s specs? My expertise is bio-organics, not cookery…

Ueno: Heh Heh. Just replace some components on the motherboard, and modify the drain channels, and this baby can triple it’s operational capacity without modifying anything else on it!

Maou and Haissan enter the room.

Maou: So let’s see it.

Haissan walks over to the grill, and presses a button. He then loads an entire pound of beef on the platen, then hits a red button on the front. The top platten lowers and you can hear the beef sizzle. A minute later, the platen raises, and one fully cooked hamburger patty is sitting on grill. “There ya go. It’s working perfectly.”

Maou: This is excellent Haissan! Girls, you saw it in action, what do you think?

“It’s slow.” “You think it will work better as a multi platten unit?”

Haissan looks baffled. “If you’re gonna bash my invention, I’m outta here.”

Tearju: No. No. We’re just discussing on how we could improve it, that’s all.

Ueno: We’re some of the brightest minds on the planet! We can make anything better!

Maou’s phone rings. "Hello? Ah Pup. Good to hear from you again. I was actually just about to call you. I need your stealth expertise from your days in the Joes Corps. By the way, what do you know about Japanese warships?

Psychopuppet: Oh I can help, for the right cost that is. Not too certain about warships though. Aircraft repair was my specialty. But where did you find one of those in this day?

Maou: I have my ways. Ha ha. Anyways, your partner, Yuuna. This job will be perfect for her. I’ll send you the details in a while. Hey, Haissan. I’ll leave this to you and the ladies. See ya later.

“Internal monologue”: I guess I should check on Shimakaze, and see how she’s handing everything.

Maou leaves the laboratory. “I wonder what Mikan and Senko are gonna prepare for dinner today.”


It is night. Slow has gone to a hotel for the evening, telling the others that she is meeting with someone that has information for them. On the bedside table, her phone rings. Slow, still half asleep, reaches for it. She answers. “Hello? What do you have for me?”

The voice at the other end speaks to her. Slow nods her heads and reaches for the pad and pen next to the phone as the voice continues speaking. She writes the information down.

Slow: “Thank you OneWayDevil. I will transfer the rest of the payment to you in the morning. Please keep digging. And then I have another job for you.”

Slow hangs up. She is wide awake now and thinking. The man next to her wakes up.

Man: “What is it, Slow?”

Slow: “Shut up and go back to sleep.”

Man: “Slow?” He begins to rub her back. Slow sighs as she turns to him. He reaches for her…