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Shout out to psychopuppet, hentai, slowhand, outlander, and dragoon. It’s great to be back on Anime Network forums.


Welcome back. Sadly Dragoon is no longer around. We are unsure of when or if he will be returning. The rest still are though. :slight_smile:


Welcome Back. Yeah Dragoon has not been around according to his profile since 450 days ago.

Hopefully he’s really busy.


Hello and welcome back to the TAN boards! :3
You seem to have already been here before, so I hope you have a nice time back. :slight_smile:


I joined after you left but welcome back. :slight_smile:


Welcome back sugar tits.


Welcome back! I got here after you left but tell us stories of the before times(South Park reference). Did Slow always have a dungeon?


Welcome back! I also joined after you left. Enjoy!