Ayakashi Triangle

That’s the same guy that had his article pulled.



And it was pulled before I got a chance to read it…

Posted after I went to sleep, and pulled before I woke up…


Cute Reo fanart!!!



Was reading volume 8, and if they ever make a second season, Chapter 67 seems like a good stopping point. (Though I don’t know how much of the 40ish chapters they could fit into one season…)


Matsuri learns a new technique while saving the “reincarnated” Hinojiki, as the now ambiguously sided with Shadow Mei Garaku discusses with her what their next move should be.

But that’s wishful thinking…

And two more notes:

  1. In chapter 68, Me & Roboco makes a cameo as a book Shirogane is reading!

  2. The next volume, #9: released on May 21st, will have the “banned by Viz” chapters #74 and 75!"

Something fairy interesting.

When the English version of Volume 1 of the manga was released back in October 2022, the Spain Spanish version of Volume 5 had been out for a month.

Today on Twitter:

Spain Spanish version Volume 11 was released today.

As English volume 9 was released 2 days ago…

Seven Seas is really trying to catch up, huh?

And on that note, I wonder which version will release the final volume first…


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