Ayakashi Triangle

Matsuri and Suzu nendoroid…

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Translation: Ayakashi Triangle rebroadcast begins July 10th, 2023 Ep 1 - 12


Ayakashi Triangle Anime Restarts Broadcast from 1st Episode on July 10

posted on 2023-06-16 07:00 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Series premiered in January but had COVID-19 delays

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(You ALL know I will. :wink:)


Two notes!

@Psychopuppet, Rio is in the new trailer!


Fruit Shirogane censorship in the rebroadcast of 1-6???
Aside from the fact we probably won’t get that to begin with, I still am wishful that Aniplex will release it here…

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Hidive probably would have re-upped with the fruit.
CR is just not a great company when it comes to those things.

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Painted Nendoroid prototypes


The Summer 2023 Anime Preview Guide - Ayakashi Triangle

Jul 10th 2023


Gotta love how they retitled it and posted the exact same bashings as a “new” article…

Yami: “They’re jerks, Maou…”



Put in a drop-down to be safe. It is still censored though...

Now… Will the other 5 fruit Shirogane episodes be uploaded between now and the 21st???

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Just checked 2-6, and a rundown.

Fruit Shirogane versions of 2-4 have been uploaded to Crunchyroll!

Episode 5 has no censorship to my recollection.

Episode 6 is still the original broadcast version.

Now I’m curious if they’re gonna upload the fruit Shirogane episodes of 7-12…


Episode 7 modifications. Spoilers!!!

Continues from the end of episode 6 at the second panel of the third page of chapter 12 in the manga, and follows through chapter 13 and 14

Dialogue between the school principal and Garaku about Matsuri was omitted.

Dialogue between Garaku and Sujimori was omitted.

A nice note. Garaku’s illustration of Matsuri protecting Suzu is actually Kentaro’s illustration lifted right from the manga! A wonderful nod to him! :heart:

The octopus tentacles are WAY more touchy-feely with Matsuri. :flushed:

A couple lines of dialogue with Yayo asking Lu if she was going to try to get Garaku’s autograph were added, while ironically, the original dialogue implying Yayo and Lu were tailing Matsuri’s group was removed.

Garaku’s frog and rabbit familiars are WAY more touchy-feely with Matsuri. :flushed:

Garaku drawing Sujimori while they have a conversation about Garaku staying around for a while was omitted.

The scene where Matsuri and Seigen are talking about Garaku is pretty much implied filler, while giving an explanation to why Matsuri is visiting Suzu’s house.

Suzu sure loves her Spirit soda!!! (Best parody of Sprite I’ve ever seen! :rofl::rofl::rofl:)

A short dialogue between Matsuri and Suzu about Garaku getting along with Sujimori over their love of cats was omitted.

Some of Matsuri’s inner dialogue about Suzu was omitted.

They removed two separate Suzu panty shots on the bed scene at 20:20… :unamused:

And finally, an entire page of dialogue between Shirogane and Garaku was omitted. (It was A LOT of dialogue too…)

And, if my calculations are correct, Rio will appear next week!


She’s the Tech person with the twin tails in the OP, correct?



From @Psychopuppet’s claim of her:

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Kentaro even made a special art for Reo’s anime introduction!


Episode 8 modifications. Spoilers!!!

The episode starts with a recap of the last few minutes of episode 7, aka the last few pages of chapter 14, and continues through chapters 15 and 16.

The omitted conversation between Garaku and Shirogane from last episode was placed at the start of this one, after the OP.

Some expositional dialogue was added between Shirogane and Matsuri in a in a filler scene before the evolved Ikon appears.

Reo’s outfit in the flashback scene is missing it’s plaid pattern and the design on the collar is different.

The Ultimate Tickle Device Version 2 part of the scene while Matsuri is being tickled by the woodman is filler. (Still funny!)

The dialogue with Reo telling Suzu to say “Suit up!”, and Suzu sequentially saying it, and the Sailor Moon style transformation is filler. (The sexy gear itself isn’t. Lol.)

A bit of Matsuri’s inner thoughts was cut from the last page of chapter 16.

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Episode 9 modifications. Spoilers! And manga spoilers!

This episode skips all of volume 3, and begins right at manga chapter 26 in volume 4!!! Woah!!! Lol.

Lu starting the UFO summoning is moved to right after she says she’s gonna begin it. (With an uncensored long angle panty shot! Lu wears pink! Lol.) In the manga, it’s a bit later in the chapter.

Okay… Maybe it’s a combination of chapter 17 and 26. The after OP scene is page 2 of said chapter 17, skipping the first page pseudo-introduction of Sosuke.

The bit of Shirogane staring into the distance is filler.

The dialogue of the two guys trying to get Matsuri’s LINE ID was changed. (In the manga, they tell her that they want to make her an internet star.)

The scene with Lu looking at her phone while Yayo is saying they can have boyfriends is a transition filler back to chapter 26. (This is the panel in chapter 17 right before Sosuke is introduced.)

The entire scene after Lu looks at her phone to right after Matsuri transforms is total filler. (The chapter this part of the story is from happens after all of volume 3, so a bit understandable of a tiny storyline change.)

Lu’s long shot pink panties again! Lol. Also, again, scenes are moved around a bit.

Nude butterfly Lu is fanservice filler.

Some Shirogane dialogue about the Ayakashi king was cut, understandably.

Suzu’s line about her eating the second creampuff being due to her Ayakashi medium powers is filler. (But honestly a really good explanation of why she is always hungry for sweets. :thinking:)

Some irony, that the third shot of Lu’s pink panties is censored. Probably cause it’s a close shot of them this time around. :thinking:

A hilarious double censorship on Lu’s 4th pink panty shot! Light beam AND strawberry Shirogane! :rofl::rofl::rofl: (This is her first panty shot in this manga chapter BTW.)

Lu’s 5th pink panty shot is censored.

Lu’s 6th pink panty shot is uncensored, and the closeup shot shows they’re polkadot! (In the manga, they’re solid colour.)

Lu’s 7th panty shot is censored. (Second panty shot in the manga BTW.)

Suzu mentions she’s happy she saw male Matsuri again. In the manga, she says she’s never going to give Shirogane catnip again. Lol.

The second half of the episode is chapter 27 of the manga.

While the scene with Matsuri, Suzu, and Shirogane at the crossroads is from the manga, almost all of the dialogue is filler.

Reo and Matsuri discuss the ninja gear. This part of the conversation is filler.

Matsuri “popping her top” is potentially implied filler.

The after credits scene is filler, however it may have been inspired by the first page of chapter 17. This will be unknown until next week…

Episode 10 modifications! Spoilers!

The entire pre-OP scene is implied filler, using one panel of chapter 17 as reference.

After the OP, the episode starts with the first page of chapter 17 (the page that was omitted from the part of the story they used in the last episode, with the pseudo introduction of Sosuke), and continues through chapters 18 and 19.

Okay… The omitted dialogue from the previous episode was used in a somewhat filler scene this episode, with shots of Matsuri playing basketball. (When Sosuke asks for Suzu is when the filler part stops.)

Another can of Spirit soda!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

A bit of an irritating change. Matsuri loses the use of her right hand in the manga, from Sosuke’s attack, but in the anime, she’s still able to do ninjitsu hand signs… :expressionless:

The first page of chapter 20, with Nonokuru, is placed before Shirogane’s ayakashi form is revealed, which was the last page of chapter 19.

Episode 11 modifications. Spoilers!

This episode begins right on the second page of chapter 20 and continues through chapters 21 and 22.

A very important note. Sosuke’s Ayakashi sword and claw hand are based off of Yami’s Darkness World Cutting Sword and Darkness Claws! KYUN!!!"

Yami blushes. “Maou… :yellow_heart::black_heart:

There was no filler this episode!!!

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The manga is over… Season 1 is over…

Please, Season 2?


Episode 12 modifications. Spoilers!

The entire pre-op scene is filler, using the lines of Suzu becoming the Ayakashi king from chapter 22.

(Which, admittedly, I missed that specific one line being changed when I watched episode 11… Cause she still says she’s gonna strengthen her powers to turn Matsuri into a guy again…)

After the OP, the episode starts with page 3 of chapter 23.

A note. In the manga, Lu mentions Chronos instead of saying secret organization. Any fans of Black Cat will know this as the group Train was working for at the start of that series.

The entire rooftop scene is filler, repeating the “I’m gonna get stronger” lines Suzu said in episode 11/chapter 22.

Rio joining the school is the last two pages of Volume 4/Chapter 34. THEY SKIPPED PRETTY MUCH AN ENTIRE VOLUME FOR THAT SCENE!!!

The hallway scene with Rio is filler.

The little Ayakashi begging for Suzu to help him is page 7 from Chapter 24. (The entire plot of the Ayakashi meeting Suzu in class, up to the point where Shirogane introduces him is removed from the story.)

Then it rewinds to page 1 of Chapter 24!

The dialogue between Matsuri and Ninokuru is pages 5 and 6 of Chapter 24.

Page 8 of Chapter 24 is removed. (Again, part of the original plot, cause Suzu made a spirit clone in class so she could help the Ayakashi.)

It’s chapter 24 completely, up to the scene where Rio is sniffing Suzu’s AHEM. That scene is slightly reworked from pages 18 and 19 of Chapter 34…

THEN it rewinds to page 1 of Chapter 23! Lol.

Aside from that one part of page 3, full Chapter 23 translated to anime in the first half of the episode, it’s a faithful translation of the chapter.

And one final thing until hopefully a second season:


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ANN Review - Ayakashi Triangle Episode 1-12 Anime Series

by Kevin Cormack, Jan 13th 2024

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Overall (sub) : B+
Story : B
Animation : B-
Art : B-
Music : B

ANN gave it a B+… There are good people there…


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