Blue Lock / Bluelock


Here’s the Exact Time BLUELOCK Begins!

October 06, 2022 12:30pm CDT
Sports anime gets supercharged starting October 8

BLUELOCK - Crunchyroll Fall 2022 Spotlight

October 08, 2022 11:00am CDT
The award-winning soccer series starts its anime run today!


BLUELOCK - Opening | Chaos ga Kiwamaru


The Fall 2022 Preview Guide - Blue Lock

Oct 8th 2022

BLUELOCK TV Anime Kicks Off With Creditless Opening Theme Video

October 10, 2022 3:07am CDT
Crunchyroll streams the soccer anime each week

Warning - contains spoilers

Survival of the Fittest | BLUELOCK

Warning - contains spoilers

Full-Contact Soccer | BLUELOCK

IMPRESSIONS: BLUELOCK Episode 1 Puts the ‘I’ in Team and I Love It

October 15, 2022 11:00am CDT
Sometimes, a good story doesn’t need to be about the power of friendship


Warning - contains spoilers

Yoichi Ends Ryosuke’s Whole Career | BLUELOCK

Warning - contains spoilers

The Monster Inside | BLUELOCK

BLUELOCK English Dub Reveals Cast & Crew, Release Date

October 21, 2022 12:00pm CDT
First episode goes live on Saturday!

I recognize 3 or 4 of that entire cast…

Sports Anime BLUELOCK’s Creditless Ending is Filled with Determination

October 22, 2022 3:19pm CDT
Listen to Shugo Nakamura perform “WINNER” in the new video


Warning - contains spoilers

Yoichi Sees the Matrix | BLUELOCK

BLUELOCK - Ending | Winner

Abandon Your Sanity for Soccer! | DUB | BLUELOCK

Warning - contains spoilers

The Soccer King | BLUELOCK

Shugo Nakamura Music Video Release and Early Digital Distribution for Winner, the Ending Theme of Blue Lock

Oct 28th 2022

Warning - contains spoilers

Premonition | BLUELOCK

Ryosuke Freaks Out! | DUB | BLUELOCK

Warning - contains spoilers

Soccer Shadow President | BLUELOCK

Warning - contains spoilers

Isagi’s First Goal | BLUELOCK


Warning - contains spoilers

Crushing Dreams Feels So Good | BLUELOCK