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Blue Seed / Aokushimitama Blue Seed

Blue Seed, Eps 1-26 (Sub/Dub), are live at HIDIVE

Blue Seed Beyond, Eps 1-3 (Sub/Dub), are live at HIDIVE

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A normal school day in anime means finding out you’re humanity’s savior | Blue Seed (1994)

Using his hacker skillz to expose her underwear | Blue Seed (1994)

Love confession is ruined because she’s possessed by an apocalyptic spirit baby | Blue Seed (1994)

She must sacrifice her mother to save the world | Blue Seed (1994)

"I love you Mr. Kusanagi" Confessing love to senpai with panties | Blue Seed (1994)

Girl’s locker room has a (demonic) roach problem | Blue Seed (1994)

Must be in the state of Florida then…



I killed one half the size of my hand the other day

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Jealous girl thinks she’s best girl… gets curved | Blue Seed (1994)

I know that feeling very well…

Bazooka Girl vs ‘White-Goo Monster’ is the slimiest battle ever | Blue Seed (1994)

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The girls called me that in college :laughing:

When your first kiss doesn’t go as planned… | Blue Seed (1994)

Will little girl get saved before dinnertime…? | Blue Seed (1994)

She dealt with her bully at school like a champ | Blue Seed (1994)

Momiji regrets ordering the calamari | Blue Seed - EP 5

Schoolgirl’s first date is a supernatural disaster | Blue Seed - Episode 9

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Otaku’s spa day with the girls gets too hot for him | Blue Seed - EP 15