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Blue Seed / Aokushimitama Blue Seed

Blue Seed / Aokushimitama Blue Seed

Genres: action, comedy, horror, romance, science fiction, supernatural
Themes: Demons, police
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 1994-10-05 to 1995-03-29

Plot Summary: Momiji is an average girl until the day she finds she is the descendant of the great Kushinada family. Only she, with her Kushinada blood, can stop the Aragami, demonic plant-like monsters threatening to destroy Japan. Along to help her is the TAC, and a possible love interest in a young man named Kusanagi.

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RightStuf Links:
Blue Seed Mitama Collection DVD Set (Hyb) (Thinpak)
Blue Seed DVD Complete Collection (Hyb) (Thinpak)

Both of those contain the extra’s and the Beyond OVA. The cheaper first one which I did not list does not.

Subscribers to the Online Player can watch the whole show for a limited time so as I mentioned if you have not do so now.

Blue Seed Beyond (OAV)

Genres: comedy, drama, horror, romance, science fiction, supernatural, thriller
Themes: demons, ecchi, fanservice
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes: 3
Vintage: 1996-07-24

Plot Summary: A renegade scientist in San Francisco has found a way to create a new creature called a Neo-Aragami without the power of Susanoo. When these monsters start to terrorize California, the U.S. turns to the old members of the Terrestrial Administration Center (TAC) for help.

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A little warning: . **It seems that Blue Seed is indeed expiring/being removed form the Online Player. It looks like it has about one more month on the online player so if you have not already watch it or buy the DVD set. **

Have no idea if this means the series license is expiring or just the digital though.

It’s a pretty good show so far! I’m up to three episodes so far, I saw the exclamations this morning on it going out and all so I decided to shove it to the front. Was there some kind of change in vocal actors between the first episode and the next few that followed?

Something that I really love about the DVD is the Omake Theater. My goodness they were sooo funny.

This was a really good series. I actually have the one pictured above (third thinpack) and I got that last year at Anime Next from ADV booth. I think it was before it was out too. I never knew about the omake theater stuff since I watched it Anime Network. I guess I got to get around to watching it.

You must watch it. Clear out your backlog and watch it now.

Blue Seed is the greatest anime ever, my avatar is from it.

Good I love that scene.

What’s so great about the scene, and which ep is it in? I watched it a while ago on AN SVOD but the carrier switched it out for AN’s other shows and I never got to finish it.

You must buy the show right now. As in immediately.

Take a good look at the picture, it is hilarious. I can’t tell you the exact number but it is between 7 and 12.

If my backlog wasn’t so heavy, I’d rewatch the series.

Blue Seed Anime Blu-ray Listed From Discotek

posted on 2018-10-24 08:30 EDT by Karen Ressler
SDBD slated for December 18

9 years later…
I’ll pick it up again .

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Crunchyroll Adds Blue Seed, Blue Seed 2, and More to Anime Catalog

May 09, 2019 3:45pm CDT

Time to pull this out again.

It’ll hold up. No doubt.



HIDIVE Streaming Announcement for Blue Seed & Blue Seed Beyond



Wonder which video source they will be using ADV’s or Discoteks ?

Please forgive me for being slow, but from my understanding, this was originally an ADV title which was lost when ADV “disbanded”, then was picked up by Discotek for re-release in 2018. Then sometime between then and now, Discotek lost the license and Maiden Japan brought it back to it’s original US home.

Am I correct on that?

I’ve asked this question myself, hopefully will have an answer tomorrow.

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I’m curious as well . I’m thinking it’s just streaming rights . Though not sure who Maiden Japan got them from though . It could have been a trade for something . Pretty sure Discotek has a few old ADV titles in the works for license rescues . We know they have City Hunter and about 95% sure Devilman Lady . Maybe it was extra English materials trade for City Hunter .

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