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Innocent Venus DVD 2 (Hyb): Blood of Betrayal

[quote]Genres: adventure, drama, science fiction
Themes: Mecha, Military, Post-Apocalyptic
Plot Summary: In the year 2010 AD, Hyper Hurricanes born concurrently all over the world caused severe damage. Five billion people lost their lives, decreasing the world’s population to 3 billion. Existing economies and militaries were wiped out. Countries were frozen under solid ice, plains sank beneath seas, the world was changed dramatically. Human civilization enters a chaotic era. Poverty flourished outside of these economic zones and slums were widespread. The ruling class called themselves Logos and maintained their position by force of arms. They call the poor Revenus, who are exiled to live outside the special economic areas. Time has passed since then. Katsuragi Jo and Tsurasawa Jin, escape from Phantom, a force organized to watch Revenus and to suppress renegade elements of the Logos, taking with them a mysterious girl, Noto Sana. There are many who are interested in her, all with their own reasons.
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2006-07-26 to 2006-10-25[/quote]
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I have this one on DVD. It is good if you like action and mechs for sure. However, there are some plot holes and some of the explanations given for events are confusing. The ending is also a bit weak. I’d give it a 7/10.


I watched the first two volumes, but never finished the third. All in all, it wasn’t bad. It’s funny you mentioning the ending was a bit .acking, because I remember one review (eithe ANN or AoD) stated it had a “surprisingly meaty ending for an otherwise deeply flawed show.”

It is a shame its in licensong hell right now.


I saw about the first half of this or so, and LOVED it to death. I’ll have to buy it before it disapears into the blue yonder. That one kid early onw as kind of anoying, but other then that I liked all the characters, and the story was very strong. This is an over looked gem for damn sure.


A good show overall. This is also one of those shows that I thought should have been longer, like Aquarion Age and 009-1.

As for the mechs running on wheels, even though I’ve enjoyed my running and jumping mechs, the wheels just seems the most realistic approach to it. If ever someday in our world, mechs are a reality, the wheel is the way to go.


IIRC this was teased with a couple episodes on TAN free VOD when it was new. Looked interesting enough.


Yeah becca, that’s what prompted me to make it part of my first TRSI order ever :lol: