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Answer: The rules of the race were that the owner of the camel that crosses the finish line last wins the fortune. The wise man simply told them to switch camels.

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  1. What always runs, never walks, often murmurs, never talks, has a bed, never sleeps, has a mouth, but never eats?
  2. Which animal asks but never answers?
  3. Can a man from Canada marry his widow’s sister in New York?
  4. The maker doesn’t need it, the buyer doesn’t want it, and the user doesn’t know they’re using it. What is it?
  5. Congratulations, you qualified for the Boston Marathon! As you’re running, you pass the person in 2nd place. What’s your placement?
  6. During which month do people sleep the least?
  7. What animal walks on four feet in morning, two in the afternoon, and three at night?
  8. What has no beginning, middle, or end?
  9. This household item gets wetter the more it dries.
  10. There are five apples and you take two. How many apples do you have?
  11. How far can you run into the woods?
  12. Which crime can you get arrested for attempting, but not for committing?
My Answers
  1. River
  2. Owl
  3. No
  4. Coffin
  5. 2nd place
  6. February
  7. Man
  8. Circle
  9. Towel
  10. Two
  11. Halfway
  12. Suicide

@LadyOfWicca – correct!


Sounds like a riddle Dracula would never solve :slight_smile:


January 12, 2019


Reminds me of a Presidential quip to use bold colors instead of pale pastels lol

Edit: the “Negative Photo Illusion” that the site linked to is pretty cool. I couldn’t make the pale pastel photo disappear entirely, but I did get the neg photo to work. :smile:

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