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Top Hat The Gentle Men Women Thief Game / The MidNight Game

Hey all you Gentlemen and Gentlewomen night hour thieves out there in Honor of GRAND THIEFT DAY and mister sticky fingers himself Mr Lupin the 3rd on his 50th Anniversary I thought we get our slow hands down and dirt @Slowhand no pun intended :wink:
And I know I’m starting early but I thief’s job is never done
And you know what they say the early bird steals the best stuff

So if you are somewhat of a night owl and you are always looking for a good game and the five finger discount well look no further this is the real deal

Rules you are the most wanted thief around first you give yourself a name ( different for each post ) to make it fun and mysterious and next you name the place where you are most wanted in ( real or made up) and then lastly tell what you stolen and how you got a way with it.

Here’s the outline to go by
Thief’s Name: Name of Place: Most Wanted: ( and what are you Most Wanted For ) and then How you got away with it

IN NO Particular Order

But let’s just give it a go

Night Stick Rick James: Golden State’s: Most Wanted: IPhones Thief: How I do it you ask well I dress up as a iPhone :iphone: and people just think I work for Apple inc and just give me their iPhones. People with iPhones see a big shiny iPhone they are gullible over that kind of stuff. It’s like taking candy from a baby.

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Konjiki No Yami: Kissimmee Florida: Maou’s heart.
I looked at him, and smiled gently. Done.

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I’m sure it’s a heart of gold :orange_heart:

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Next on my thieft list to rob

Steal Bill Blind Will: Baton Rouge’s Most Wanted Free will thief I get away with it because I hypnotise them and take it