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The Person Below Me Game


I played this on another website and figured it could be fun here…

The rules are:

Respond to the question/statement from the poster above.
Ex: I might make the statement:
The person below me drinks 10 cups of coffee daily

The response might be:
False! I hate coffee or,

Then they might state:
The person below me has blond hair.

There are no right or wrong answers, so be as creative as your heart desires.


<crossing fingers that people will play!!!>

To start: [size=4]**The person below me has more than 10 pairs of shoes. **[/size]



The person below me pick their nose in public.



TPBM (The person below me) likes peanut butter and jelly sammiches.


true!!! Gand mke me one right nao wimmen

the person below me has pierced ears.


Nope, have no piercings and will not as my sweet is corrosive.

The person below me likes show tunes.


true but not all

the person below me will be going to market today


False. That’s a Sunday chore.

The person below me’s birthday happens in the next 60 days.


False! My birthday is in July! :stuck_out_tongue:

The person below me is going to disappoint me today…


EDIT - Dang it looks like I already have… So yes! :stuck_out_tongue:

The person below me got fooled today somehow. (April Fool’s Day)


-_- It would have to be YOU wouldn’t it…

and false… haven’t been fooled today.

The person below me is eating an apple… right… NOW!


False. I’m about to have cake… chocolate cake…

The person below me should be working instead of hanging on TAN…


Work? What is this ‘work’ you speak of? It’s Friday! School is a half day today.

The person below me likes this game.


Hm yeah… this game is pretty good…

The person below me owns more games on Steam than I do…
(120+ good luck answering this one “true” BAWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)


I’ll have to say true for this one.

…but just for good measure:

It is true.Honestly.I wouldn’t lie.APRIL FOOLS!!!

The person below me is a genius.


Hm… well I know I am a genius, but you don’t have to tell everybody that!

The person below me is as narcissistic as I am!

P.S. - It’s not narcissism if you really are better than everyone else :stuck_out_tongue:


False… very, very false

the person below me wishes it was Monday.


There’s a yes and no to that, since lemonade will be lacking until Monday… NOOOO! (tykes!)

The person below me has a feeling that they left the faucet running at home, tykes…


False. The faucets are all up to snuff. The person below me loves kitties! ^>^


MRRRRROOWWWW!!! Very true.

The person below me only likes strawberry jam.


False. . .I like all kinda jellys and jams & lots o’ other foodstuffs.

The person below me is warm right now.