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Genres: slice of life
Themes: card games, karuta
Objectionable content: Mild
Number of episodes: 25
Vintage: 2011-10-04 to 2012-03-27
Opening Theme: “YOUTHFUL” by 99RadioService
Ending Theme: “Soshite Ima” by Asami Seto

Plot Summary: Chihaya Ayase is a frank and ebullient girl who becomes fascinated by the obscure world of competitive karuta, a card game based on Japanese poetry. Introduced to the aggressive style of the game by a quiet and thoughtful elementary school classmate named Arata Wataya, the two quickly become close friends. They start playing as a group with Taichi Mashima, Chihaya’s smart and athletic childhood friend, until they have to part ways during their middle school years due to several circumstances. As their high school life begins, they meet once again. (from ANN)

Chihayafuru 2


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Genres: comedy, drama, romance
Themes: card games, card games karuta sports, karuta, sports
Number of Episodes: 25
Vintage: 2013-01-11 to 2013-06-28
Opening Theme: “STAR” by 99RadioService
Ending Theme: 1. “Akane Kara” by Asami Seto
2. “Akanezora” by Asami Seto

Plot Summary: After an exciting year for the Mizusawa High School karuta club, a new semester begins as two new members join the group. More passionate than ever for the old card game, Chihaya sets ambitious goals for herself and for her friends. They compete in two extremely arduous high school championships. (from ANN)

Chihayafuru 3


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Vintage: 2019-10
Opening Theme: “COLORFUL” by 99RadioService
Ending Theme: “Hitomebore” (Love at First Sight) by Band Harassment

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Very fun story so far and the game of karuta is really beginning to fascinate me.

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I said this and Ben-To should have been part of TAN’s pickups this season. I thought from the descriptions they had the most promise out of the season. Well them and Future Diary. Funimation already got that so maybe unless something changes Sentai could pick this up.


Episode 8 –


Yay! They have their final member! But I wonder if that teacher will be for them or against them.

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Heh, I had wondered if real karuta resembled any thing that was presented in the show.

I’m a couple episodes behind, but this is definitely one of those shows that I didn’t expect to be as good as it is.

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Episode 9 –


Ha! That teacher let them become an official club as long as Chihaya isn’t the president. So, she decides to be the Captain and will let Taichi be President. Now they get to argue over who has more say!

It was really exciting to see Chihaya teach the rookies. She shares her of the game and in turn, the others become more passionate. But she also seems to be a little too hard on them and I’m not sure they will be ready as a team for the national competition even with all this practicing.

When Chihaya realizes she was pushing everyone too hard, she tried to apologize, but it seems the others like her that way and the surprise birthday was sweet! I also like the way Chihaya calls Taichi’s mom “Mrs. Pressure” and makes faces!

I think Chihaya’s best moment was when Arata sent her a birthday wish. But there were a couple of times there where it looks like Taichi might have some feelings for Chihaya and I think he may also be jealous. And he has a girlfriend! Besides, I think Chihaya sees Arata more as a karuta rival rather than a love interest.

Episode 10 –


The regionals were pretty intense, but I had to feel bad for Tsutomu. He just felt so inadequate. I think Chihaya is having trouble being a team player. She is so focused on winning that she didn’t even realize how Tsutomu felt. Once she understands that, she seems to give in to the pressure and even loses her special card – the one she always gets without fail.

Taichi can’t figure out how to help Chihaya until he realizes what their opponents are doing and calls out encouragement to his own team. Chihaya tries to pull herself together. Tsutomu didn’t go home after all and when he hears how badly Chihaya is doing, he returns to the tournament room. Seeing him there helps Chihaya regain her confidence and she is able to play again.

Now when they get a card they call out to each other as their opponents do and with that they win! Tsutomu congratulates Kanade on her first win and I think he may have been a little jealous that she won before he did which is why he wanted to quit. But he seems more determined now and apologizes to his teammates. However, now they will have to face Hokuo!

Episode 11 –


The finals and Hokuo! Can they do it? Right from the start Sudo plays mental games with Chihaya in order to distract her. I loved the look on Arata’s face when he saw all those messages form Chihaya! But I can tell that he wants her to win too. Mizusawa loses the first card, but Taichi as cheerleader, keeps them determined.

Once again, Chihaya pulls it together and stops thinking about Sudo’s techniques, and her own instead. Ignoring Sudo’s distractions, Chihaya gets her cards, but now it seems the rest of the team is having problems. But Taichi comes into his own and with two wins on each side, only Chihaya and Sudo are left and of course Chihaya wins the victory for Mizusawa!

It really amuses me how Chihaya expends so much energy playing that she passes out after every match! And even so, Chihaya manages to send Arata a message that they are going to Nationals and expresses the wish that he will come see them there. This anime is so exciting! I never thought I would get caught up in the story this way!

Still the best show of the season. Easily competing with Tiger and Bunny for my best of the year.

Episode 12 –


Although they have won the trophy and will now represent Tokyo at nationals, Hokuo vows to win back the trophy the following year. It was sad that when Chihaya tried to tell her parents about the tournament, they seemed to only have time for her sister and just ignored her. I know Chitose wants to help out her parents, but she is just too full of herself.

And the teacher that is their advisor gives all her time to the tennis club and doesn’t really seem to care that they won a tournament either. She even hands them off to another teacher for the trip to nationals and he is only going with them for his own reasons. But I like how Chihaya has nicknamed their advisor “The Empress”!

With only one month to go, Chihaya decides they need a lot more practice and suggests they train at the Shiranami Society. But the three newest members have already decided to train at the Suihoku Society. So, it is only Chihaya and Taichi that end up at Shiranami with their old coach, Dr. Harada. He is harsh with them, but for good reason.

On the way home, Chihaya admits to Taichi that she might be afraid of nationals and has major doubts about their abilities. I liked Taichi’s karate chop to Chihaya’s head! He shows her a strategy book that Retro had given him. That was surprisingly nice of Retro, but I guess they don’t want Tokyo to look bad at nationals even if Hokuo wasn’t the team to go.

Now, Chihaya also needs money for the trip to nationals and hates to ask her parents for it. However, she does find a scrapbook of her that her father is starting to put together next to all the ones of her sister’s. She has to realize now that her parents aren’t ignoring her and her eyes start to tear. It was funny when her parents came home to find her balling over the scrapbook!

After this, Chihaya puts more heart into her practicing. In fact, they all do and “The Empress” gets a real eyeful one day on her way back from tennis practice. I think she has a change of heart towards them when she sees their dedication and passion. She even goes so far as to take the trophy, telling Chihaya that she will put it in the trophy case in front of the principal’s office. Wow, “The Empress” even borrows a book on the 100 poets from a co-worker and tells Mr. Shibata that she will be going to Omi Jingu instead of him! Now, what about her tennis camp?

I’m glad their advisor is finally taking the club seriously. The episode ends with them taking the trip to Shiga and it was nice to see “The Empress” become Ms. Miyauchi. It was also nice to see her studying the 100 poets book too. They arrive at sunset and of course Chihaya’s thoughts turn to Arata. I wonder if he will show up. I hope he does!

Episode 13 –


Arata showed up! And it seems he’s back in the game too!

But I feel bad for Chihaya. After all that, she ends up sick and forfeits. I hope she does better in the next match!

Just popping in to say this is still the best thing on Crunchyroll. CHIHAYA GANBATTE!

It is just different enough to be unique and exciting! :lol:

Episode 14 –


The group is separated into their individual class matches and Chihaya sees the Queen for the first time. I think it’s distracting her because it looks like she’s having trouble again in the Class A match. She forces herself to concentrate and she wins the match only to be paired with the Queen in the next round.

It doesn’t look good for Chihaya. The Queen is incredibly fast and that would shake anyone’s confidence. Chihaya can’t find the right strategy and it looks like she may lose. But it was funny when they both lost focus for a few seconds over each other’s t-shirts!

Chihaya doesn’t believe that she can win against the Queen and the Queen has every confidence that she will win against Chihaya. But then Chihaya remembers playing against Arata and that helps her regain her confidence. That combined with the teachings of her coach gets Chihaya back in the game and she manages to take her first card. However, she gives it to the Queen!

Chihaya takes a deep breath and finally takes a card - from the Queen’s side! When Chihaya takes her second card, the Queen starts to look annoyed, but perhaps she has finally met her match in Chihaya! This is beginning to be a very exciting match – especially now that Chihaya wants a shot at being Queen herself!

Episode 15 –


The observers speculate on just who may win the match. Everyone can see Chihaya’s determination plainly, but is it enough to win against the Queen? The Queen is determined too – and a bit scary!

Chihaya does lose the match, but learns much about the Queen. Meanwhile, the Queen finds out who her opponent was and she angrily vows that Chihaya will never take any cards from her again! But I think Chihaya would like to be her friend. And for the first time, Chihaya did not fall asleep after a match. Instead, Taichi finds her practicing her technique with tears running down her face, vowing to beat the Queen someday.

Now, it’s Taichi’s turn and he has made it to the final round. He would just love to catch up to Arata in his technique and one day beat him. By the way – where is Arata? I thought he was there. It’s a very tense match and Taichi is feeling fatigued and stressed. His teammates are there to support him, but in the end, he loses. He did well and gets second place, but he still berates himself, especially when he sees the disappointment of his teammates.

The defeated group returns home to work on their problem areas, but the biggest of these is stamina. It was funny to see one teacher’s reaction when he saw the karuta club out for a morning jog. Chihaya has been dreaming a lot about the Queen and her Snowmaru t-shirt. Appropriate by the way – the Queen is a very cold hearted individual. But she still wants to see Arata. And speak of the devil – he is joining a society! Everyone is practicing now and the next contest will be even better!

Only two episodes left

I am so happy to see a second season of this show! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

S2 Episode 1 –


And already there is trouble in paradise! The karuta club needs new members or they will lose their club room. But the new members seem to be mostly girls and more interested in Taichi rather than playing karuta. The current members don’t really care about the new members and are only concerned with winning the upcoming competitions. This saddens Chihaya because she thought they were there for the love of the game. Her friends now all have different priorities and she would just like to teach the new members the game. Of course everyone is against this because they need Chihaya to practice for her own competition – if she still wants to be queen, that is.

Actually, Chihaya thinks Taichi making Class A and winning the team High School Championship, as well as the individual Championships in each class is more important. And while doing all this, training the new members too! Chihaya’s goal here is to have a strong karuta school like ones they played against previously. This is too much for her friends and Taichi says that to be a strong karuta school, they would need a coach. Chihaya even offers to do this after she graduates. In the end, Chihaya gets her way and will teach the new members while the others prep for the tournament.

I think this Sumire girl might be a problem – she’s more interested in getting Taichi to be her boyfriend and is already disappointed that he won’t be teaching them. But knowing the charm of Chihaya when it comes to karuta, perhaps this will change. Sumire is already getting emotional as she reads one of the karuta poems. It’s for the wrong reasons, but it still impresses Chihaya. But I just can’t wait to see Chihaya face the queen again!!

S2 Episode 2 –


I had to laugh at Sumire’s reaction when she follows – stalks – Taichi and ends up at the karuta society! After watching a bit, she does seem impressed, and it’s also funny when Harada catches her watching and thinks she wants to join!

Chihaya is disappointed to see that most of the new members have quit after the first day. Perhaps she scared them away! Well, at least four stayed which helps towards the five new member goal. But the next day, only one remains and Chihaya cries over her failure. She brings Tsukuba to the club room and surprisingly Sumire shows up as well. But she strikes again when she interrupts a practice match - before it even begins – to fix her eye make-up! Out in the hallway, Kanade scolds her, but Sumire tells the girls that she really isn’t interested in karuta, but she will fight for love. Then she declares her intentions of getting Taichi to be her boyfriend. Poor Chihaya can only stand there in shock!

Once again, Sumire holds up practice, taking too to change and putting on mascara - as well as fixing her nails in the club room. But at least Tsukuba seems to be a serious player, having played “second verse” karuta and even winning local competitions. His intention is to become a Master at first verse karuta! He looks so evil every time he licks his lips too!

Chihaya sees a lot of promise in Tsukuba and perhaps she still has a little hope for Sumire as well. Chihaya tells her to trim her nails and Sumire blows up at her and accidently announces to the entire club that she only joined to be with Taichi. She quickly realizes her mistake and runs from the room. As if Taichi would want a girl like that! And when Chihaya tries to go after her, Nishida stops her. But Chihaya being Chihaya goes after her anyway, injuring herself in the process and Kanade runs after her instead.

I was impressed with Nishida offering to teach Tsukuba – he looks like he will be an excellent trainer! Kanade finally catches up to Sumire, but Sumire is crying and too embarrassed to return. Kanade uses the poems to convince Sumire and also asks her if she will teach her how to apply mascara. Then she tells Sumire she has a beautiful soul which finally wins her over and she returns to the club room. But how did she become so intense about karuta so suddenly? She even cuts her nails! Well, I guess there’s some hope for Sumire after all.

S2 Episode 3 –


Arata is also after the High School Championship! He’s really looking forward to playing against Chihaya and Taichi. And it’s already time for the Tokyo Regional!

Sumire is even jealous of Kanade’s mother! Even thought she isn’t playing, Sumire has to wear a hakama and gets a lesson on how to wear it since she’s never worn one before. She looks cute, but I hope she doesn’t get vain about it. But there she is again, putting on make-up before the match. And although Tsukuba isn’t good enough to compete yet, he tries to get himself into a match. He deserved that smack on the head! It looks like he just wants to impress his younger brothers, but it still wasn’t very nice of him to cheat like that. Then Komano volunteers to switch out with Sumire for one game. What? Then he even wants to switch out Kanade with Tsukuba for another game. Ok, so it’s an interesting strategy once he gives his reasons, but will it work?

I think Komano is Tsukuba’s new hero. However, it looks like Sumire isn’t doing well for her first match. But it looks like Komano was right when he said their opponents were weak against girls. Sumire’s opponent seems to be helping her rather than trying to beat her. And when she sees how Chihaya won, Sumire seems a little more resolved to playing and perhaps winning. In the end, they have their first team victory! Go Mizusawa!

The next match isn’t going so well for Tsukuba either. He was told to open his eyes and keep that intimidating look on his face, but I think he forgot. He’s just too nervous and sweaty and he keeps screwing up. No wonder – he’s forgetting and he thinks he’s playing Second Verse! He better pull himself together quick – after all, his brothers are watching! He realizes he’s against a Class A player, but he also realizes that his teammates are better than her. That gives him the boost he needs and he finally puts that scary look on his face and yells, which really gets to his opponent. I think he scared the heck out of her!

It looks like it’s working as Tsukuba begins to take cards. In the end he loses against his opponent, but he did gain some good experience. Chihaya however, was flawless once again, with a perfect 25 card win for the second time in a row. And in a phone call, the Queen is told that Arata will be playing in the individual matches. It seems she knows him!!

S2 Episode 4 –


Dr. Harada comes to cheer on his friends, however, he also has another team to cheer on – and they are playing against Mizusawa! Chihaya is excited but Taichi is a little apprehensive, since Tsuboguchi happens to be their coach. They have no info on the team, but Tsuboguchi is a top Karuta player.

Just before the match, it was funny when Chihaya’s opponent asked for her number. That flustered her quite a bit and may throw her off her game. But was it intentional? Yes! But not for Chihaya, it was for Taichi’s benefit. Thinking they are trying to play a dirty trick on Chihaya has him angry enough to possibly lose his concentration and the match!

Unfortunately, they don’t have a good reader this time – his rhythm is way off and that will be bad for all the players. They thought Taichi would really be at a disadvantage but he tells his teammates to follow their own rhythm. But will he follow his own advice? Taichi’s opponent is a little on the scary side! Taichi is beginning to doubt his skill, but he just needs a little luck. He’s getting too distracted! And now the a/c unit above him is broken too.

I don’t think Dr. Harada likes the techniques – dirty tricks – that Tsuboguchi has taught his team. Ms. Miyauchi arrives to find her team sweltering in the heat. Taichi is feeling worse and worse and when he finally calls for a towel, about a dozen are tossed to him! That was worth a laugh! Even Chihaya gives him one and it’s hers that he accepts. He thanks everyone and is finally able to wipe the sweat off his face. Hopefully, this helps him get back into his game.

Yes! I think it finally dawned on Taichi what Dr. Harada was trying to tell him earlier. All right! He finally gets it and is beginning to win against his opponent. But she is still cheating and Taichi only needs one more card. Can he do it? He did! He did! And when he can breathe again, he finds that Mizusawa has won as a team as well and will move on to the next round. But now they will face Hokuo, the strongest school in Tokyo – and Chihaya is ready!