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Claim Your Bishoujo/Bishounen!: The Sequel!


Round 437e

Lin - Cowboy Bebop


Round 437f

Shin - Cowboy Bebop



Round 438

Shinjou Akane from SSSS.Gridman



Round 438

This week, I claim Rio Futaba from Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai:



Majo - Goblin Slayer


I knew I should’ve picked her this time! LOL


Round 438

Misha Takanashi from Uzamaid!


Which one? My Rio or Pretear’s Majo?


Round 438

Zeke from High School of the Dead


Majo, but now that I look at yours I’m just going to go ahead and say both… it’s easier that way LOL.


Round 438

Tachibana Akira - Butlers X Battlers





Round 439

Female Knight from Goblin Slayer!



Round 439

This week, I claim Asuka Tsuchimiya from The Girl In Twilight:


Round 439

Obsessed Elf Chick(no name) from Hentai Elf to Majime Orc(A crazy elf and a serious orc.)



Round 439

Rosinante “Corazón” Donquixote - One Piece


Round 439

7 - Princess Principal


Round 440

As the benevolent dictator of CYBB, I try to be on the cutting edge of anime kawai-ness. I sometimes (alright, often) fail, but occasionally I can see the future… and this time, the future is Kōya no Kotobuki Hikōtai! This anime series, slated to premier next January, centers on the Kotobuki Squadron, a squadron of beautiful ace pilots. The anime will focus on action and aerial dogfights. The protagonist of the series, known for now simply as Kirie, is my claim for this week:

I can’t find out much about her, but apparently, she loves to eat:


So the people who made Shirobako are finally making the series that they made in Shirobako?


No, that “series” (The Third Aerial Girls Squad) was about girls flying third generation jet fighters from all over the world to do battle with aliens who had limited human technology. Kōya no Kotobuki Hikōtai is set in the WW II era and they fly piston-engined Japanese planes. BTW, The Third Aerial Girls Squad was Shirobako’s answer to Girls und Panzers.


And all three series (Girls und Panzer, Shirobako, and Kōya no Kotobuki Hikōtai) share a director, among other staff…


…yeah probably.


Personally I thought Strike Witches when reading that, but hey that’s just me :smiley: