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Genres: comedy, science fiction
Themes: music
Plot Summary: High school students Kanae and Sōsuke live in a provincial town that is trying to revitalize itself with music. One day, suddenly “Classicaloid” versions of Beethoven and Mozart appear in front of Kanae and Sōsuke. When the suspicious-looking Classicaloids play music they call “mujik,” it has a strange power: stars start to fall, and giant robots appear. Now every day is tumultuous. Eventually, more Classicaloids start to appear such as Bach, Chopin, and Schubert.
Number of Episodes: 25
Vintage: 2016-10-08

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ClassicaLoid 2

Genres: comedy, science fiction
Themes: music
Number of Episodes: 25
Vintage: 2017-10-07

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Sunrise Reveals Classicaloid Comedy TV Anime for 2016

posted on 2015-07-03 05:53 EDT
Gintama’s Fujita directs slapstick music series about robot-like famous composers

Anime Looks To Set A New High Note For Weird With Preview Of Fall’s “ClassicaLoid”

March 25, 2016 12:32pm CDT
Sunrise again enlists Gintama’s Yoichi Fujita for something with some apparently similarly skewed sensibilities

Mikako Komatsu and Nobunaga Shimazaki Join Cast of “ClassicaLoid”

June 09, 2016 6:37am CDT
Original anime TV comedy about meddlesome classical music composers debuts on NHK E in October of 2016

Classicaloid Anime Reveals Additional Cast, Composers in 2nd Promo Video

posted on 2016-06-29 16:30 EDT
Tomokazu Sugita, Yuuki Kaji, more star in October musical comedy anime

Akira Ishida Joins Cast of “ClassicaLoid” as a Sentient Tablet PC

July 10, 2016 7:15am CDT
Comedy featuring classical composers coming to NHK E in October of 2016

Three More Composers Feel the Rhythm in “ClassicaLoid”

August 09, 2016 6:15am CDT
TV anime about comical classical composers is coming to NHK E in October of 2016

Classicaloid TV Anime Slated to Premiere on October 8

posted on 2016-08-25 10:30 EDT

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Magical Musical Composers Go Wild In “ClassicaLoid” Anime Visual

September 11, 2016 2:22am EDT
Bizarre comedy start October 8th

Sentai Filmworks License Announcement

September 29, 2016

Sentai Filmworks Licenses ClassicaLoid Anime

posted on 2016-09-29 13:12 EDT
Comedy series with magical composers to premiere October 8

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Anime Network Online Player Simulcast Announcement for ClassicaLoid

September 30, 2016

Anime Network Online to Stream ClassicaLoid Anime

posted on 2016-10-01 08:45 EDT

Anime Weekend Atlanta
September 30, 2016

Apparently, this will also stream on Hulu

Crunchyroll to Stream “ClassicaLoid” Anime

October 06, 2016 1:30pm CDT
Series launches on Saturday, October 8 at 4:00am Pacific Time

Season 1, Episode 1, is now live at ANO

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The Fall 2016 Anime Preview Guide - ClassicaLoid

Oct 8th 2016

Viewster Streams ClassicaLoid Anime

posted on 2016-10-09 12:30 EDT
Series available for free in HD

Season 1, Episode 2, is now live at ANO

Season 1, Episode 3, is now live at ANO

Season 1, Episode 4, is now live at ANO