Classroom for Heroes / Eiyū Kyōshitsu

Classroom for Heroes / Eiyū Kyōshitsu

AKA: Hero Classroom

Plot Summary: Rosewood Academy is a school that trains future heroes destined to protect mankind. The school accepts only those with the most potential. Arnest Flaming, a girl who boasts the top record in the academy, is assigned to guide a mysterious but cheerful new student named Blade, who rivals her power.
Vintage: 2023-07-09

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Shin Araki’s Eiyū Kyōshitsu Fantasy Light Novels Listed With TV Anime

posted on 2021-09-23 03:08 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
GJ Club author writes boy-meets-girl story in hero academy

Slice-of-Life Fantasy TV Anime Classroom For Heroes (Eiyū Kyōshitsu) Confirmed

posted on 2021-09-24 06:02 EDT by Alex Mateo
Boy-meets-girl story by GJ Club’s Shin Araki debuted in January 2015

Classroom for Heroes TV Anime Unveils Staff, Visual, 2023 Premiere

posted on 2022-07-19 23:32 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Higurashi: When They Cry – GOU’s Keiichiro Kawaguchi directs anime at Actas

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Classroom For Heroes Anime Announces Main Cast

posted on 2022-12-16 20:40 EST by Egan Loo
Reiji Kawashima, Misuzu Yamada, Nao Tōyama, Hina Kino star in 2023 academy fantasy

Hero Classroom TV Anime Leaps into July 2023 with New Visual, Trailer

March 21, 2023 9:53pm CDT
Opening and ending theme song info also announced


Classroom for Heroes Anime's 1st Video Reveals More Staff, Theme Song Artists, July Debut - News - Anime News Network

posted on 2023-03-21 23:21 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
VTuber Kaede Higuchi, Akane Kumada perform opening, ending songs

Classroom for Heroes Anime’s New Video Reveals More Cast

posted on 2023-05-21 22:42 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Eri Yukimura, Haruka Shiraishi, Sarah Emi Bridcutt, Aya Uchida, 6 more join cast

Hero Classroom TV Anime Sets July 9 Premiere with New Trailers

June 05, 2023 3:20am CDT
Spy Classroom director helms slice-of-fantasy series


Classroom for Heroes Anime’s New Promo Video, CM Reveal July 9 Premiere, Preview Opening Song

posted on 2023-06-05 05:31 EDT by Joanna Cayanan
Kaede Higuchi performs “Bravery? Naturally?” opening theme song

Crunchyroll Announces Classroom for Heroes to Summer 2023 Anime Season Lineup!

Jun 21, 2023 11:00 AM CDT

The Summer 2023 Anime Preview Guide - Classroom For Heroes

Jul 9th 2023

Classroom for Heroes TV Anime Rings the Bell on Creditless Theme Song Videos

Jul 16, 2023 10:17 PM CDT
The school fantasy series is now streaming on Crunchyroll!


Akane Kumada Releases Classroom for Heroes Anime Ending Theme Music Video

Jul 17, 2023 7:47 PM CDT
Crunchyroll is streaming the ACTAS-animated fantasy

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I’m watching this, and I have a serious issue…

Tell me that’s not Oshizu…


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CLASSROOM FOR HEROES Anime Unveils New Key Visual, Cast and Trailer

Sep 10, 2023 12:06 PM CDT
New key visual and trailer focus on Sophie Series

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“There can be only one!”


Akane Kumada Releases ‘Another Self,’ Ending Theme Song for Classroom for Heroes, Along with Lyric Video for ‘Take My Chance’ Featuring Kaede Higuchi

Sep 18th 2023

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ANN Review - Classroom For Heroes, Episodes 1-12 Streaming

by Nicholas Dupree, Sep 29th 2023

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