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Genres: comedy, romance, science fiction
Themes: space
Objectionable Content: Significant
Running time: 24 minutes per episode
Number of Episodes: 13
Vintage: 2015-07-03
Opening Theme: “Cobalt” by TrySail
Ending Theme: “Anemone” by ClariS

Plot Summary: Humanity has successfully colonized all the planets in the Solar System, with intentions to continue into new frontiers. Individuals live stable lives in these colonies, including young high school students living in 4th Tokyo on Mars. Two of these students are Iris Shirazaki and Mizuki Sera. Iris is finishing her last year of high school while studying to be a test pilot while her friend Mizuki also works as a mechanic on the aircraft. Her own brother, Kaito, oversees Mizuki and Iris as their homeroom teacher and program director. (from ANN)

Oreimo’s Kanzaki Designs Characters for Classroom Crisis Anime

posted on 2015-03-20 22:25 EDT
EUREKA SEVEN AO character designer provides art for Aniplex anime

Classroom Crisis Anime’s TV Ad Reveals Staff, Premise, July Premiere

posted on 2015-03-26 23:13 EDT

Classroom Crisis Anime’s Ad Reveals Core Cast

posted on 2015-05-22 14:42 EDT

TrySail, ClariS Perform Classroom Crisis Anime’s Themes

posted on 2015-05-24 09:30 EDT

Classroom Crisis Anime’s Ad Reveals More Cast

posted on 2015-05-29 22:25 EDT

Minami Tsuda, Toshiyuki Toyonaga Join Classroom Crisis Anime Cast

posted on 2015-06-06 01:40 EDT

Yoshino Nanjou, Takayuki Kondou Join Classroom Crisis Anime Cast

posted on 2015-06-12 14:25 EDT

Yui Horie, Kana Asumi Classroom Crisis Anime Cast

posted on 2015-06-19 15:40 EDT

Aniplex USA to Simulcast Classroom Crisis Anime

posted on 2015-06-24 16:21 EDT

Crunchyroll Confirms Distribution Area for Classroom Crisis

posted on 2015-06-25 08:30 EDT

Classroom ★ Crisis Trailer

“With our skills we’ll show that we can make the best rocket in space!” They’re half-time students and half-time working professionals but full-time geniuses! Classroom ★ Crisis is an all new anime series coming this July to the Aniplex Channel, Hulu, Crunchyoll, DAISUKI and Viewster.

AnimeLab Announces Classroom Crisis for Summer Simulcast Season

posted on 2015-06-25 12:23 EDT

Aniplex of America Acquires Classroom Crisis for the Summer Season

Jun 26th 2015

Classroom Crisis Anime Unveils More of Cast, Promo Video

posted on 2015-06-26 21:48 EDT

Yūma Uchida, Yu Kobayashi Join Classroom Crisis Anime Cast

posted on 2015-07-03 15:00 EDT

ANN: The Summer 2015 Anime Preview Guide - Classroom☆Crisis

Jul 3rd 2015

Viewster Blog: Classroom Crisis Simulcast

July 17, 2015

Classroom Crisis Anime’s 3rd DVD/BD Bundles Unaired ‘Episode 5.5’

posted on 2015-08-29 08:30 EDT
Fumiaki Maruto pens “another episode 5” shipping on home video on December 23

Classroom ☆ Crisis TV Anime: Another Crisis 1 CM

Episode 10 –


It seems that Nagisa is doing everything he can do behind the scenes to save A-TEC without anyone knowing, even if he won’t admit it. Sure, A-TEC is just a means to an end. Right! And he’s also getting rid of everything and everyone that is bad for the company. I like this guy! But I wonder what his ultimate goal is.

Once again, it seems that Kazuhisa is one step ahead of Nagisa. So, Nagisa loses the gamble and maybe A-TEC as well. And what is going on with Iris and those memory flashes? Is she the real Nagisa after all???

Rockets and Red-Tape: The Interstellar Thrills of Classroom☆Crisis

May 30, 2018 10:00am CDT
“Cruising the Crunchy-Catalog” inspects the 2015 original TV anime about a plucky team of student aerospace engineers

Funimation Adds Classroom Crisis Anime & More to Catalog

posted on 2020-06-15 16:16 EDT by Alex Mateo